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LinkedUp Open Education Panel session


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The facets of open education. Resources, data and culture. Tuesday 17 September, 11:45 – 13:15 @ Room 13, Floor 2
Open data is data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone. Many institutes offer Open Educational Resources (OER) online. Education can benefit highly from open and linked data approaches.
Moderator: Doug Belshaw, Badges & Skills Lead, Mozilla Foundation
Panel members:
Jackie Carter, Senior Manager, MIMAS, Centre of Excellence, University of Manchester
Mathieu d’Aquin, Research Fellow, Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, UK
Davide Storti, Programme Specialist, Communication and Information Sector (CI), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
OKCon, Geneva, 16-18 September 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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LinkedUp Open Education Panel session

  1. 1. LinkedUp! Open Education Panel Session!
  2. 2. Mo#va#on   Data  on  the  Web   Some  eyecatching  opener  illustra#ng  growth  and  or  diversity  of  web  data       Open  Data  &  Educa#on  -­‐   LinkedUp:  Linking  Web  Data  for  Educa7on  Project   Open  Knowledge  Conference  2013  (OKCon2013)   Stefan  Dietze     L3S  Research  Center,  DE   hJp://linkedup-­‐   hJp://   @stefandietze     17/09/2013 2Stefan Dietze
  3. 3. (Linked)  Open  Educa#onal  Datanutshell   ⇒   hJp://  &     ⇒   hJp://     (Open)  Educa#onal   Resources   §  Shared  via  diverse  APIs,  semi-­‐ standards,  vocabularies   Linked  Open  Data   §  500+  datasets,  32  billion   dis7nct  RDF  statements   World   Wide   Web   Stefan Dietze
  4. 4. 17/09/2013 4Stefan Dietze Success  models:     data  &  applica#ons   §  LinkedUp  Challenge   to  iden7fy  innova7ve   tools  &  applica7ons   §  Evalua7on  methods     and  approaches     hJp://www.linkedup-­‐   “LinkedUp”  –  Linking  Web  Data  for  Educa#on  Project     L   European  project  aimed  at:       §  Advancing  the  take-­‐up  of  open   data  and  related  technologies     §  Educa7on  as  applica7on   scenario     Data  cura#on   Technology  transfer     &  use  cases   §  Collec7ng  open  data  of   educa7onal  relevance     =>  LinkedUp  Data  Catalog   §  Profiling  of  Web  Data  for   educa7on     =>  educa7onal  data  graph   §  Dissemina7ng  knowledge  &   building  communi7es   (educators,  computer   scien7sts,  data  engineers)   §  Gathering  stakeholder   feedback:  use  cases,  and   requirements     hJp://linkedup-­‐   hJp://   hJp://linkedup-­‐   hJp://linkedup-­‐  
  5. 5. 17/09/2013 5 Who  we  areL   LinkedUp  Network   LinkedUp  Consor#um   LinkedUp  Advisory  Board   Stefan Dietze
  6. 6. Panel Session! The Facets of Open Education: resources, data and culture! Jackie Carter – Senior Manager, MIMAS, Centre of Excellence, University of Manchester# Mathieu d’Aquin – Research Fellow, Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, UK# Davide Storti – Programme Specialist, Communication and Information Sector, UNESCO# Moderator: Doug Belshaw (Mozilla Foundation)#
  7. 7. Mathieu d’Aquin! @mdaquin# Jackie Carter! @JackieCarter# Davide Storti!! Doug Belshaw! @dajbelshaw#
  8. 8. Mozilla! (global non-profit)
  9. 9. Three things to pay attention to: • Open Badges: • Web Literacy Standard: • Webmaker:
  10. 10. Open Educational Resources (OERs): Jackie Carter, MIMAS
  11. 11. ‘Breaking  the  paJern’   hJp://  
  12. 12. hJp://­‐2013/2013_progress_english.pdf   Social  inequality       a  right  to  educa#on    
  13. 13. Theme  3:  Courage  
  14. 14. Respec7ng  rights:  it’s  about  educa7on­‐york/kill-­‐mockingbird-­‐author-­‐seJles-­‐copyright-­‐thej-­‐case-­‐ar7cle-­‐1.1447993 341284505956147.81743.340972365987361&type=1&theater  
  15. 15. Growing  up  -­‐  taking  the  long  view    
  16. 16. Open Education Practitioner: Davide Storti, UNESCO
  17. 17. Since  2002  UNESCO  and  OER  are  providing  Governments  and  Ins7tu7ons  with  a  range  of   services  including  the  development  of:     •  Policy  Guidelines  for  higher  educa7on.   •  Online  PlaTorms  and  tools  for  sharing  OERs.   •  Online  Communi#es  of  Prac7ce  for  teachers,  learners,  and  experts.     •  Research  Papers  and  other  publica#on.     •  Large  projects.  HewleJ  OER  Project  (2013  –  2014)   •  Large  events    (World  OER  Congress).     •  Partnerships  to  strengthen  the  implementa7on  of  successful  OER  policies.    
  18. 18.             •  UNESCO  and  Open  Educa7onal  Resources  rela7onship  began  in  2002  during  a   UNESCO  Forum  of  experts.     •  In  2012  UNESCO  and  the  Commonwealth  of  Learning  organized  the  World   OER  Congress  at  the  UNESCO  HQ  in  Paris  from  20  –  22  June.   •  It  was  preceded  by  6  worldwide  regional  forums  to  gather  contribu7ons  from   all  Educa7on  stakeholders.     •  More  than  400  delegates  unanimously  approved  the  Paris  OER  Declara#on.     •  The  Declara7on  provides  a  10-­‐point  Strategy.     •  The  Declara7on  marks  a  historic  moment  in  the  growing  movement  for  Open   Educa7onal  Resources  and  calls  on  governments  worldwide  to  openly  license   educa7onal  materials  for  public  use.    
  19. 19.   •  The  WSIS  OER  Community  encourage  prac77oners,  researchers,  decision-­‐  and   policy-­‐makers,  teachers,  and  learners  worldwide.   •  With  more  than  3300  members  WSIS  KC  OER  Community  provides  a  strategic   opportunity   to   improve   the   quality   of   educa7on   as   well   as   facilitate   policy   dialogue,  knowledge  sharing  and  capacity  building.       hJp://wsis-­‐  
  20. 20.         •  There   is   the   opportunity   to   teach   girls   and   boys    to  develop  mobile  apps  using  mobile   phones.     •  Lack   of   PCs   in   developing   countries   precludes  mobile-­‐based  tools.     •  The   number   of   smartphones   increases   exponen#ally   in   developing  countries.     •  The   next   one   billion   new   internet   connec#ons   will   be   from   mobile   devices   in   the   hands   of   young   people   from   developing  countries  
  21. 21. The  challenge:   Engage  young  people,  specially  girls,  to  acquire  the  high-­‐level  skills   to  develop,  promote,  and  sell  locally  relevant  mobile  apps  that  solve   local  issues  of  sustainable  development  and  provide  employment.     HOW?         Developing  OER  training   materials.         Training  the  ICT  teachers.     Developing  the  1st  Global   List  of  App  Compe##ons     Training  of  Youth  Trainers.    
  22. 22. OpenData in OpenEd (beyond OERs): Mathieu d Aquin, Open University
  23. 23. Primary School Secondary School Higher Education The way it used to be… (Excessively simplifying)
  24. 24. Primary School Secondary School Higher Education Now… (Still simplifying, I guess) Other institutions through online courses Open Universities coursera edX UDACITY MIT OCW OpenLearn MOOCs and OER
  25. 25. Siri,  I  want  to   become  a   professional   photographer.   What  should  I  do?   “I want to be a photographer, what should I do?” I found this Open University course (T189), that you can enrolled to in the regional centre 2 miles from here (cost £427). “OK, anything free I can try first?” There is an Introduction to Photography course on MIT OCW, and a Computational Photography course on coursera starting soon.
  26. 26. Needs data from everybody, contributed to one common data space (… linked data maybe?) coursera edX UDACITY MIT OCW OpenLearn courses courses courses requirements requirements topics topics topics topics learning outcomeslearning outcomes learning outcomes locations locations results results results assessment
  27. 27. Picture credits • • • • • • • • • • • •
  28. 28. •  What role can open data play in making education better, more accessible and more open? •  How can we ensure that open education really widens participation? Questions
  29. 29. •  Part of the sustainability of the LinkedUp project •  Binds together people to promote open data, open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices •  First activity: Writing the Open Education Handbook •  If you are interested subscribe to the mailing list •  Help us begin to think about what this Open Education Working Group needs to do!! WG
  30. 30. for Participating!