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LinkedUp at Mozilla Festival Science Fair


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LinkedUp Project at Mozilla Festival Science Fair, 25th October 2002, London.

Published in: Education, Technology
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LinkedUp at Mozilla Festival Science Fair

  1. 1. MozFest Science Show LinkedUp PRESENTED BY Marieke Guy
  2. 2. LinkedUp – Linking Web Data for Education Project
  3. 3. L   LinkedUp  –  Consor/um  and  Network   LinkedUp  Network   LinkedUp  Consor/um  
  4. 4. LinkedUp Project Linking data for Education ●  EU Project from November 2012 - November 2014 ●  FP7 Support Action which “pushes forward the exploitation and adoption of public, open data available on the Web, in particular by educational organisations and institutions” ●  Open Knowledge Foundation leading on dissemination
  5. 5. Stefan Dietze 6 November 2013 5
  6. 6. Areas of Work Overview •  LinkedUp Challenge •  Open Web Data Success Stories •  Collation of datasets •  LinkedUp Catalog •  Linked Education Cloud group on the DataHub • •  Evaluation Framework for Open Web Data Applications •  Technology Transfer in the Education Sector
  7. 7. LinkedUp Challenge Overview •  3 competitions: Veni, Vidi, Vici •  “We’re inviting you to design and build innovative and robust prototypes and demos for tools that analyse and/or integrate open web data for educational purposes” •  People’s Choice •  Veni Competition June 2013 – September 2013 •  Vidi Competition November 2013 – May 2014 •  Vici Competition June 2014 – October 2014
  8. 8. May – September 2013
  9. 9. GlobeTown   Open  data  for  sustainable  development     §  h4p://www.globe-­‐   informa;ve  applica;on  for  sustainable   development   §  Reputable  open  government  data:   SWERA  renewable  energy  data:   h4p://,  UN  Comtrade   trade  data:  h4p://,   Country  names  and  codes:   h4p://,  OECD  sta;s;cs:   h4p://,  World  Bank:   h4p://     §  Interac;on  between:  environment,   economy  and  society     (cause  and  effect  in  complex  systems,   local  vs  global  data)   §  Top  three  place  at  the  first  interna;onal   #Apps4Climate  compe;;on,  held  by  the   World  Bank   §  h4p://     Jack  Townsend,  Andrea  Prieto-­‐Vega,  Richard  Gomer,  Will  Fyson,   Stefan Dietze Dom  Hobson,  Huw  Fryer  (University  of  09/04/13 Southampton,  UK)  
  10. 10. PoliMedia:  exploring  poli/cal  debates  &  events   §  h4p://   §  S;mulate  and  facilitate  large-­‐scale,  cross-­‐media   analysis  of  the  coverage  of  poli/cal  events.     §  Browsing  through  parliament  debates,  finding   related  media  coverage   §  Automa;cally  generated  links  between   transcripts  debates,  newspaper  ar/cles,   including  their  original  lay-­‐out  on  the  page,  and   radio  bulle/ns.   §  Generated  data  (extracted  structured   knowledge  from  debates  &  media  links)   available  as  Linked  Data  via  SPARQL  ( h4p://   §  Data  sources:  1)  newspapers  in  their  original   layout  of  the  historical  newspaper  archive,  and   2)  radio  bulle;ns  of  the  Dutch  Na;onal  Press   Agency  (ANP),  both  located  at  the  Dutch   Na;onal  Library.   §  9000+  debates  (1945  –  1995)   §  Over  3000  media  links   Mar;jn  Kleppe,  Max  Kemman,  Henri  Beunders  (Erasmus  Universiteit   Ro4erdam),  Laura  Hollink  Damir  Juric  (Vrije  Universiteit  Amsterdam),   Stefan Dietze 09/04/13 Johan  Oomen  Jaap  Blom  (Nederlands  Ins;tuut  voor  Beeld  en  Geluid)  
  11. 11. Launch 4th November 2013 12
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. Working Group Overview •  Part of the sustainability of the LinkedUp project •  Binds together people to promote open data, open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices •  First activity: Writing the Open Education Handbook •  Mailing list, Twitter feed, Hopefully calls - soonish •
  14. 14. Open Education Handbook Overview •  One of first activities of Working Group •  Also deliverable for LinkedUp Project •  First version just been delivered •  Second version October 2014 •  First version collaboratively authored at London Booksprint •  In process of moving to Booktype •  Second Booksprint on 22nd November in Berlin •  Will be at Wikimedia Deutschland Offices