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Literature Projects


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Creating Real Global Citizens

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Literature Projects

  1. 1. American OIB section lit. projects 10th grade class 2016-2017 Lycée International Nelson Mandela, Nantes.
  2. 2. OIB Language and Literature  International option  L/L syllabus:13 works  6 hours and a half per week  Includes: ◦ Traditional study of literature (close reading, essay writing, commentary practice, debates, discussions, group/pair work, project-based pedagogy, oral practice, presentations,…) ◦ Guest speakers, webinars, online creative competitions, projects involving American and French- speaking authors,…), New Zealand and American teaching assistants, British trainee… ◦ But also flipped learning (when most appropriate), ◦ And IT-enhanced classes. 2
  3. 3. Combining ambitious lessons with 4 essential motivation factors  ICT:  collaboration,  content creation,  online publishing,  Engaging activities,  Authentic communication,  Learning with one’s peers AND experts. 3 Objective:
  4. 4. 2019 OIB Exam Oral Exam (30 minutes, coef. 4) Commentary on a passage from 1 of the in-depth works In-depth works: 1. Shakespeare (either The Tempest or Othello) The Great Gatsby 3. Core Poetry (Langston Hughes and Rita Dove) Candidate leads (15 minutes) Introduction: -Situation + Thesis (2 min) - Commentary (8 min) -Links (5 min) Examiner leads (15 minutes) Questions on the theme and style on 4 to 6 works. Written Exam (4 hours, coef. 5 ES & S, 6 L) (One among the 3 following) -2 essays (each essay contrasts at least 2 different works) --> You need to know 6 works in great detail (aim of the author, major topics, ideas, structure, recurring motifs, stylistic devices, quotes...). -1 essay + -1 commentary (Mention at least 2 works in the essay) -1 essay (Mention at least 2 works) + - creative writing task
  5. 5. Creative writing competition  Paper Planes Creative Writing Competition (Animal Circus by Alix et Mathieu (3rd 2015 Prize) and  Devour the pages by Charlotte (2nd 2016 Prize). Creative Writing
  6. 6. ◦ Reading Cyane’s novel, Les Enfants de Calliope, about the environment, ◦ Writing a summary of one chapter (group work), ◦ Sharing it with a researcher, James McKay, University of Leeds, in order to help him work with Cyane (English version). Excerpts. Cyane
  7. 7. Literature in the making  Author partnership (8 so far)  Skype interviews and analysis of today’s literature!  All the links and slides  7
  8. 8. To learn more, you can visit the American section blog on elyco. Or the school’s Facebook Page Or my teacher’s blog 8 Thank you very much for your attention and participation!