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Cathi unsworth’s Weirdo


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Slides about Cathi Unsworth's Weirdo. Skype interview and literary analysis project with OIB students.

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Cathi unsworth’s Weirdo

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION BY CATHI UNSWORTH Hello and thank you for joining me in the world of Weirdo. This is a story of female transgression and the mysteries of our teenage years that can often seem like they have come from the pages of fable and folklore. The time and place were the Norfolk setting of my own teenage years but they could be any place and any time...
  3. 3. CATHI UNSWORTHCathi Unsworth is a novelist, writer and editor who lives in London. She began her career on the music weekly Sounds at the age of 19 and has worked for many other publications since, including The Guardian, Bizarre and Melody Maker. Her first novel The Not Knowing was published in 2005, followed the next year with the award- winning short story compendium London Noir, which she edited, and in 2007 with the punk noir novel The Singer. Her third novel, Bad Penny Blues, inspired by the unsolved 'Jack the Stripper' murders of 1959-65 was published in 2010 to great critical acclaim. Her 2012 book Weirdo, a tale of teenage trauma and female
  4. 4. CATHI UNSWORTH Her latest work Without The Moon is based on two true crimes that occurred during the dark days of February 1942, and is the first in a series of novels that are inspired by real cases that happened in Britain during World War II. She is currently working on the next in the series, That Old Black Magic. As well as working on her books, Cathi has appeared on TV and radio, including reviewing for BBC2's The Culture Show. She regularly takes part in live events, has given screen talks at The Barbican in London and hosted interviews and walks for The Sohemian Society. All of Cathi's books are published by and available from Serpent's Tail.
  5. 5. •Analyze the excerpt. •Define the genre of this novel. What are the major elements of this genre? Can you find them in this excerpt from Weirdo? •Jot down your notes on this document. Excerpt from chapter 24
  6. 6. •Analyze the excerpt. •Focus on: • Literary devices, • Voice, • Different perspectives, • Symbolism… •Jot down your notes on this document. Excerpt from chapter 24: Weirdo
  7. 7. REMINDER:  Literary devices,  Themes, motifs, Genre,  Tone, diction, syntax,  Allusions,  Imagery and  Symbolism… 7
  8. 8. SKYPE INTERVIEW •Prepare questions about •Cathi Unsworth, •Her influences, •Her creative process, •The excerpt you have studied…  Be creative, original and personal!  Share your questions and ideas on this Google doc. 8
  9. 9. BIBLIOGRAPHY • Cathi Unsworth’s website • Article about Weirdo • Cathi Unsworth on Facebook • Women and Noir • Weirdo (The Independent) • Wikipedia • Guest Writer • Online tools (Final project) • The Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms, second ed. (Murfin, Ray) / Literary terms / Meter / more literary devices • Devices 9