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Western web work Jan 25, 2013


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Agenda for meeting with Web site folks at Western Washington University.

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Western web work Jan 25, 2013

  1. 1. Western Web Workers Group Jan 25, 2013 all Web … all Western … all the time
  2. 2. NewsDrupal Sites Working actively with Woodring, CFPA, and CBE on their test sites Huxley is next (waiting on personnel) Other colleges welcome to begin discussions with us Offices – not starting yet until colleges are finishing upDrupal Design In development in ATUS; Desktop view nearly done; solving template and mobile view issues
  3. 3. News - continuedInfrastructure Changes- planned but notscheduled yet Current system maintenance and site deployment is manual Adopting Aegir (“awe-ger”) system to automate site creation, maintenance, roll-back etc Project requires Tech Services and ATUS personnel plus one or more VMs to run Aegir Once changes in place new sites can be added more quickly
  4. 4. Survey of ParticipantsYou Tell Us
  5. 5. You Tell Us – TopicsWeb Design and Graphics / ImagesProject Management (tools and issues)Analytics and StatisticsTechnical Coding Topics (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP)Marketing and Content ProductionUser Studies, Usability, AccessibilitySecurity or Infrastructure
  6. 6. You Tell Us – FormatDemos and Presentations from PeersDiscussions on Current Web TopicsHands-on TutorialsInformation and News from around campus
  7. 7. You Tell Us – Who are We?Managers or Directors of web peopleContent updating, writing, producingWeb Designer (graphics / imagery)Web Developer (server-side and database)Web Specialist (accessibility, social, analytics)Computer support for web peopleInfrastructure or database supportInterested but not currently active
  8. 8. How to Succeed when YOU presentDemonstration Guidelines
  9. 9. Demonstration GuidelinesEach Demonstration consists of:1. Prepare the Audience2. Do the demonstration3. Summarize your experience4. Answer questions and receive (gentle, positive) critiques
  10. 10. Demonstration – Guidelines Prepare the AudienceWHAT (type of demo) Type of demo: How-to (e.g. Setting Up SASS) Original or borrowed code (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP) Cool site or resource (e.g. great tool or site) Clarify OS and environment requiredWHY What does this do or solve for us?WHO (Role) Borrowed? Team work? Your specific role?RESOURCES Provide URLS of all resources
  11. 11. Demonstration – Guidelines DemonstrationKeep it short – 5 minutes or less?Show us! Interactive (bring your laptop or do on web) Video recordings
  12. 12. Demonstration – Guidelines SummaryStatus In use?Lumps and Trumps – what didn’t go so well, what you might do different what worked
  13. 13. Demonstration – Guidelines Questions / CritiqueAudience – participate with questions and critiques Ask for clarification / use cases Extrapolate – what ifs? Suggest refinements or improvements or extensions BE NICE!
  14. 14. Quick Lessons
  15. 15. Quick Lesson: TermsHTML: the STRUCTURE and CONTENT for a siteCSS: the DESIGN and look for a siteJavascript: (not “Java”) the INTERACTIVITY for a site(hover, animation, click behaviors etc)PHP: a server-side language that can accessdatabases, perform calculations etc. ; Drupal built on phpMySQL: (“mySequel”) a common database system for theweb; Drupal commonly built on MySQL
  16. 16. Quick Lesson: Drupal ThemeDrupal Theme: provides the look and feel for a site.Starter themes provided (we use Zen) and we modifythese aspects: page.tpl.php – PHP file that contains HTML and PHP for a Drupal page. Other “tipple-fips” such as block.tpl.php provide specific html and php for specific kinds of Drupal elements. CSS – various css files provide grid system, responsive system, images, colors, styles to be applied to the “tipple-fips”
  17. 17. Peer Demonstration Today’s Demonstrationby Max Bronsema, ATUS Web Developeron the New Drupal Theme for Collegesthat is currently being developed by our groupincluding Max, Marie, and our students: AmyBrown, Evan Derickson, and Samwise Cottle
  18. 18. Meeting Summary
  19. 19. Meeting SummaryAttendees – please comment at: will be available at by 1/28/13Use the collaborate site (above) to comment,suggest meeting ideas, give feedback.