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Office website


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Office website

  1. 1. the Purchasing website some thoughts
  2. 2. Users First Many contacts are an emergency (to user) Official terminology is not well-known Who does what? (Who cares?) Encourage return visits for learning Simple; visual clarity Easy terms, functional grouping Ignore organizational lines – information first! Make it compelling, attractive, useful
  3. 3. Provide Good Information Correct Useful and well-written Complete Easy to Use Good simple design to cover users’ needs Keep it current and updated – set calendar reminders for updates Put someone in charge of editorial review
  4. 4. a LOT of information a lot of CATEGORIES of information TECHNICAL and COMPLEX information Data goes OUT OF DATE The info is the vehicle, not the destination Potential Roadblocks
  5. 5. Sometime a list of nouns is easy to scan But understanding the basic processes – overview – can simplify the user’s work Then add specific details as needed Process or Topics? Cell phones Office Supplies Computers Software … How to Buy with PO How to Buy with Pcard Restricted Items
  6. 6. Are there 3-6 things that are done more than anything else? Do these require forms? Or are they informative / training issues? Are there things you want to encourage people to do or see? Are people basically seeking info or action? Calls to Action
  7. 7. Menus introduce structure Submenus hide complexity until you need it Using Menu to Define Structure
  8. 8. Using Visual Grids A lot of info visible at once Not over-whelming Icons can help recognition (must be different!) Subject titles must be right UofO:
  9. 9. More Visual Grids UofO:
  10. 10. Lists can be too much The eyes glaze over Is anyone going to go to pages 2-10? UofO:
  11. 11. Best of Grids and Lists? Grid with icons allows for quick find List at right allows for completeness Stanford:
  12. 12. Good Contact Info OSU: Who, when, what, how to contact
  13. 13. Sidebars contain: Other ways to find stuff Widgets displaying quick hints of other information available Some Ideas…
  14. 14. Examples you like Ideas you have Concerns Clarifications Your Turn