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Marie-Therese Bjornerud Acting Resume 2015

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Marie-Therese Bjornerud Acting Resume 2015

  1. 1. Mar ie-The r e s e Bjor n e rud Feature Film Short Film TV|Web Languages|Accents Special Skills Theater|Dance Training On Path To Liberation Camille Phillips [Lead] [Loc: India] Amrita Kala Chitra – S. Ponncchamy DIR. Eraser Children Anchor, Comp.Girl & Billy Fan [Principal & Voice] Colour Pictures – N. Christoffel, DIR. Ricky! The Movie James Pucker’s PA & Dream Sequence Dancer Liam Firmager, DIR. Artsy Fartsy (The Movie) Hippie [Featured Ensemble] Dominic Perez, DIR. Taj Woman in Foreign Film [Featured Lead] Oziinda Films – Winston Furlong, DIR. Wiliiam Kelly’s War Townswoman [Featured] Avalon Films – Geoff Davis, DIR. Ugler I Mosen Maria [Lead] Joachim Bull, DIR. Worsebehaviour C [Lead] Peter Campbell Films DIR. Living Dead Jean [Lead] Jess Mazza, DIR. The Ice – A Bridge | Isen Den Bredeste Bro Caroline [Lead] Kristoffer Hotvedt, DIR. The Lighthouse Keeper | Fyrvokteren Maria [Lead] Kristoffer Hotvedt, DIR. Alvestad - Period Drama Ingrid [Lead] Bjørneby Prod. – Magnus Bjørneby, DIR. In Her Eyes Pvt. Kristen Todd [Principal] Smellin Brothers, DIR. Ordinary Love Lisa [Lead] Jordan Marquez, DIR. The Quiet Claire [Supporting] Joseph Menzel, DIR. Cerebrium Heidi Licious [Supporting] Hippie Studios – Inia James, DIR. Naturally Constructed / Naturlig Konstruert Marie-Therese [Lead] Renée og Filmrullen Deliverance 3: Return to Sender Wife-in-law [Principal] John Hallford, DIR. US Commercial & Print Campaigns Available on Request Ulvang Ad Campaign 2010-2013 [Film & Print] The Face of Ulvang [3yrs] Go Electra – Howard Arnstad, DIR. White Collar – Whack-A-Mole S6.E05 Yogi [Special Ability] Fox Television Studios Mika ft. Pharrell Williams Music Video ‘Celebrate’ - Roomie Partizan Dreamshow Music Video ‘Animals’ - Flower Girl Buffhatron – Joshua Sobel, DIR. Timbuktu ft. Susanne Sundfor Music Video ‘Kapitulera’ - Timbuktu’s Girl Hippie Studios – Inia James, DIR. 1-800-Band Music Video Back-up Singer Ron Egozi, DIR. Very Mary-Kate S3.E04 |Jake and Amir Rock Chick |Homeless Woman College Humor Fair Dinkum Children’s TV Show Pilot Host Joel Valerie, DIR. Turn on the Tap Ad Sarah [Lead] Samaritan’s Purse Australia – NPO Sherry’s Kitchen Julia [Guest] Cloudy Films – Saba & Bill Hopkins, DIR. Barabbas Jesus [Lead] Lillehammer Municipality Art Installation – Kunstnernes Hus [Art House NO] Elf [Lead – One Woman Show] Siw Laurent, DIR. Golden Boy Lorna [Lead] LSTFI – Lola Cohen, DIR. The Children’s Hour Martha [Lead] LSTFI – Lola Cohen, DIR. Christmas Event Performancer Dancer [Ensemble] Shandoah Goldman, CHOR. MJ’s Thriller Halloween Performance Dancer [Ensemble] Jess Grippo, CHOR. 23 Skidoo - Flatiron Site-Specific Dance Project Dancer [Ensemble] Shandoah Goldman, CHOR. Motion Graphic Piece / Dance Sequence Dancer [Lead - One Woman Video] Brenton O’Hoy, DIR. The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute NY – Lola Cohen, Tim Crouse, Geoffrey Horne [Acting] Bill Hopkins [Acting Film & TV] | Bruce Baumer & Jan Douglas [Voice] | Michael Ryan [Movement & Feldenkrais] ITNewYork–Method Acting Intensive w/RobertCastle |ACTS–LAB-II–Somatic Movement Research& Instant Composition [Luanda Carneiro Jacoel] | Atlantic Acting School - Fearless Cold Reading & Audition Technique [Karen Kohlhaas] Sourcing Within – Physical, Vocal & Creative work [Gey Pin Ang] | Victorian College of Arts – Acting to Camera [Karen Davitt] Monash University - BA Multimedia – Graphic Design, Film Production & More | Parke’s Singing Studio [Parke O. Dwyer] Teater Playroom – Theatre Troupe | Melbourne Acting Academy – Developing a Cinematic Performance [Ric Pellizzeri] Physical Theater [Joshua Comyn] | JB’s Actors – Archetype & Dream Workshop [Jason Bennet & Bridgit Dengel Gaspard] Boot camp, Fire arm & Safety [John Fox] | Drama with a Difference – Acting for Film & TV [Michele Williams/Richard Lawton] Fluent English (18 years), French (life) and Norwegian (life) | General American, French, British, Norwegian & Australian Yoga | Modeling | Improv & Somatic Movement | Fire arm & safety | Salsa, Freestyle, African & Middle Eastern Dance Snowboarding | Horseback Riding | Tandem Skydiving | Manual & Automatic Drivers License | Massage Therapy Photography | Adobe Design Suite & Editing | Valid Norwegian Passport | US Green Card & Australian Permanent Resident HEIGHT: 5’4” | WEIGHT: 115 | EYES: Aqua Green | HAIR: Brown