Library Management Manual for Students


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A manual for students and parents to access electronically that maps out the rules of the library.

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Library Management Manual for Students

  1. 1. Satellite Elementary School Library Management Manual By: Ms. Marie Louise Lawson, Librarian The Satellite Independent School District Mr. Chuck E. Cheese, Principal
  2. 2. Welcome!  Welcome parents, students and staff to a new school year!  In this manual, we will cover:  Library Layout  General Rules  Borrowing Rules  Computer Rules
  3. 3. Your Library  The Librarian’s desk is centralized for ease of monitoring classes.  General stacks are located at one side, while reference materials are across the room.  Computer stations allow for six students to work at a time.  Work tables accommodate other working students in the class
  4. 4. General Rules 1. Keep voices down when asking questions. 2. No food or drinks allowed in the library. 3. Return books to the carts when finished. 4. Respect other students and their needs in the library. 5. Respect the resources in the library.
  5. 5. Borrowing Rules Please keep these rules in mind when borrowing books from the library: 2. Library books belong to everyone. Do not damage them. 3. Bring books back on time. 4. Books marked “Reference” may be taken from the library. 5. A 25 cent fine will be charged for books that are late up to one week. After that, a parent will be notified.
  6. 6. Using the Computers 1. One student per computer at a time. 2. No games. Computers are for research/class use only. 3. Wait until the person before you is finished before sitting at a computer. 4. Ask before printing. All printouts may be picked up from the librarian’s desk. 5. All computer class rules apply to library computers. Note: failure to follow these rules will result in loss of privileges for the day.
  7. 7. Why So Many Rules?  The library is for everyone, and everyone may use it.  Keeping quiet allows your fellow students to work.  Books that are in good condition may be used by everyone for years.  Following rules earns privileges like borrowing books and computer time.
  8. 8. The Library Thanks You! By learning and following rules, everyone benefits and succeeds! The students and staff of Satellite Elementary thank you for your time and effort toward making our library great.