Geography Unit Plan


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A unit lesson plan on Geography for the fifth grade

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Geography Unit Plan

  1. 1. Geography Unit Plan Ms. Marie Louise Lawson Librarian
  2. 2. The Geography Unit  Intended for Grade 5 students  Will utilize research and presentation skills  Focus on United States Geography to introduce World Geography section  Fits in with the Grade 5 Geography unit for classroom and library instruction
  3. 3. Goals and Objectives  Give students an understanding of the regions of the United States  Instruct students on different types of maps through example  Allow students to work individually and as part of a group to complete project  Creation of a PowerPoint presentation to continue with technological education
  4. 4. Rationale  Students benefit from working in groups, as well as researching individually  Each student is responsible for a part of the final presentation  Enhanced presentation combines technology with the geography unit
  5. 5. Content and CCCS  United States geographical regions, as researched within groups • Standard 6.6.B.1: Compare and contrast the physical and human characteristics of places in regions in New Jersey, the United States, and the world.  Individual states within those regions, as researched by each student • Standard 6.1.A.5: Examine current issues, events, or themes and relate them to past events. • Standard 6.1.A.6: Formulate questions based on information needs • Standard 6.1.A.7: Use effective strategies for locating information.  Inclusion of topographical and physical maps • Standard 6.6.A.6: Distinguish among the major map types, including physical, political, topographic, and demographic.  Continued lesson in PowerPoint with presentation of all gathered information • Standard 8.1.A.8: Design and produce a basic multimedia project • Standard 8.1.B.6: Choose appropriate tools and information resources to support research and solve real world problems, including but not limited to:  On-line resources and databases  Search engines and subject directories
  6. 6. Daily Instruction: Days 1 & 2 Day 1: • Students will begin in the classroom with an introductory lesson on the United States regions • They will then be separated into specific regional groups Day 2: • In the library, students will begin group research on their region using both the internet and print resources  Receive Handout #1 • At the end of the lesson, they will choose an individual stat that they will be researching independently
  7. 7. United States Geography H A Group Research: Regions N To begin your unit project on United States geography, you will be researching in groups. You were given a region to search by your regular teacher. With your partners, you will begin researching using both print and internet resources. The D websites and questions below will help you get started. Resources to get you started: O FactMonster States: Sheppard Software USA game: U Worldwide Geography Resources: T Name of your region: ________________________________________ What states belong to your region?: ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ What is the typical climate in your region?: ___________________________ 1 ________________________________________________________________ Is your region known for any special imports/exports? If so, what are they?: __________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ What else is your region known for?: ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ List 6 facts about your region: ______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  8. 8. Daily Instruction: Days 3 & 4 Day 3: • Finish group research • Students will begin research on their individual state in the library  Receive Handout #2 • Region groups will meet to begin discussing their PowerPoint project and receive specific instructions on the presentation  Receive Handout #3 Day 4: • Research will conclude, and any last questions on research will be answered • Students will begin work on their PowerPoint presentations
  9. 9. United States Geography H A Individual State Research N Continuing on our geography unit, you will now be researching your own state D within the region your group learned about yesterday. You may use the same websites and search engines, listed below. Please use the questions below to get you started. O Resources to get you started: FactMonster States: U Sheppard Software USA game: T Worldwide Geography Resources: Name of your state: ________________________________________ What it is the capital?: ______________________________________ 2 When did your state join the union?: __________________________ Major imports/exports of your state:_________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Major historical or geographical landmarks:___________________________ ________________________________________________________________ List 5 fun facts about your state: ____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  10. 10. United States Geography H A N PowerPoint Presentation D For the final part of your geography unit project, you will create a PowerPoint presentation based on all the research you have completed. Your presentation should be between 6 and 10 slides long and include the following information: O • Title slide, with region name and all names of group members U • Region information, including a picture of your region and its states • One (1) slide for each state in the group. This should include T information you researched and a topographical map of the state • Works cited information on the last slide Make sure you have the following elements in your presentation: • Slide transitions, such as fading or dissolve 3 • Slide design, such as colors and borders • Some animations, such as text entrance or exit • Text font and color should be unique and readable • At least one sound effect, anywhere in your presentation
  11. 11. Daily Instruction: Days 5 & 6 Day 5: • Students will be given time to work on and complete their PowerPoint presentations Day 6: • The student groups will give their presentations to the class
  12. 12. Materials  In classroom: • Social Studies textbook  In library: • Geography reference material for research • Computers for research and presentations • Handouts (3) to guide research and give instruction for presentations
  13. 13. Assessment  Students will be graded on individual contribution and overall group success: • Individual research on region: 10 points • Individual research on state: 10 points • Contribution to presentation: 10 points • Accuracy and quality of information in presentation: 10 points • Overall presentation design: 10 points • Total assessment: 50 points
  14. 14. Thank You Special thanks to the faculty and staff Presentation by: Marie Louise Lawson