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Tvoy Dom Guidelines


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Tvoy Dom, a Russian retailer, was seeing an increase in American and European retailers moving into their markets and came to Big Red Rooster for help in improving their stores. BRR provided design concepts and guidelines for key departments for their largest Moscow store. At nearly 750,000 square feet, the Vegas Mall Tvoy Dom store was a challenge as some departments are the size of many Western big box stores.

Six key departments were selected and specific design elements developed for each including fixture types, graphics, and materials. Working with the Tvoy Dom staff we then established basic concepts of merchandise presentation, communication usage, and fixture placement. This document is an edited version of the package provided to the clients for use in training their communications and in-store staff.

A critical factor in the success of this project was formatting the information in a way that was visually simple to understand, and provide written information that both explained the theory and execution of various display and merchandising techniques.

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Tvoy Dom Guidelines

  1. 1. | Tvoy DomMerchandising Guidelines
  2. 2. Tall Pallet Racks are used to create wallsto divide the Promotional/Seasonal areainto smaller departments.Pallet Racks are used to keep thepresentation of merchandise simple. Allproducts should be neatly stacked onthe shelves, tables, or platforms.Different fixure types and heights addsvisual variety to the areas and makesshopping more exploratory.The red header acts as a valance toframe and unify the department.Graphic Banner Caps are used on top of thepallet racks. This presents a branded mes-sage that can be seen from the upper levels.This cap also keeps the top of the fixturesclear of product and ensures a tidy andorganized appearance.The Promotional/Seasonal area is a large and very impor-tant department in the Tvoy Dom stores. This departmentuses distinct fixtures and a separate signing package tomake it easily recognizable to shoppers.Promotional/Seasonal Department
  3. 3. Low pallets and dump bins are usedto add variety and excitment.Low fixtures create a valley effect,concentrating attention in the centerof the space.Tables are grouped to provide a flexibledisplay area.Promotional/Seasonal Department
  4. 4. The fixtures are arranged so that smaller departments can becreated within the Promotional/Seasonal department.Example:Area A - Summer toys, outdoor games, swimming pool suppliesArea B - Outdoor furniture and garden decorationsArea C - Outdoor entertaining supplies and picnic foodArea D - Special buy on paper supplies and household chemicalsArea A Area B Area CArea DPromotional/Seasonal Department Merchandise Plan
  5. 5. The primary Promotional/Seasonal department is divided intomultiple areas by the placement of the fixtures.It is important to have wide aisles to allow shoppers with cartsto move easily around the department.Special features are placed onthe aisles to attract shoppers.Open space can be allocated for furnitureand large seasonal items.Tall pallet racks form walls tohelp divide the department intosmaller spaces.Grouped tables draw focus to thecenter of the departmental areas.2.8-3 meter internal aisles.Endcaps are used for keyitems and special deals.Fixture KeyP1 Pallet Rack Wall FixtureP3 Pallet Rack Floor FixtureP5 Pallet Rack TableP7 PlatformP8 Dump BinMedium high palletracks will hold the bulkof the products.3-4 meter main aisles.P1P1P3P3P3P3P3P3P5 P5P5 P5P7 P7P8P8P5 P5P3P3P3P3P3P3P3P1P1Promotional/Seasonal Department Fixture Plan
  6. 6. Tall Pallet Racks are used to create walls that divide thePromotional/Seasonal areas into smaller departments.These walls are tall enough to be backgrounds to thelower fixtures without blocking sightlines into the otherPromotional areas.Red painted panelattached to top of thepallet rack.The top of the fixture will be coveredwith Banner Caps. These caps will bevisible from upper floors and willattract attention to the department.Pallet Rack signholder strip mountedto beam. This strip is used to hold210mm x 80mm price signs.Remove the bottom beams and shelfto stack pallets of bulk items.Large items, and/or large quantities of itemswork best on the tall pallet racks.Stack items on the shelves invertical blocks.Each different item should have aprice sign.Front View of FixtureP-1 Pallet Rack “Wall” Fixture
  7. 7. Pallet Racks at 1.5 meters high are used to hold the bulkof stock in the department.Front View of FixturePallet Rack signholder strip mountedto beam. This strip is used to hold210mm x 80mm price signs.Remove the bottom beams and shelfto stack pallets of bulk items.Each different item should havea price sign.Smaller items, and smallerquantities of items work well onthis fixture.Don’t stack any items on top ofthe fixtures.The top of the fixture will be coveredwith Banner Caps. These caps will bevisible from upper floors and willattract attention to the department.P-3 Pallet Rack Floor FixtureStack items on the shelves invertical blocks.
  8. 8. Pallet Rack Tables are used in long banks. Use these tablesfor products that are difficult to stack in tall stacks, softitems like towels, and products in small quantities.Group similar items for easier shopping.Long banks of tables encourageshoppers to browse.Front View of FixturePlace extra stock on thelower shelf.Additional price signs canbe placed on the topbeam if needed.P-5 Pallet Rack Table FixtureUse a metal framed signholder with a shovel base.Adjust all the signs to 350mmabove the table, and position asshown to minimize visualclutter.Limit the heights of thestacks to 300mm.
  9. 9. Platforms are placed on theaisles as feature fixtures.Platforms can be groupedtogether for special offers oflarge items.Platforms and may be placed withinthe department for variety or to fillextra space.Platforms are used to bulk stack single items. These fixturesshould be used for large quanties of a single item. Whenplaced on an aisle they can be used for new, exciting itemsto draw customers into the department.Platforms can also be grouped to feature large, unboxeddisplay models such as snow blowers or refrigerators.P-7 PlatformUse a framed sign holderwith a shovel base.Use a framed sign holderon each item.Use Platforms to featue a largequantity of one item that can bebulk stacked for a major impact.Group Platforms to feature large display items.Front of FixtureStack boxes with one item on eachplatform for the biggest impact.When possible open one itemfor display and place on top ofthe boxes.For safety, limit the height ofthe stacked boxes to 1.2meters above the floor.
  10. 10. Dump Bins are placed on theaisles as feature fixtures.Platforms and Dump Bins may beplaced within the department forvariety or to fill extra space.Dump Bins are used for large quantities of a single item. These itemsmay be difficult to stack and are easier to merchandise in a pile.There may be multiple colors but the items should all be the same size tomake shopping from the fixture simple.Dump Bins and Platforms can be used interchangably.P-8 Dump BinUse a metal framed signholder with a shovel base.As an option the interior can be dividedto display different items or to keepcolors separated. Additional hardwarewill be required.Adjust the signholder to bevisible above the products.The interior shelf can be movedup or down to keep the itemsinside at the top level.Use only one signholder for eachfixture, there can be differentprice signs on each side.Each Dump Bin should hold alarge quantity of one item.Top of FixtureFront of FixtureStore the shelf in the bottom ofthe Dump Bin when it is notneeded.Each Dump Bin should hold alarge quantity of one item.Front of Fixture
  11. 11. 71 5071 5071 50P2, P4 EndcapsAisle facing endcaps shoulddisplay new and exciting items.Interior endcaps should displayitems with large quantities at agood value.Each set of fixtures will use one or two types of endcaps. Endcaps shouldbe used to display new and exciting products.The products on endcaps should be changed frequently so that shopperssee something new on each shopping trip.A variety of endcap fixtures are provided so that it will be easy to find onethat will suit the products and keep the department looking interesting.One item should be bulkedout on the endcaps. Replen-ish when the stock gets low,or replace with a new item.Large price sign attractsattention to a great value.Use spiral flip pads toeasily change prices.Shelf edge price signs canbe added as needed forregulatory information.Use a table for small items.Add a riser to add height and tokeep stacks mangageable.Add a color backdrop tohide the ends of the palletrack fixtures.Front of FixtureFront of Fixture Side of FixtureFront of Fixture Side of FixtureUse Platforms or pallets tobulk stack large items.
  12. 12. The fixtures for this department are based on the metal gon-dola that is used throughout the store. Because of the higherquality and prices of the merchandise the fixtures have addi-tional elements to compliment the merchandise.China DepartmentSpecialty Tables feature new andexciting products and brands.Dark wood finishes are a backdropto the products.Bright images on the island endcapsact as department identifiers.Soffits with lighting draw the eye tothe products on the shelves below.
  13. 13. Tower fixtures make use of thecolumns and add visual height.4-Ways and Tables add visualvariety to the department.Large drum lights anchor the featuredisplay Tables.China Department
  14. 14. The merchandise is grouped by type, then organized by style and vendors withineach type.Fine China - Sets of dishes and serving pieces for everyday and special occasions.Medium to high prices and made of porcelain and bone china.Serveware - Items used to hold food to be served. Medium to high prices andmade of glass, metal, ceramic, and porcelain. Includes trays, bowls, platters, teaand coffee service, salt and pepper shakers, and pitchers.Flatware and Cutlery - Utensils for serving and eating food, usually consists ofsets and individual pieces of knives, forks, spoons, and large serving pieces.Stemware - Better quality crystal and glass items for drinking beverages.Barware - Items for preparing and serving drinks.Decorative Gifts and Accessories - Items for practical and decorative use in thehome and office, usually small table or desk items. Includes desk accessories, vases,smoking accessories, pricture frames and albums, mirrors, clocks, and figurines.China Department Merchandise PlanFine ChinaFlatware & CutleryDecorative Accessories& GiftsServewareStemware & Barware
  15. 15. Fixture KeyC1 Wall FixturesC2 Island FixturesC5 4Way FixturesC6 TowersC7/8 Stepped TablesC9 Feature TableF1 Service PodChina Department Fixture PlanC5 C5C5F1C5C6C5 C9 C9C9 C9C9 C9C9 C9C2C1C1 C1C1C1C2C2 C2C7-8C2 C2C2 C2C6 C6Wide spaces between fixtures and smallerfixtures encourage shoppers to explore andbrowse the products.4-Way fixtures add variety to the layout.Tower fixtures surround the columns.Feature Tables break up the long runsof wall fixtures.The fixture layout is designed to be open and easy to move around in.The majority of the merchandise is on the walls, allowing the floorfixtures to be smaller and more focused.StockroomIsland fixtures are short runs of gondola that canfeature key vendors or tell a seasonal story.The Service Pod is convienently positioned forshoppers to find for help and information.Stack Tables and Feature Tables areplaced on the aisle to attract attention.
  16. 16. E N G L A N D 1 7 5 9E N G L A N D 1 7 5 9C1 Wall FixturesPlace basic patterns on lowershelves.Place popular patterns ateye level.Wall fixtures are the perimeter ofthe department.Lightboxes can be a general texture orvendor sponsored.Vendor signs are consistant in color andplacement so that they don’t distractfrom the products.Risers and plate stands are used toproperly display china and other items.Use the Bunker base to keep smallitems closer to shoppers.Wall fixtures are standard metal gondola with new paint colors andwood inserts. These colors and finishes will compliment the higherpriced products in this department.Fill the shelves to draw shoppers deeper into the department.C9 TablePlacesetting StandPlate StandPlexiglass RisersFront of Fixture
  17. 17. Risers and plate stands are used toproperly display china and other items.Placesetting StandPlate StandPlexiglass RisersE N G L A N D 1 7 5 9C2 Island FixturesIsland gondola are low so shop-pers can see the walls.Large scale graphics attract attention andhelp shoppers identify the department.Vendor signs can be used, one sign oneach side of the fixture.Featured piecesAdditional patternsOpen stockBoxed stockLow island gondola fixtures should be used to feature onevendor on the entire fixture, or one vendor on each side.Another use for the island gondola would be to present atheme or collection such as Holiday dishes, French Coun-try decorative accessories, or leather desk accessories.Bunker bases can be used on thebasedeck, or used for decorativeboxed stock.Front of Fixture Side of Fixture Rear Endcap of Fixture
  18. 18. E N G L A N D 1 7 5 9C6 Tower FixturesC5 Square 4-Way FixturesSide A Side B Side C Front of FixtureFeature one largepiece on each shelf.4-Ways are a specialty fixture used to tell simple productstories with one story on each side. When possible useone vendor or theme for each fixture.Tower fixtures are used to utilize space around columns.Use tower fixtures for large, dramatic pieces.Adjust the shelves to best fitthe products on display.Small amounts of decorative boxescan be used on lower shelves.4-way fixtures are used as aislefocals and key item featureswithin the department.Towers fit around columns andother narrow spaces.Vendor signs can be used, onesign per fixture.
  19. 19. Risers and plate stands are used toproperly display china and other items.Placesetting StandPlate StandPlexiglass RisersE N G L A N D 1 7 5 9Front of Fixture -Decorative AccessoriesFront of Fixture - China Front of Fixture - China Front of Fixture - StemwareC7-8 Table Set FixturesC9 Table FixturesTable sets are used to tell larger product stories. Thesestories may be all one vendor, or several vendors withcomplimentary products.Use the feature tables to showcase a single pattern ortheme.Show a complete range of itemsand include stemware, flatware,and table linensAdd accessories that match orcompliment the main theme.Vendor signs can be used, onesign per fixture.Feature tables are used on theaisle as well as the perimeter walls.Table sets add variety when usedwith feature tables.
  20. 20. Homewares DepartmentFeature fixtures on the aisles arebased on standard gondola fixtures.Promotional fixtures are used inmain aisles to lead shoppers totransition points. These fixturesuse the red Promotional signs.Gondolas on the aisles are lower to allowshoppers to see the adjacent fixtures.This area includes Everyday tabletop, Bed and Bath textiles,Decorative Accessories, Cookware, and Food Preparation. Themajority of fixtures are basic gondolas with added graphic anddesign details for a distinctive appearance.
  21. 21. Homewares Department Merchandise PlanCookware and Food PreparationBathBeddingEveryday TabletopKitchen & TableLinensDecor - Pillows &ThrowsDecor - Pictures, Mirrors,Statues, and RugsWindow CoveringsCookware and Food Preparation - Items for use in the prepa-ration, cooking, and serving of food.Everyday Tabltop - Sets of dishes, serveware, flatware, anddrinkware for everyday use. Low to medium prices and made ofplastic, glass, crockery, metal, and ceramic.Kitchen and Table Linens - Cloth items for use in the kitchen.Items to decorate and protect dining tables.Decor - Decorative accessories for the living room and bed-room.Window Coverings - Curtains, shades and blinds, and curtainhardware.Bedding - Sheets, blankets, pillows, and duvets.Bath - Items for use in the bathroom including towels, showercurtains, and mats.
  22. 22. Homewares Department Fixture PlanGondolas on the aisles are lowerfor better visibility.Escalator toLevel 2Design Center is placed tobe convientent to all thedepartments.4-Ways can be used forseasonal and feature impacts.2-Way Feature fixtures are positionedto add excitement.Promotional fixtures are either DumpBins or Platforms.(See Promotional pages for fixtureinformation.)Long gondola runs will hold awide variety of merchandise.Wall gondolaThe fixtures are lined up on a grid to make it simple forshoppers to find their way around the departments. Featurefixtures are added to breakup the long runs of gondolas andopen up the vistas into the departments.Promotional fixtures lead shoppers down the main aisledeeper into the area and to the escalators.Fixture KeyH1 Wall FixturesH2 Island FixturesH3 Low Island FixturesH4 2-WayH5 4-WayF2 Design CenterP7 PlatformP8 Dump BinH1H1H4H4 H4 H4P8 P7 P8 P7 P8 P7H4H3H3 H3 H3H3 H3H3 H3 H3H5H5 H5H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2H2 H2 H2 H2F2H2H2H2H4 H4H4 H4
  23. 23. H1, H2, H3 Gondola Fixtures1-2 Large graphics on a fixture.Different backer panel patternsare used in each category.Directory signs alert shoppersto the categories in each aisle.H1 Wall Gondola H2 Island Gondola H3 Low Island GondolaThe wall and floor fixtures are basic metal gondolas painted in aspecial color for Homewares. Large graphics are placed on thefixtures to add visual variety and large scale imagery.When the merchandise is open and exposes the back panel ofthe fixtues, decorative graphic panels can be added that hide thepanels. Typical categories are tabletop, cookware, kitchen gad-gets, cleaning tools.Wall fixtures are the perimeter ofthe department.Island gondolas hold the bulk ofthe stock.Low island gondolas arealong the aisles.Side of Fixtures
  24. 24. 1750 1750 1750SALE!NEWLOWERPRICENEWLOWERPRICESALE!H2, H3 EndcapsUse fixture endcaps to present special value items, introducenew items or brands, showcase a vendor, and for seasonalproducts.Interior endcaps should be used for older promotions, clear-ance, featured items or categories, and small merchandise orvendor impacts that might be difficult to find inline.Use interior endcaps for secondarylevel product impacts.Use aisle facing endcaps forprimary product impacts.Aisle endcap should hold a lotof one or two items. Replen-ish when the stock gets low,or replace with a new item.Inserts indicate a specialprice or policy message.All items must beat or below thedisplayed price.Multiple patternsor colors can befeatured at oneprice.Large price sign attractsattention to a great value.Featured vendor graphic.Backer panels can be usedon endcaps.Front of Fixture Front of Fixture Front of FixtureUse spiral flip pads toeasily change prices.
  25. 25. 1750 1750SALE!NEWLOWERPRICENEWLOWERPRICESALE!H4 2-Way Fixtures2-Way fixtures feature one item, stacked in bulk for a majorimpact. Merchandise on 2-ways should be kept fully stockedand replenished frequently.Use this fixture to showcase new items, seasonal items, orspecial deals.Inserts indicate a specialprice or policy message.Open display pieces helpshoppers know whats on sale.Stack boxes and keepthe fixture full.2-Way fixtures are alwaysplaced on the aisles.Multiple patterns orcolors can be featured atone price.Backer panels can be usedto highlight the display.Front of Fixture Front of FixtureUse spiral flip pads toeasily change prices.
  26. 26. H5 4-Way Fixtures4-Way fixtures are used to fill in open spaces too small for agondola. Use this fixture to show 4 different product stories,or feature a category or vendor on the entire fixture.Promotional FixturesEach Dump Bin and Platform should hold a large quantity ofone item. Refer to the Promotional Fixture pages for moredetails.Use 4-ways in open spacesor on the asile.Promotional fixture are inthe wide main aisle.One product story oneach side. Use a metal framed signholder with a shovel base.Front of FixtureFront of Fixture Front of Fixture
  27. 27. DoorsThe Doors category uses standard pallet rack fixtures. Slideout racks hold the bulk of the doors for maximum capacity.Each door should be equiped with door hardware to showshoppers suggested styles.Basic styles and screen doors aredisplayed on the upper level.The bulk of the door displays arehoused in slide out racks.Feature Display fixtures showcasenew and unique styles.Current door styles are displayed flatand fitted with complimentary doorhardware.Focal endcaps present a completeentry display featuring exteriorproducts such as planters, lighting,pavers, and doormats.
  28. 28. Door Display PlanAdding a wide aisle between the runs of pallet racks andputting in free-standing floor fixturres opens up thecategory and encourages shoppers to browse.Door displays line one side ofthe aisle.Feature fixtures pull shoppersdeeper into the department.Allow adequate aisle space toswing open the hinged displaydoors.Place door hardware in the sameaisle to cross-sell complimentaryitems.
  29. 29. D1 Door Display FixtureDoor displays are mounted in tracks that allow shoppers topull out one or more doors to examine and compare.Screen and storm doors aredisplayed on the upper level.Boxed stock of popular styles can behoused behind the upper tier of doors. Handles are mounted to theedge of the slide out door.Front of fixture Side of fixtureThe bulk of the door displays arehoused in slide out racks.Tracks are mounted to the floor andfixture for the slide out doors.Featured doors are displayed flat andhinged to reveal the slide out doorsracked behind.
  30. 30. 12342D2 Door Display EndcapUse the endcap to showcase all the products sold in thestore that could be used to decorate the entrance to thehome.Corrugated decorative panel at the topof the endcap helps to identify the DIYdepartment.Door display endcapFront of fixture Side of fixtureCross-merchandise exterior lighting, deco-rative accessories, and garden elements fora complete exterior entrance display.In-aisle directories are mountedto the sides of the endcaps.
  31. 31. D3 Door Display FeatureFeature door display fixtures are placed in a wide aislebetween pallet rack runs. Use these fixtures to feature newand trendy doors. Each fixture holds up to 4 doors to showcolor and style options.Door display featuresCross-merchandise door hardware toshow a complete door display.Front of fixture Side of fixtureFixed door displays can be seenwhen the primary door is opened.