Artists as Cultural Entrepreneurs


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My presentation for Rio+20 India: United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development! This exciting conference expects to reach a million students, anticipating issues most relevant to future generations.

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Artists as Cultural Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Artists as Cultural EntrepreneursMarie-Clare Treseder
  2. 2. EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs and artistsshare the qualities needed toaffect change.To be young, enthusiastic,and interested in developingsustainable solutions forpresent and future problemsis to care about the humancondition.Technology presents us witha unique ability to havescalable global impact. ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  3. 3. CulturalEntrepreneurs Technology has risen tobecome the ultimate universaltool for progress.Entrepreneurship empowerssmall groups and individualsto create disruptiveinnovations that scale.Traditional entrepreneurs aretech-based, whereas culturalentrepreneurs consist ofartists and the sociallyimpactful. ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  4. 4. ImpedimentsThe arts community isdisinterested in collaborationand most problematic, showsigns of regression into theLuddite.Artistic isolationism is nolonger necessary.Art is a language ofperceptions, necessitatinginteraction. ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  5. 5. OutsourcingFor traditional entrepreneurs,one of technology’s brightestinnovations is outsourcing. Examining this instant globaleconomy, artists are oftenoffended by the notion ofextending their ideas.In turn, artists havecontinuously eschewed techbecause they see it asoutsourcing their ideas. ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  6. 6. PhotographyPhotographer Alfred Stieglitzspent the majority of hiscareer advocating forphotography as fine art.In 1902, Stieglitz negotiatedan exhibition juried, for thefirst time, by otherphotographers, instead of“fine artists”, like painters.The show solidifiedphotography, and thereforetechnology, as a meaningfulmedium of expression. PORTRAIT OF ALFRED STIEGLITZ ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  7. 7. Social MediaCommunication technologieslike Facebook, Twitter, etc. canbe used to create substantivecultural statements.Art needn’t be narrowed to animage or object, but instead,expanded into an idea.Ideas spread fastest throughtechnology. ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  8. 8. The NewAestheticAn art movement born out ofthe Internet, the primaryconcept is to celebrate artpixelating the lines between thephysical and the virtual.By sculpting this movement,the New Aesthetic’s leaderJames Bridles is, in manyways, a revolutionary, adefinitive cultural entrepreneur.Including technology into thisartistic movement hasn’tdiminished it, but defined it.ILLUSTRATION INSPIRED BY IMAGE FROM “NEW AESTHETIC, NEW ANXIETIES” ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  9. 9. Portraits inPrimaryMy own art mirrors thisintention.My latest series, “Portraits inPrimary” is an exhibition ofancient influences producedin a modern fashion.Primarily, I juxtapose piecesdone on paper with worksdone within smartphoneapplications.  ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  10. 10. Portraits inPrimaryDrawing on strong influencesof both totemic imagery andportraiture, my series isassembled as pieces intransition.Marking the metamorphosisfrom ritual-based art to themodern belief of art as object,this ensemble of imagesshowcases the portrait as auniversal expression. ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  11. 11. Portraits inPrimaryThe mysticism surroundingtotems, emblems linkinghuman and animal lineage,can be found in a majority ofcultures.The power of these emblemsis not just in their ferociousexpressions and starkcontrasts, but also in theirritualistic utility. ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  12. 12. Portraits in PrimaryI paired this concept withportraiture, a giant in artisticsubjects, for its complementaryaesthetic.Often meant to distill thesubject’s nature into their facialexpression, portraiture isarguably the most individual ofart forms.I believe this coupling of stylesaffirms both the individual’sexpression and a universalcultural history.  ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  13. 13. ImpactThe impact culturalentrepreneurs are capable ofcreating is endless.Artists inject into their workthe individual, whilecanvassing the humancondition.To become a great culturalentrepreneur, one mustmerge with these tech trends. ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER
  14. 14. Thanks for listening!MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER Find me on : Facebook Twitter LinkedIn My series “Portraits in Primary” will be on view this November at the gallery and incubator The Urban Hive, as well as the tech incubator Hacker Lab in Sacramento, CA. ©MARIE-CLARE TRESEDER