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Foresight frogsgum


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Foresight frogsgum

  1. 1. 1.Add edible toothpaste to the gum for waterless, simple brushing of teeth.2.Add tiny CO 2 bubbles for Pop Rocks gum3.Add supercharged vitamims for Health Gum4.Add Nasal Decongestant for an Allergy Gum5.Add food coloring (black, orange, red) as a Trick Gum that Kids give friends.6.Add beef flavor and fat for a doggie chewing gum7.Add aphrodisiac for a Romantic Date Gum8.Add medication that treats "gum" disease of the mouth9.Add time-released, anti-ahesive ingredient that causes gum to release fromthe underside of tables and chairs after one day.10.(for #9) or to never stick at all.11.Gum that dries and fluffs on contact with air and can be used at ear plugs onairplanes.12.Liquid gum that can be dropped from helicopters onto enemy armaments toliterally "gum up" the works.13.Gum powder that could be sprinkled onto the bottom of basketball or tennisshoes for improved traction14. (on 13) could also be applied to the tires of race cars.15. Scented gum coating for rain gutters so everytime it rains you get a freshscent16.Bicycle helmets made our of gum so you can tear a piece off while you ride.17. Gum with a dipilitory that can be applied to skin to remove hair
  2. 2. 18. Powered gum added to milk shakes so that the last gulp of foam can be chewed.19.Gum netting that could be launched over an injured animal to immobilize it20.Smooth surfaced chicklets that would be added to the sliding surface of a lugetrack.21.All bio-degradable ingredients to avoid finding gum remains in 1000 years22. building on #3: include nutrients and vitamins for children with poor nutritionaldiets23.Gum that you swallow to clean up your throat24.Fly-catcher25.Sling-shot rubber26.Dental adhesive to fix teeth27.Matress hardener28.Submarine cement coloring agent29.(on #21) Gum you can swallow30.(on #24) Gum you send into outer space to (stick to) and capture meteors.31.(on #22) Gum for dieting - diminishes or eliminates hunger.32.(on #23) Laxative gum33.Chemically neutral gum to take DNA samples34.Gum that turns red when alcool by expired air gets over a certain limit35. Gum that can be ironed out to mend holed garments