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long without sign


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long without sign

  1. 1. Maricel C. Lada 636 Crystal St. Palmera Hills 2 Brgy. Dolores Taytay, Rizal Cellphone No.: +639175177310/ +639258835564 Email: CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seek a position that will allow me to fully contribute my knowledge and skills acquired through studies and experience. EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT: Southern Luzon State University Lucban, Quezon Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering October 2006 WORK EXPERIENCE: Purchasing Staff Banner Plasticard, Inc. Manggahan Light Industrial Park Amang Rodriguez Ave., 1611 Pasig City, Philippines August 10, 2015 up to present. Purchasing Staff Trainee February 09, 2015 – August 09, 2015 Job Summary Reports directly to the Sr. Purchasing Officer, ensures on time communication, updates and delivery of products from the supplier. Prepares purchase orders and reviews items and prices. Prepare and submit various accounting reports. Duties and Responsibilities • Communicate and negotiate with various suppliers particularly for local materials. • Daily checking of purchased requisition prepared by warehouse. • Coordinate with different department for correct product specifications. • Prepare and send a request for quotation and approved purchased order. • Follow-up with suppliers the status of quotation and purchased order. • Process a purchased order based on approved quotation or proporma invoice • To source out new alternative supplier for IT, OSD, SSSD requirements. • Submission of monthly reports: Purchasing Order and Receiving Report. • Maintain an orderly files of all documents related to purchasing. • In charge of petty cash safekeeping, issuance, monitoring and liquidation for replenishment purposes. • Performs other tasks that maybe assigned by the Sr. Purchasing Officer from time to time. • To perform some of the task of Sr. Purchasing officer in case she/he is absent.
  2. 2. CPER Logsheet/Sticker Processor Banner Plasticard, Inc. Manggahan Light Industrial Park Amang Rodriguez Ave., 1611 Pasig City September 10, 2012 - February 07, 2015 CPER Logsheet/Sticker Processor Trainee March 05, 2012 – September 09, 2012 Job Summary Performs clerical work such as printing of logsheet, sticker/ labels for packaging, generating of data, checking of other jobs assigned by the VP- Manufacturing & IT. Duties and Responsibilities • Reports directly to the VP-Manufacturing & IT on administrative function at the Card Personalization area. • Encoding correct data. • Printing logsheet for Inkjet and Packaging. • Printing of sticker/ labels for Packaging. • Filing of Personalization documents. • Performs other tasks that maybe assigned by the VP-Manufacturing & IT from time to time. CPER Labeler Banner Plasticard, Inc. Manggahan Light Industrial Park Amang Rodriguez Ave., 1611 Pasig City October 20, 2011 - March 4, 2012 January 28, 2010 - March 2010 January 26, 2009 - June 26, 2009 August 29, 2007 - January 29, 2008 Job Summary Perform and ensures correct affixing of labels/ stickers on boxes containing Personalization Cards. Duties and Responsibilities • Receives checked cards from QA Staff • Labels correctly all personalized boxes according to their contents. • Check and ensures completeness of unwrapped cards inside boxes. • Check and compare start and ending serial number with start and end serial number on the preprinted sticker/label. • Collects and secures all reject cards. • Responsible in logging of packaging details including serial number of rejected cards logbook. • Check and ensures proper filing up of QA Logsheet. CPER Process Inspector & Machine Monitoring Banner Plasticard, Inc. Manggahan Light Industrial Park Amang Rodriguez Ave., 1611 Pasig City March 2010 - June 28,2010 Job Summary Perform system checking on Card Personalization procedures and machines. Duties and Responsibilities
  3. 3. • Performs system checking on Card Personalization procedures. • Ensures that standard procedures are observed an all Card Personalization process. • Prepares incident reports of all deviations from standard procedures in inkjet and packaging section. • Monitors and ensures that every production machine used by the Personalization division like inkjet, packaging embossing machines, etc. are in good running condition and properly maintained by technicians and respective machine operators. • Ensures that each machine have updated set-up parameters easily accessible near the machine. • Checks daily machine set-up parameters and condition. If necessary recommend machine repair and routine maintenance. • Witness shredding of reject cards after inkjet printing. • Check if machine trouble logbook is properly filled up. • Directly reports to VP-Manufacturing & IT all observations on existing process and machine. • Responsible in issuance and monitoring of the Division's compliance to PPE. TRAININGS/SEMINARS ATTENDED: Basic Life Support / First Aid Corporate Image Enhancement Banner Plasticard, Inc. Etiquette 101 MLIP Pasig City Banner Plasticard, Inc. March 11 - 13, 2014 MLIP Pasig City April 26 - 28, 2012 October 12, 2013 QUALIFICATIONS: • Proficient in MS Office Applications (Word, Excel, Power Point) • Proficient in Open Office Applications (Calc, Writer, Impress) PERSONAL DATA: Date of Birth: November 23, 1981 Place of Birth: Tayabas, Quezon Gender: Female Civil Status: Single Nationality: Filipino Religion: Roman Catholic CHARACTER REFERENCES: Mr. Arnaldo Santos Mr. Richard Sumagui Operation Support Dept. Manager Warehouse Supervisor Banner Plasticard, Inc. Banner Plasticard, Inc. Mobile No.: +639178976318 Mobile No.: +639258006217 Ms. Rose Marie Abela Assistant Manager Banner Plasticard, Inc. Mobile No.: +63917-8553909
  4. 4. Maricel C. Lada_____ Applicant