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8                          What We Can Learn                          from Marketers                          Making a Dif...
9G          reat marketing happens when people open their minds         According to President Timothy Haahs, P.E., AIA, “...
10     “Her success comes from cultivating a vision that everyone can     buy into and then encouraging individuals’ stren...
1154 marketing and business plans in 2011. Scaer offered feedback   The group’s mission is to provide a forum for female s...
12                                                                                The Ethicist                            ...
13The Chapter LeaderIn 2008, Megen Briars, director of marketing at OKW Architects,                                       ...
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What We Can Learn From Marketers Making A Difference, SMPS Marketer, December 2012


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Feature article by Linda Mastaglio and Matt Handal about marketers "who are unleashing new ideas to elevate their firms' marketing programs and cultures." I'm honored to be included with this talented group of marketers.

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What We Can Learn From Marketers Making A Difference, SMPS Marketer, December 2012

  1. 1. 8 What We Can Learn from Marketers Making a Difference BY LINDA MASTAGLIO, ABC, AND MATT HANDAL Society for Marketing Professional Services
  2. 2. 9G reat marketing happens when people open their minds According to President Timothy Haahs, P.E., AIA, “The thing to inventive ideas. We asked the members of SMPS to that set Rachel apart was her ability to learn, process, and teach tell us about people who are unleashing new ideas architects and engineers about LEED and sustainable design,to elevate their firms’ marketing programs and cultures. We met as a non-technical professional. We realized her ability to speakmarketing coordinators, directors, vice presidents, and everyone in and write on these topics and continue to make this a part ofbetween. While we can’t highlight every story we heard, following our strategy for differentiation.”are a handful that might inspire your own creativity and innovativethinking in 2013. Yoka’s research contributed to a 2012 report produced by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific: “Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap for Asia andThe Game Changer the Pacific: Turning Resource Constraints and the Climate CrisisFive years ago, the green building movement began to gain into Economic Growth Opportunities.” The report outlines asteam by showing true return on investment for owners and series of policies and strategies to promote economic growth inclients—yet it had not been widely pursued in the parking developing countries, providing governments and policymakersindustry. Parking—the primary focus of Philadelphia-based with policy options for pursuing low-carbon green growth andTimothy Haahs & Associates, Inc. (TimHaahs)—creates guidelines for implementing those options.significant opportunities to support sustainable planning,design, and construction, yet much of the green building Yoka was selected as the 2012 Parking Professional of theindustry largely ignored the issue. Rachel Yoka, CPSM, Year by the International Parking Institute. She continuesTimHaahs’ first vice president of strategic business planning and to speak, educate, and write on sustainability in the parkingsustainability, decided to leverage this window of opportunity. and transportation industries as she works on TimHaahs’ international expansion.She pursued the LEED AP designation, earned the BD+Ccredential, and then decided to do more than just pursuecontinuing education credits. Yoka conducted research, created The Collaborative Communicatorand hosted programs, and motivated her colleagues to pursue Running a corporate marketing department for a global companyLEED accreditation for technical professionals as well as with a staff of two is no small feat, but Maribel Castillo, associatemanagement and leadership. In one year, the firm shifted from vice president and director of corporate communications, hasa few outlier APs to more than 25% staff accreditation. She figured out how to do it at T.Y. Lin International (TYLI). Herlaunched and spearheaded the firm’s Sustainability Initiative, team is credited with helping increase revenue from $163 millioneducating staff on internal office sustainability programs as well in 2009 to $250 million in client-driven solutions that are now integrated into the firm’sprojects. These strategies include green roofs and walls, cool Here is her approach: Assist the company’s 35 marketersroofing and lighting choices, renewable energy production, to work together, to collaborate, and to execute strategicand water management and preservation. marketing programs.“Great marketing happens when people open their minds to inventive ideas. ” Marketer/December 2012
  3. 3. 10 “Her success comes from cultivating a vision that everyone can buy into and then encouraging individuals’ strengths so that they The President and COO shine in their specific areas of expertise,” says Pam Ching, the firm’s One of the people we heard about is an unexpected champion senior marketing coordinator. “Maribel guides marketers across of marketing: He is Robert Scaer, P.E., the president and chief more than 50 offices to embrace a common purpose and share operating officer of Gannett Fleming. knowledge and resources.” Gannett Fleming’s marketing traditionally had been executed By using this platform prudently and practically, TYLI’s corporate in silos. The various divisions of the company hired their own marketing department has successfully implemented strategic marketing representatives, who rarely communicated, making initiatives including a new client relationship management it difficult to ensure marketing standards across the board and database, a global Web site in English and Chinese, an internal comprehensive messaging across the enterprise. Scaer supported communications program, and a social media campaign that the consolidation of marketing into one team and changed the has generated more than 3,540 followers on Twitter, Facebook, dynamic of marketing throughout the company. and LinkedIn. With all marketing now in one shop, the team is drawing on In the past three years, Castillo’s team also has garnered a record- everyone’s combined talents, energies, and creativity. The team breaking number of accolades, including six awards for TYLI’s provides a consistent and comprehensive message across the new Web site, which won an SMPS Marketing Communications enterprise. This marketing strategy has been especially valued Award (MCA). The team also earned three MCAs in the categories as companies continue to weather tough economic times. of media relations, brochure, and internal newsletter. Scaer told his people that smart marketing would be critical for So, what is Castillo’s secret? “She brings the kind of forward- acquiring work and positioning the firm for better days. He called thinking and energy that TYLI needs to compete in the global his strategy the “chicken-in-every-pot” initiative after a 1928 market,” says Marwan Nader, a TYLI vice president. presidential campaign advertisement. For Gannett Fleming, “a chicken in every pot” means each region has a marketing champion who helps to drive business growth. With marketing and business development working together, the 2,000-person firm created Professionals Featured in This Article Megen Briars Wendy Burke Maribel Castillo Kelly McNair, CPSM Director of Marketing Director of Business Development Associate Vice President, Marketing Systems Manager OKW Architects Inc. HOAR Construction Director of Corporate Barton Malow Company Communications Chicago, IL Houston, TX Southfield, MI T.Y. Lin International San Francisco, CA Society for Marketing Professional Services
  4. 4. 1154 marketing and business plans in 2011. Scaer offered feedback The group’s mission is to provide a forum for female salesfor each business plan and helps staff remain accountable for executives to expand their personal ties and influence and,executing the plans and achieving revenue and profit goals. consequently, increase the value of their professional networks— and thus themselves—to their A/E/C firms. They targetedNow, strategic business planning and strategic marketing are senior-level saleswomen and limited membership to just 60,common terms used throughout the company, demonstrating using a formal application process. Ten percent of the group’show the firm values an integrated approach to marketing and members are younger women who are collectively development to achieve business goals. The group meets monthly and features speakers about half theWhen Scaer introduced the firm’s first CRM system, he worked time, recently including Houston Mayor Annise Parker. “Ourto make sure employees understood how the system supports speakers focus on their lessons learned and critical success factors,marketing and business development. He let them know helping us leverage their experience,” Burke says. In August, awhy they should make the change, instead of just telling WiSER chapter began in Dallas, and the founders anticipatethem what to change. He also encourages employee involvement several more chapters in the next few professional organizations so that they become lifelonglearners. At Gannett Fleming, 14 employees are members ofSMPS; 8 of them are CPSMs.The BuildersSeeking to help women succeed in the A/E/C business,Wendy Burke, director of business development with HOARConstruction in Houston, and Amy Moen, CPSM, vice presidentand director of marketing for Haynes Whaley Associates, twoyears ago founded WiSER: Women in Sales Executive Roles.“SMPS is a fantastic organization, but we wanted somethingsenior-level and totally sales-focused,” Burke says.Amy Moen, CPSM Robert Scaer, P.E. Jeffrey Taub, CPSM Rachel Yoka, LEED AP BD+C,Associate Vice President, President and Chief Senior Marketing Specialist CNU-A, CPSMDirector of Marketing Operating Officer VHB Vice President, Strategic BusinessHaynes Whaley Associates Inc. Gannett Fleming New York, NY Planning and SustainabilityHouston, TX Harrisburg, PA Timothy Haahs & Blue Bell, PA Marketer/December 2012
  5. 5. 12 The Ethicist Jeffrey Taub, CPSM, senior marketing specialist at VHB, both walks the walk and talks the talk of ethical marketing, including letting clients know the implications of hiring his firm. According to Thomas Phelan, VHB’s Newark, NJ, office manager, professional integrity has been a hallmark of Taub’s 12-year career as a marketer. “As the marketing director of Eng-Wong, Taub & Associates, an MBE-certified firm which merged with VHB in 2011, Jeffrey was in a position of profound ethical responsibility in representing In 2011, Maribel Castillo co-led the publication of The Bridge at Hoover our MBE status to teaming partners,” Phelan says. “New York Dam, an award-winning monograph by photographer Jamey Stillings City’s Local Law 129 stated that no MBE credit would be and T.Y. Lin International, which commemorates the opening of the granted for Asian-American businesses (such as Eng-Wong, Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge, also known as the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. The book has become a key marketing piece for the Taub & Associates) providing professional services. Jeffrey first firm, and it has been distributed to TYLI’s clients around the world. educated our clients of this statute and proceeded to diligently cite the statute when we were approached by teaming partners— even as our firm continued to be MBE-certified by the city. He could have said nothing but chose instead to warn and educate The Big-Picture Thinker prospective business partners about the law’s implications for Kelly McNair, CPSM, marketing systems manager at Barton MBE utilization goals in their proposals.” Malow, thinks big but uses a soft touch. Marketing director Taub’s articles on marketing ethics and hiring MBE firms have Donna Jakubowicz, FSMPS, CPSM, calls McNair the firm’s been published by the Institute of Transportation Engineers and “marketing secret weapon.” Real Estate Weekly. “Kelly’s overall approach to marketing and communications is holistic,” says Jakubowicz. “She looks at the bigger picture to determine positive impact to the largest, yet targeted, audience. She seeks to fit every assignment into the bigger picture of how what she does will further client relationship development and thereby positively impact Barton Malow’s bottom line.” McNair’s recent initiatives for Barton Malow include implementing a cloud-based system for digital asset management (graphics, photos, and video) and turning the firm’s desktop-based Filemaker database (for boilerplate text, staff resumes, and project experience) into one that could be accessed by remote business development staff through the Web. (The total one-time cost for the latter was approximately $300, which is much less than systems used by many firms.) According to Jakubowicz, McNair has the ability to “sway hearts and minds with her quiet confidence. She researches possible outcomes and presents the facts to back up her suggested solutions. Like Lyndon B. Johnson, she approaches building consensus by working behind the scenes with individuals. By the time the larger group of decision-makers convenes, she goes in knowing the majority agree with her ideas and solutions.” Society for Marketing Professional Services
  6. 6. 13The Chapter LeaderIn 2008, Megen Briars, director of marketing at OKW Architects, Many thanks…Inc., accepted the position of communications chair for SMPS To the many people whoChicago. “Although her term as chair officially started in 2010, contributed to this article:she took on chair responsibilities with no questions asked in 2008,”says chapter member Heather Askew. “She saw there was a need Heather Askewfor structure and an opportunity to strengthen the chapter throughcommunications, and she has done that.” Megen BriarsFrom scratch, Briars created communications best practices, Arica Bukowskia strategic plan, a committee mission statement, and roles and Wendy Burkeresponsibilities statements. Matthew CampbellIn 2010, she conducted surveys and found that many memberfrustrations could be fixed by effective communications. “She went Maribel Castillothrough hours and hours of Webinars on event registration systems Pam Chingand Web site platforms,” adds Askew. She brought the Cventregistration system to the chapter as well as a new Wordpress Web Michael Costa, CPAsite designed by SMPS Washington, DC, member Frankie Bailey.These two communication platforms increased event registration Ali Detar, CPSMby more than 20% by improving the user registration experience. Danielle Feroleto, CPSMBriars also enhanced the benefits for chapter sponsors with features Heather Hetheringtonsuch as a “Sponsor Spotlight” in the chapter’s newsletter, premiumspace on the home page, unique sponsor logo space on all Web site Donna Jakubowicz, FSMPS, CPSMpages, and “Sponsor Shoutout” Wednesdays on Twitter. Judy Kienle, MPH, CPSM Peter Kienle, FSMPS, CPSMWhat’s Your Story? Megan KocchiHow will you innovate, influence, or inspire collaboration,client service, communication, brand, technology, processes, or Megan Leinart, LEED AP BD+Cprofitability in your firm, community, or chapter in 2013? Shareyour story with us! Julie Lougee Kelly McNair, CPSMAbout the Authors Sylvia Montgomery, CPSM Contributing Editor Linda Mastaglio, ABC, who Thomas Phelan wrote the “Marketers Perform Their Own Reality Checks” cover story in the February 2011 issue, Robert Scaer, P.E. has helped many engineering, architecture, and construction firms use public relations and Lindsay Scherr marketing to improve their businesses, their reputations, and their bottom lines. Linda can be Lisa Mary Shamakovh reached at 903.963.8923 or Jeffrey Taub, CPSM Contributing Editor Matt Handal, who interviewed Mindy Wolfle Cordell Parvin in the August 2012 issue, serves as business development manager for Trauner Consulting Rachel Yoka, LEED AP BD+C, CNU-A, CPSM Services, Inc. (, and as producer of the Construction Netcast podcast. He can be reached at or’s @MattHandal. Subscribe to his articles at Marketer/December 2012