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  1. 1. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  2. 2. Did you know thatHIPPOPOTOMONSTROSESQUIPPEDALIOPHOBIAis the fear of long words..There is nothing more deceptive than anobvious fact.Arthur Conan DoyleFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  3. 3. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesSome examples of new programmes in recent years are BA ChineseStudies, BA New Media and Political Communication and thefoundation year programmes.These complement our already well established programmes, someof which involve work placements which are seen as valuable byboth students and prospective employers.
  4. 4. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesWhat have Bram Stoker -- author ofDracula -- and ancient mummies got todo with Hull?Why not take the Gothic module as partof a BA English degree, and find out..!!Or for the answer today, visit the English stand in the Lindsay Suite...
  5. 5. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesWe also have GothicLiterature experts at ourScarborough campus –which is a short drive toWhitby resting place ofDracula (or so the mythsays)!Did you know there are 199 steps to theAbbey?
  6. 6. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesWhat do ROBOTS have todo with RELIGION?Some understand thecreation of robots as theworship of God.Find out more about this and all thingsreligion and popular culture in our excitingreligion modules.
  7. 7. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesWhere on campus would you find a naked women leftbehind by Jack the Ripper (allegedly)?For the answer visit the UniversityArt Collection in the basement ofthe Middleton Hall.Answer: In the University Art Collection in the Middleton Hall. Specialising in Art in Britain 1890-1940, this importantcollection includes the painting Mornington Crescent Nude, c.1907 by Walter Sickert whom the American crime novelistPatricia Cornwell claimed was Jack the Ripper, and destroyed a similar canvas to try to prove it. Fortunately it is completenonsense says the Art Collection’s Director, John Bernasconi
  8. 8. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesWhat helps DCI Stella Gibson track down theserial killer in TV series The Fall?Answer: Her degree in Anthropology.The Department of Social Sciences haslaunched a new BA in Social Anthropologyand Sociology, starting September 2013.
  9. 9. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesWhich Archbishop is patron to our WISEinstitute?Answer: Archbishop Desmond TutuThe Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery andEmancipation (WISE) has a world class reputation for researchinto the history of slavery and works with charities around theworld to raise awareness of slavery which still effects millionsof people in modern society.
  10. 10. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesFreedom is one of the themes of Hulls UK City of CultureBid to recognise the contribution of the city in theFreedom movement and links to one of our most famoussons - William Wilberforce - as well as our open space,light and Freedom of thought hailed by Larkin, Hockneyand so many creative people who have worked here.Freedom is a theme of Hulls UK City of Culture Bid 2017follow the bid on Twitter @2017Hull and Facebook: HullCity of Culture
  11. 11. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences"Now we have a menace that is called Twitter. Thebest example of lies can be found there. To me, socialmedia is the worst menace to society.”In June 2013, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ofTurkey was blaming social media for the biggestprotest his country has seen in recent years...We explore the role of new media, cultural politicsand the influence of screen media for social changeand social justice in the programmes:BA Media and Cultural PoliticsBA New Media and Political CommunicationBA Media and Screen Studies
  12. 12. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesWhat links an indie rock star, a woman with a darkpast, and a science technician day job?Last year Jane Lovering, one of our Part Time ProvisionsCreative Writers, won the prestigious Romantic Novel ofthe Year award.Lovering lives in Kirkbymoorside in Yorkshire with her fivechildren, and works part-time as a science technician in aschool.Check out our Part Time Provision programmes
  13. 13. Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesQuestion: What has Hull got that Dan Browndoesn’t ?Answer: the real resting place of the Holy Grail –current research in the History Department isinvestigating one of the richest Templar propertiesin Britain – it may yet find the Holy Grail.....
  14. 14. Things you may not know•The total student population at the University of Hull isapproximately 20,000 across Hull and Scarborough campuses•The University offers over 2000 courses a year, from the verylatest disciplines to well-established traditional subjects•The National Student Survey (NSS) consistently ranks theUniversity in the top ten mainstream English Universities•Philip Larkin was the University’s Librarian for 30 years and hewrote some of his most celebrated poetry, including the WhitsunWeddings, whilst at Hull. Other famous alumni include Oscar-winning Director Anthony Minghella, poet Roger McGough, BBCRadio 4 presenter Jenni Murray and journalist and former Beiruthostage John McCarthy.
  15. 15. For the latest news, developments andevents, join us on Facebook and Twitter!Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences