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Digital Governance: Tools and Practices for Managing the Content Chaos


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1. Leadership: the role of vision and strategy in establishing effective digital governance.
2. Technology: market overview of digital governance tools and vendors.
3. People: investments in people required to make technology, processes and policies work.
4. Content audits: content publishing is never a ‘done job’.
5. Building a business case for digital governance.

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Digital Governance: Tools and Practices for Managing the Content Chaos

  1. 1. Marianne Kay, Analyst at Digital Clarity Group J. Boye Conference. November 1-3, 2016. Aarhus, Denmark. Digital Governance Tools and Practices for Managing the Content Chaos
  2. 2. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 What is Digital Governance? “Digital governance is a framework for establishing accountability, roles, and decision- making authority for an organization’s digital presence—which means its websites, mobile sites, social channels, and any other Internet and Web- enabled products and services.” Lisa Welchman, Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design
  3. 3. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 2 A unique 360° view: Digital leaders and practitioners Technology vendors Service providers (digital agencies and systems integrators) Digital Transformation in Higher Ed
  4. 4. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 3 Mahoosive amounts of content Highly decentralised content ownership Culture (‘universities are not businesses’) Budget cuts and resourcing issues Vendors and agencies are either ‘in’ or ‘out’ of Higher Ed Why Higher Ed?
  5. 5. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 4 Thomas Petersen @herinde #jboye15 Webkoordinator i Københavns Kommune
  6. 6. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 The digital transformation journey 5 How are institutions using digital practices and technologies to engage education customers? How are institutions making the transition from publishing web content to delivering engaging experiences? What roles do technology vendors and service providers play in the digital ecosystem for higher education? What’s essential for success, and where are the pitfalls? What can universities do today to step more firmly on the path to digital transformation or advance their progress if they’ve already begun?
  7. 7. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 6 Opportunities & ThreatsOur research shows that delivering an experience – rather than publishing content – is aspirational for institutions of higher education in the US and the UK. Web managers, content strategists, marketers and leaders acknowledge that more advanced applications of digital content, technologies, and practices are becoming essential. They recognize the growing need and want to respond. But cultural, organizational, and technology obstacles are significant. © 2016 Digital Clarity Group Digital Transformation in Higher Education: How Content Management Technologies and Practices Are Evolving i of Experience Management
  8. 8. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 7 1. Vision is lacking, no overarching leadership 2. Resources: funding, people, allocated roles 3. Building effective business cases, and being able to communicate them to top leadership 4. Web governance, and simply maintaining properties on a daily basis 5. Analytics is used for data collection and reporting but not to address strategic questions Key obstacles in Higher Ed today
  9. 9. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 Five Keys to Accelerating Digital Transformation 1. Gain customer insight 2. Foster digital mindset with a working group 3. Tackle the content chaos 4. Assess your capabilities for experience management 5. Build compelling business case for digital transformation © 2016 Digital Clarity Group. Digital Transformation in Higher Education.
  10. 10. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 9 #1: Gain customer insight. Copyright: nielshariot / 123RF Stock Photo
  11. 11. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 10
  12. 12. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 #2: Foster digital mindset with a working group. 11 Delivering great customer experience is a team sport. Assemble a crew, and start fostering a digital mindset.
  13. 13. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 12 #3: Address content chaos. Address the content chaos. Then tend the content management garden.
  14. 14. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 13 Research findings “Managing content inside the campus is, for many, an effort to operate effectively in a steady state of controlled chaos.” Chaos is fueled by huge volumes of content, multiple websites, lack of governance, and little use of formal workflow. Technology is not the problem. It’s practices and processes. Many web and content teams are under-resourced and overworked. Lack of insight from analytics makes it difficult to prioritize the most pressing content problems and opportunities. © 2016 Digital Clarity Group, Digital Transformation in Higher Education #3: Address content chaos.
  15. 15. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 14 #4: Assess capabilities for experience management. Assess capabilities for digital engagement. Take stock of what you have. Identify what you need.
  16. 16. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 15 © 2016 Digital Clarity Group Ten Core Competencies for Customer Experience Management
  17. 17. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 16 Leverage capabilities from the ecosystem
  18. 18. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 17 Guide to Service Providers for WCM and CEM
  19. 19. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 18 #5: Build a business case for a digital investment #5: Build a business case for a digital initiative. Gather the metrics. Understand the money. Prepare your leaders to commit.
  20. 20. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 Five Keys to Accelerating Digital Transformation 1. Know your education customer 2. Foster digital mindset with a working group 3. Tackle the content chaos 4. Assess your capabilities for experience management 5. Build compelling business case for digital transformation © 2016 Digital Clarity Group. Digital Transformation in Higher Education.
  21. 21. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 Digital Governance Inside the home of one of Britain's biggest hoarders
  22. 22. Source:
  23. 23. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 22 “Most of the people I deal with would like to spend more time on the website. They know they could be doing more and they should be doing more. But they just can’t carve out the space.”
  24. 24. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 23 CMS Connected [17:00] Managing Chaos. Lisa Welchman - advisor to global organizations seeking to mature digital governance, author, speaker.
  25. 25. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 24 Why Digital Governance?
  26. 26. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 25 Digital strategy Digital policy Digital standards Lisa Welchman, Managing Chaos Digital Governance
  27. 27. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 26 “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” -- Peter Drucker Strategy
  28. 28. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 Strategy © nexusplexus / 123RF Stock Photo
  29. 29. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 28 Current state of affairs Source: Laurie Dillon Schalk, Vision Desired state, vision Strategy is about bridging the gap
  30. 30. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 NEW PARADIGM Business success STATUS QUO Business failure 29 The Case for Change Source: Based on Andy Grove, Only the Paranoid Survive, 1996
  31. 31. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16
  32. 32. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16
  33. 33. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 32 A strategy is a plan for applying resources to accomplish a business goal or objective Therefore… A digital strategy is a plan for applying digital resources to achieve an organizational goal or objective What is Digital Strategy?
  34. 34. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 33 Digital strategy should be created by: Business experts Digital experts External agencies / consultants CEO involvement & support Skills required: Budgeting Business Cases Negotiations Mentoring Digital Strategy
  35. 35. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 34 1. What does success look like? Corporate strategy, digital strategy. 2. What digital metrics can you use to measure success of the digital strategy? 3. How can you translate these metrics into business KPIs? Exercise: Digital Strategy Planning
  36. 36. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 35 Web and Mobile Page views / Unique visitors Bounce rate CTA conversion rates Email marketing subcriptions, unsubscribes, opening and click rates Internal search SEO and Google ranking Customer Experience Customer engagement Customer satisfaction Usability (completion rates, number of errors, efficiency, satisfaction) Digital Metrics examples Site Quality and Performance Standards compliance Server response time Server availability Social Media Fans/followers/subscribers Interactions Channel ad campaign cost Sentiment Referred traffic from social to web or from web to social
  37. 37. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 36 Student and alumni surveys Budget performance Employee satisfaction Enrolment Research / grants Student learning assessments Campus safety KPI examples for Higher Ed
  38. 38. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 37 Digital Policy
  39. 39. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 38 Accessibility Branding Domain Names Language and Localization Intellectual Property Privacy Security Social Media Web Records Management Lisa Welchman, Managing Chaos Digital Policy Areas
  40. 40. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 39 New or updated policies - GDPR
  41. 41. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 40 General Data Protection Regulation Based on, but a considerable extension of, the 1995 Data Protection Directive. Major aims include catching up with digital data technologies, formats, and practices, and providing a framework for a single EU data policy Some provisions are to be determined by national Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) Goes into effect late May 2018. New or updated policies - GDPR Four Bad Reasons to Ignore The GDPR with Tim Walters
  42. 42. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 41 GDPR 5 Myths about the GDPR with Tim Walters
  43. 43. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 42 Web Accessibility Legal, Web Accessibility specialist, UX architect Branding Marketing, Communications, Public affairs Digital Records Management Legal, Customer Service, Web Manager Domain Names IT, Marketing, Web Manager, SEO specialist, Public Relations Security and Privacy Legal, IT, HR Social Media Web Manager, HR Possible policy contributors
  44. 44. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 43 Possible Format: Title Summary Related policies and standards Revision date Authors Policy scope Exercise: Write a Social Media Policy Perspectives: HR Legal Marketing / Branding Web Team (e.g. support) Communications Other things to consider: Imposed rules vs employees’ judgement The odd few vs the majority Activities vs outcomes Benefits and risks
  45. 45. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 44
  46. 46. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 45 Policies Business rules, high-level management statements Standards Specific, measurable controls Guidelines Advice, FYI, recommended but not mandatory Guidelines, policies, procedures, standards
  47. 47. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 46 Design Editorial, spelling Publishing Development / code Uptime and availability, page load, performance Mobile Web Accessibility Supported browsers and devices Broken links Digital Standards
  48. 48. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 47 Standards have been defined and documented Standards have been effectively communicated to digital stakeholders Standards have been implemented via Software tools / a narrow standards-based gate for web publishing Training and education Standards compliance is measured and managed Software tools can help produce quantified reports If standards can’t be measured, they should be called guidelines instead Lisa Welchman, Managing Chaos Standards Compliance occurs where:
  49. 49. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 48 Core Digital Team Responsibilities: program management and product management Distributed Digital Team Maintain aspects of digital presence Working Groups and Committees Temporary or permanent, with clear goals and real authority. ‘Bridges’ – facilitators with no governing authority (PMs, UX managers, Scrum managers) Extended Digital Team Software vendors, digital agencies, systems integrators “Well organized digital teams produce well-organised digital presence”. Lisa Welchman, Managing Chaos Digital Team
  50. 50. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 49 Consensus Decision-making vs input
  51. 51. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 50 Is decision making by consensus effective? Stakeholder Input Decision Marketing Communications Legal Human Resources IT Digital / Web Team CEO / Board Level Fill in this matrix for: 1. Social Media Policy 2. Web CMS platform selection and replacement 3. Business case for Digital Transformation 4. GDPR compliance 5. Redesign project
  52. 52. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 51 Making it happen
  53. 53. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 52 Identifying a sponsor and an advocate. Vice Chancellor’s office, Head of Admissions, CEO, Board Populating the design team. Beware of self-selected digital governance teams with only core digital team stakeholders, because they are likely to be seen as self-serving and their efforts, however sound, are often largely disregarded. Starting the design effort. Consider outside support. Understand your digital landscape. Implementing the framework. Report. Measure. Update. Lisa Welchman, Managing Chaos Making it happen
  54. 54. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 53 Executive Summary The Problem Proposed Solution Benefits, hard and soft Dependencies Alternative Options Cost and Timescales ROI Risks Success Factors Anatomy of the Business Case
  55. 55. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 54 “All too often, folks buy IT systems to solve a problem without fully understanding what the problem is in the first place. A proactive, up- front approach to digital governance provides an insight into what’s really going on, and most importantly, provides a level of control that frankly is usually lacking in organizations. Buying software first, installing it, and then considering digital governance in retrospect will ensure more work and a much higher risk of failure.” Lisa Welchman, Managing Chaos Digital Governance: Technology Alan Pelz-Sharpe VP & Managing Director VOCalis, Digital Clarity Group
  56. 56. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 55 Siteimprove Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (formerly ActiveStandards) Sitemorse Insites (Silktide) LittleForest Web Governance Tools
  57. 57. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 56 Basic content audit Quality Assurance – spelling, broken links, javascript errors, uptime Pre-publication checks Accessibility SEO Analytics Performance and uptime Search stats Mobile QA Social media effectiveness ‘League tables’ for departments and divisions Web Governance and Web Quality Tools
  58. 58. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 57 Siteimprove
  59. 59. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 58 Integration with WordPress. ‘Narrow’ gate of standards. Sitemorse
  60. 60. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 59 CrownPeak / ActiveStandards
  61. 61. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 60 Insites
  62. 62. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 61 LittleForest
  63. 63. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 62 Getting Digital Governance right is fundamentally important. Establishing standards is an important part of this effort. Writing standards is not enough – it is the beginning of the journey. Web governance tools help to implement and enforce standards. Use analytics for insight and decision-making. When building a business case, be specific, persuasive and brief. Summary
  64. 64. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 63 Marianne Kay Analyst at Digital Clarity Group @marianne_ua Thank you! Image credits: nielshariot , nexusplexus / 123RF Stock Photo
  65. 65. @marianne_ua @just_clarity #jboye16 About Digital Clarity Group We offer:  Consultancy (strategic advice, technology & agency selections)  Research (interviews, surveys, direct observations)  Thought Leadership (industry events, conferences, webinars, workshops) We work with:  Digital leaders (business leaders investing in technology)  Technology vendors (software companies)  Service providers (digital agencies and system integrators)