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Dental – The CDT code set now updates every year. 2015 will bring some changes.
There will be 15 new codes, 5 deleted code...
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"The purpose of a vacation is to have the time to rest. But many of us, even when
we go on vacation, don'...
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The Art of Practice Management Dental Pearls - July 2014


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An insightful and informative newsletter from the Art of Practice Management. A dental practice management consulting company that focuses on revenue and collection systems, front desk systems and forms, dental insurance processing, medical/dental cross-coding systems and employment-law compliance.

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The Art of Practice Management Dental Pearls - July 2014

  1. 1. 20% OFF CrossWalking Manual AND “Abra-Code-Dabra” Lecture PowerPoint Presentation Enjoy this Newsletter? Please Like Us on Facebook! Can you believe it? Summer is here already and it seems as though we just began our new year. Summer is such a special time and, for many, is a time for some rest and relaxation and maybe some travel. Your plans may be to go to some seaside retreat and forget all about work and the normal stresses of life. I have a question – will you take your mobile devices such as phone, tablet, or laptop with you? Vacations do not always provide the rest that we all need these days. If you answered yes to the question above, then you will be one of those who may not benefit as much from the time away from work. This may be a requirement of your job or it may be self-imposed but, in either case, the results can be the same. Last July a study done by Harris Interactive for Team Viewer found that 61% of more than 2,000 adult Americans that were surveyed stated that they expected to work on their vacations. The study found that these people were expected to perform the following activities during vacation:  Reading work-related emails – 38%  Wanting work-related access to a document on work/home computer – 32%  Receiving work-related calls – 30%  Receiving work-related text messages – 24%  Being asked to do work by a boss, client or colleague – 20% The study also reported on their feelings about working during vacation:  They would do the work, but not happily – 34%  They would feel that the boss doesn't respect their time – 29%  They would worry about the boundaries of their personal life – 24%  They would say no – 22%  They would be happy to do the work – 14%  They would turn off their devices and ignore it altogether – 13%  They would pretend that they didn't see the incoming message, text, etc. – 11% As I sit here on the first day of my vacation, I am writing this article. This was the inspiration that I needed to address this issue. In mulling this over for myself, I came up with some tips that may offer some guidelines for those of us who identify with this trend. 4TH OF JULY SPECIAL Together we will create a practice Masterpiece Articles Vacation – A Time For Rest And Relaxation???? ICD-10 Implementation Marianne Harper Order before July 18th, 2014 ORDER NOW!
  2. 2. Download your FREE Hygiene Department Analysis 4 TH OF JULY SALE!! 25% OFF Every Product in our Store Use Code JULYMEZ In your shopping cart until July 31st at PerioAndBeyond.com 1. Prepare in advance of your vacation. Delegation is so important. Choose team members who you trust to handle the important tasks that must be done in your absence. Be detailed with them and leave instructions as to the correct way to handle these jobs. Then, trust them. 2. Designate a time for your work and enforce it. Schedule a time, perhaps each morning, when activities have not as yet begun and only allow a certain amount of time to handle this work. 3. Check in if you must at this time but let them know that you will be unavailable for the remainder of the day. Stick to this. Make the most of your time off. I know that I am going to. We deserve it and need it. Team Viewer; http://www.teamviewer.com/en/press/teamviewer-survey-employees-planning-to- cope-with-work-during-summer-vacation.aspx ... accessed 6/30/2014 Training for the Entire Dental Team Colleen Rutledge, RDH Imagine you are a young employee-dentist practicing in an established multi- practitioner practice. You examine a patient that has a deep cervical abfraction lesion that is extremely sensitive to cold. You recommend a class five composite restoration, however the senior doctor-owner comments that class five composites rarely stay in and it's best just to keep the tooth on watch. In addition, the flexible composite products that you know work well in these cases are not available in the office anyway. You know you can restore this tooth with the proper technique and materials, but your hands are tied and you despondently agree to keep the tooth on watch. Parallel this to a hygienist who identifies a patient with moderate periodontal disease and proposes four quadrants of periodontal therapy in conjunction with locally-applied antimicrobials and is told to "just do a cleaning". The hygienist is in the same predicament as the dentist above, without the necessary products or dentist support for the hygiene diagnosis (1). Both the employee dentist and hygienist know that if EVERYONE in the office 'knew what they knew' there could be better treatment options for all patients. Dental hygienists possessing non-surgical knowledge and skills are chomping at the bit to exercise their proficiency and provide better care. The key is training and imparting valuable knowledge! So ask yourself, do you want to: 1. Enhance production by increasing the variety of hygiene services? 2. Offer services that will give your patients better oral health? 3. Get the WHOLE TEAM revitalized and on the same page?! If so, contact me about the best way to get started. Training the entire team yields the best results! For a complimentary hygiene department analysis, email me at Colleen@PerioAndBeyond.com (1) Dental Hygiene Diagnosis: An American Dental Hygienists' Association Position Paper: http://www.adha.org/resources-cs/7111_Dental_Hygiene_Diagnosis_Position_Paper.pdf 4th OF JULY SALE – 25% OFF EVERY PRODUCT in our store until July 31, 2014! Use code JULYMEZ in your shopping cart. Please visit www.PerioAndBeyond.com to shop now!
  3. 3. Dental – The CDT code set now updates every year. 2015 will bring some changes. There will be 15 new codes, 5 deleted codes, and 52 revised codes. Make sure to prepare for these changes prior to January 1, 2015. If you haven't already discovered Coding with Confidence then 2015 is the year to do so. It provides all of the answers that you may need for correct dental coding. It can make a big difference in benefits paid and avoiding audits. Coding with Confidence Manual Order Form. Medical – The recently reformatted CMS-1500 claim form requires a change that many coders are missing. Diagnosis codes are now entered into tabs that are labeled with letters instead of the numbers that formerly were used. Therefore, when the diagnosis pointer field is filled in be sure to use the letter indicators instead of numbers. Also, if you are having difficulties completing the reformatted CMS-1500 form, you can obtain the instructions for doing so at the following link: CMS-1500 (02/12) Instructions September 23, 2013 – HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule – The updates to this rule were published on January 25, 2013. The compliance date was September 23, 2013. Make sure that your practice is compliant. January 1, 2014 – The updated cross coding manual is available with the codes for 2014 in addition to instructions on completing the new medical claim form. Please go to the following link to order your update: 2014 Code Update January 1, 2014 – Updated CDT codes. If you haven't already purchased your CDT manual, please do so ASAP. My recommendation is Practice Booster or Coding with Confidence. To order "Coding with Confidence" and/or Practice Booster, download the Coding with Confidence/Practice Booster Order Form. April 1, 2014 – All medical claims must be submitted on the 02/12 version of the CMS-1500 form. If you purchased the 2014 paper update to CrossWalking – A Guide Through the CrossWalk of Dental to Medical Coding, the instructions are in the update. If you don't have that update, please click on the link below to order the instructions. CMS-1500 (02/12) Instructions October 1, 2014 – The beginning date for ICD-10 implementation.  July 25, 2014 – San Francisco – Sold Out  August 22, 2014 – Cincinnati, OH  September 12, 2014 – Arlington, VA  October 3, 2014 – Nashville, TN Time Line Insurance Alert Marianne's Seminar Schedule for Dental Medical Billing 101 with ICD-10
  4. 4. Favorite Quotes: "The purpose of a vacation is to have the time to rest. But many of us, even when we go on vacation, don't know how to rest. We may even come back more tired than before we left." ~ Nhat Hanh Tips – For our Patients: This newsletter presents Tip #3 on email time management – create action folders. In addition to the folders that you already have created, create a Pending folder and a To Do folder. Pending folders can be used when you have either responded to or delegated a received email but you are waiting for a response. Place those emails in the Pending Folder. To Do folders should be used to categorize email that needs attention but you are unable to respond immediately. Prioritize the items that you place in the To Do folder. Points of Interest: In 1994, a prison inmate in West Virginia braided dental floss into a rope, scaled the wall and escaped. (We suggest that you use floss to clean between your teeth instead of climbing prison walls! If you don't you are missing 35% of your teeth's surfaces.) Tim's Tooth Tidbits; http://timstoothtidbits.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/ten-fun-and- crazy-dental-facts; accessed June 30, 2014 Is there someone you think would be interested in this newsletter? Please feel free to forward this email to them. Thank you! The Art of Practice Management 2217 Fox Horn Road • New Bern, NC 28562 • Phone: 1-252-637-6259 www.artofpracticemanagement.com • a.p.m.1@suddenlink.net Perio-Therapeutics & Beyond 724 Fitzwatertown Road • Glenside, PA 19038 • Phone: 267-241-5833 www.perioandbeyond.com • colleen@perioandbeyond.com Please do not reply to this message. If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking the following link: Contact Us. About us | Privacy policy | © Copyright 2014 - Marianne Harper The contents of this publication reflect the opinion of the authors only. This publication is for informational purposes only. Any reference to a company or product is done only to provide information about the same and does not reflect any connection between the authors and the company.