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Griltech thermoplastic powders, granules, fibres and yarns brochure


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EMS-Griltech in Switzerland provides a full range of specialist thermoplastic copolymers designed for demanding engineering applications. This includes hotmelt adhesive polymers for bonding, master batch and screen printing applications, alongside synthetic fibres and yarns for bonding, reinforcement and separation applications. EMS copolymers have a vast array of appliations, including the composites, nonwovens and textiles inudstries. For more details, call Fibrecore on +44 (0)1926 315 885 or email

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Griltech thermoplastic powders, granules, fibres and yarns brochure

  1. 1. Coatings + Additives Technical Fibers Bonding Agents EMS-GRILTECH
  2. 2. Our productsGriltex Grilbondare thermoplastic, solvent-free hot- are bonding agents supplied asmelt adhesives. EMS-GRILTECH has ready-to-use dispersions based onmany years of experience and holds blocked isocyanates. These gua-extensive know-how in the field of rantee secure adhesion betweenthermoplastic adhesives based on rubber and polyester reinforcementcopolyamides and copolyesters. materials.Griltex hotmelt adhesives are avail-able in granule and powder form Creative, prompt,in various particle sizes. They are reliablemanufactured in our own Our customers rely on our extensivepolymerisation and grinding plants research and development expe-in Switzerland and the USA. rience, expert advice and consistent product quality. They benefit fromPrimid our modern application and testingare cross linkers for weathering laboratories where new productsresistant, environmentally friendly and applications are developedand cost effective powder coatings continuously.applied to metal surfaces.Grilonitare hardeners and reactive diluentsfor the epoxy industry. Applicationsrange from civil engineering tointermediates for the chemicalindustry.Grilonare technical fibers and fusiblebonding yarns. EMS-GRILTECHfocuses on the production of tech-nical specialty fibers based onpolyamides. Products include fusiblebonding fibers made from copolya-mides or copolyesters, bicompo-nent fibers, and abrasion resistantpolyamide fibers, e.g. for thepaper machine industry.Using our thermoplastic separationand bonding yarns, knitted fabricscan be separated or textile compo-nents bonded. This leads to shorterproduction times and lower unitcosts.Nexylonare technical fibers for abrasivesmade out of polyamide (PA66).Nexyleneis a high performance fiber for hotgas filtration made out of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). NEXYLON ® NEXYLENE ®
  3. 3. Customer applicationsTechnical bonding Environmentally-friendly Civil engineeringGriltex hotmelt adhesives are used coatings Grilonit reactive diluents, epoxyin applications for automotive, resins and hardeners play anelectronics, fusible films and important role in modern civil engi-webs, medical, and packaging neering and construction. Theseas well as for apparel. Due to its epoxy systems are used in protec-superior bonding strength using a tive coatings, highly durable floorminimum amount of adhesive, coverings, adhesives or injectionGriltex hotmelt adhesives have systems.been the preferred adhesivechoice for decades. From produc-tion to application, Griltex pro-ducts are characterized as environ-mentally friendly. Primid is used to manufacture solvent-free powder coatings, which are resistant to rain, frost, sweltering heat and UV radiation. The most important applications are aluminium facades, structural glazing and window frames, agri- cultural and construction equip- ment, heating and ventilation, and metal furniture. Clothing industry High-performance tyres Grilon separation and bonding Grilbond is used for the manufac-Paper machine clothing yarns allow use of rapid and effi- turing of automotive tyres to ensureGrilon fibers are used for the manu- cient processing technology and high-quality adhesion between thefacture of paper machine felts. enable realization of new product rubber and reinforcement textile –These are screen belts of enor- innovations. These yarns are even under severest conditions.mous dimensions which run at very suitable for applications including Grilbond is also used for conveyorhigh speeds and are used to underwear, labels, chenille, elastic belts and for drive and v-belts. Ourshape, dewater and dry the paper tube-bands, bra-tubes, sewing Grilbond customers profit from safesheets. The high chemical and thread and loop fixation. handling, energy, material andmechanical resistance of Grilon production cost savings.fibers considerably increasethe life cycle of paper machineclothing.
  4. 4. About us 1.012e/06.11EMS-GRILTECH is a Business Unit of Outlook for the future In the segment of paper machineEMS-CHEMIE AG, which belongs With the development of new clothing we are market leaderto the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG applications in the fields of techni- worldwide with our fibers. The( cal bonding, we have the opportu- spinning process developed by nity of selling Griltex in a growing EMS-GRILTECH allows us toWe manufacture and sell Grilon, market. Griltex applications are produce new Grilon fibers whichNexylon and Nexylene fibers, automotive interiors, home textiles, enable our customers to manufac-Grilbond bonding agents, Griltex filters, packagings, additives, ture new products. The potentialhotmelt adhesives, Primid crosslinkers shoes, printing and inks, master- for innovative product develop-for powder-coatings and Grilonit batches and many more. ment using flat, fusible, large countreactive diluents. We have deve- and bi-component fibers is far fromloped these materials and additives Within only a few years, Primid exhausted. With two productioninto outstanding speciality products has gained an important global sites for fibers we are a reliablefor technically demanding applica- market share with powder coa- partner worldwide for manytions. In this way we create added- tings. The decisive toxicological technical applications.value for our customers as they advantages promise growth forcan also enjoy success in their own the coming years. EMS-GRILTECH consistently deve-markets only through continual lops new products and applica-improvement. In the field of bonding agents, tions. With our competent techni- market development shows great cal support throughout the worldEMS-GRILTECH’s headquarters potential. The economic and relia- we offer unbeatable solutionincluding research laboratory, tech- ble solution by using Grilbond packages for our customers. In thisnical service centre and production bonding agents is not yet used way we will continue to securefacility is located at Domat/Ems, by all tyre manufactures. New success in the market and canSwitzerland. We also have pro- innovative developments from look to the future with completeduction plants and technical service EMS-GRILTECH are in market confidence.centers located at Sumter, SC (USA) introduction.and Neumünster (Germany), aswell as sales offices and a customerservice laboratory in Japan andTaiwan. EMS-GRILTECH is re-presented worldwide by our ownsales companies or agents.EMS-GRILTECH worldwide: Visit our homepage at: www.emsgriltech.comSwitzerland Germany USA JapanEMS-CHEMIE AG EMS-CHEMIE (Neumünster) EMS-CHEMIE (North America) Inc. EMS-CHEMIE ( Japan) Ltd.Via Innovativa 1 GmbH & Co. KG 2060 Corporate Way Osaka Office, Umeda Shinmichi Bldg.7013 Domat/Ems Tungendorfer Str. 10 P.O. Box 1717 1-1-5, Dojima, Kita-ku,Tel. + 41 81 632 72 02 24536 Neumünster Sumter, SC 29151-1717 USA , Osaka 530-0003, JapanFax + 41 81 632 74 02 Tel. +49 4321 302 500 Toll free +1 877 367 83 23 Tel. +81 6 6348 Fax +49 4321 302 511 Tel. +1 803 481 61 90 Fax +81 6 6348 1702 Fax +1 803 481 61 29 info@us.emsgriltech.comTaiwanEMS-CHEMIE (Taiwan) Ltd.36, Kwang Fu South RoadHsin Chu Industrial Park EMS- GRILTECH, a Business Unit of the EMS GroupFu Kou Hsiang, Hsin Chu Hsien30351 Taiwan, R.O.CTel. + 886 35 985 335Fax + 886 35 985 PERFORMANCE POLYMERS FINE CHEMICALS/ENGINEERING