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Presentation Session #6


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Lessons Learned Session #5
Detailed Persona for each of your Customer Segments
Interview Briefing
Learning points

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Presentation Session #6

  1. 1. Lean Entrepreneurship Project October 2014 | Session #6 Mariana Taylor 152113306 Gergő Kalamár 159114527 João Gomes 152114123 Csilla Bus 159114516 All services, here. Search. Review. Enjoy.
  2. 2. Customer Segments Understanding Client Segments … Creating Persona (s)… Empathy Map Canvas Name Age Profession Activity Title Stakeholder or Client type Provides insight into key stakeholders or clients who are necessary for your company’s success. To detail what he/she… What customers truly want from Look at our Empathy Map • Define the most important customers. • Establish customers and users we want to serve. • Find the influencers and decision makers. • Study in detail the characteristics of our customers. 2
  3. 3. Customer Segment Empathy Map RelibleRelible SolutionSolution QuickQuick CheapCheap AloneAlone StressStress InternetInternet Friends’ recommendation Friends’ recommendation Google itGoogle it Bathroom floodBathroom flood Ads on the internet Ads on the internet Professional’s adsProfessional’s ads Local newspa- per ads Local newspa- per ads TimeTime MoneyMoney Not enough information Not enough information Who is best? Who is best? Problem FixedProblem Fixed On timeOn time Research – Look for information Research – Look for information Google itGoogle it Ask the neighborAsk the neighborTell his experience Tell his experience Look for help Look for help Persona 3
  4. 4. Detailed PersonaDetailed Persona Customer Segment - Young professionals 4
  5. 5. Interview FeedbackInterview Feedback Testing our interview briefing by making 5 interviews • Include an introduction before you start asking questions. e.g. «this is about services» • Know at the beginning if the interviewee lives alone or with parents because it makes a big difference how they answer the questions. •In general, the questions were all understandable for interviewees. • For question ”what service providers did you use during this year”, it is important to include an option list. • Suggestion: “In the 5th question maybe you can ask if they know similar website.” • The question 6 has too much information to ask. – People tend do not answer for everything, until we asked again about the missed points. - Maybe we should divide the questions • Explain in how many parts the interview is composed and tell them the expected interview time. 5 Interview Form
  6. 6. Thank you!! All services, here. Search. Review. Enjoy.
  7. 7. Thank you!! All services, here. Search. Review. Enjoy.