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  1. 1. Ukraine is the largest / biggest country situated entirely in Europe… Our country is amazingly beautiful… unfortunately beauty of Ukraine is still unknown… Discover a part of Ukraine in your hearts… We are young European country and we have 12 reasons to be proud to be Ukrainians…
  2. 2. The modern name UKRAINE is derived from the ancient Slavic word U-KRAINA = IN-LAND Ukrainians were the first Christians in Eastern Europe 10-11th centuries = Kyivska Rus the largest and most powerful state in Europe The blood of Ukrainian princes and princesses runs in numerous generations of European descendants (royal families of England, France, Spain…) The world’s first Constitution and Pact of Rights and Freedoms of the Zaporozhian Republic was written by political activist hetman Pylyp Orlyk in 1710
  3. 3. Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossacks were an important military force for defense the European borders
  4. 4. National flag  The color of sky and the lush golden wheat fields or  Water and fire ⇒ eternal restless spirit of Ukrainians Tryzub  Stylized falcon (Primary God)
  5. 5. Ukraine is a country of unparalleled beauty For those who like 4 seasons in a year – Ukraine has it
  6. 6. The Carpathian Mountains…
  7. 7. Sofiyivsky Park Khortytsia Askania Nova – a biosphere reserve – the gem of Ukraine
  8. 8. Feel the coolness of crystal-clear water… Inhale the gulp of fresh air…
  9. 9. Ukraine have the famous churches, monasteries, cathedrals and museums of folk architecture and life with their unique architecture and design ⇒ Seven Wonders of Ukraine
  10. 10. Over 100 ancient castles and fortess Kamianets National Historic- Architectural Reserve, Khotyn, Mukachevo, Belgorod-Dnestovskyi, Chersonesos Taurica (Khersones Tavriysky)
  11. 11. The most famous Ukrainian national dishes are Salo, Borsch, Varenyky and Holubtsi
  12. 12. Horilka (okovyta, medovuha, palenka)
  13. 13. Kutia – the first dish in the traditional twelve-dish Cristmas Eve supper Paska – Easter bread and Pysanka or Krashanka - Easter eggs (The tradition of decorating with traditional folk design of eggs is older than 1000 years) Korovai – Wedding bread
  14. 14. Ukrainians are a religious nation  Saint Nicolas, Christmas, Easter, Sviata Vecheria  Koliada - Caroling  Some holidays are from pre-Christian times  Obzhynky - Harvest celebration – Ukrainian Thanksgiving
  15. 15.  Literature Philosopher Hryhoryi Skovoroda and Kobzar Taras Shevchenko Nikolai Gogol, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Anton Chekhov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Anna Akhmatova
  16. 16. Music … Our music is the rhythm of our new life…  Folk songs, musical instruments ⇒ bandura – is the voice of Ukraine, it closely reflects the history of the nation  Famous Christmas song Carol of the Bells is actually Ukrainian folk song Schedrik written by M.Leontovich
  17. 17.  Famous Ukrainians are  Piotr Tchaikovsky, Igor Stravinsky,  Solomya Krushelnytska – the brightest sopranos of the 20th century
  18. 18.  Ruslana – Ukrainian folk-pop singer – Wild dances won the 2004 European Eurovision
  19. 19.  Dances… Our dances are the rhythm of our hearts…  Hopak – is the national dance of Ukraine  Serge Lifar - a French ballet dancer and choreographer of Ukrainian origin, famous as one of the greatest male ballet dancers of the 20th century
  20. 20.  Painting  Maria Pryimachenko  Evghenia Gapchinska  Well-known authors such as Repin, Malevich, Warhol come from Ukraine and they have been inspired by Ukrainian culture
  21. 21. Ukraine is one of the natural resource leaders in the world - 5% of all minerals in the world Ukraine is one of the top steel producers in the world
  22. 22. We are building our country…
  23. 23. Antonov AN-225 MRYIA – the biggest airplane in the world Perovo – the biggest solar power station in the world (built in 2011)
  24. 24. Ukraine is a quarter of the world’s richest black soil Ukrainian produce is mainly organic and very tasty
  25. 25. Ukrainian enterprises, which have great experience and ancient traditions in classical wine making process, implementing modern technologies, creating modern wine complexes with full cycle of producing are: «Massandra», «Koktebel», «Industrial and Trade Company Shabo», TM Shabo; Odessa Plant of Sparkling Wines, Closed joint stock company «Viktoriya», French Boulevard, Colonist, Grosslibental.
  26. 26. Vitali and Volodymyr Klitschko – heavyweight boxing champions
  27. 27.  Sergey Bubka – the most dominant pole vaulter in the history of sports (world’s best athlete) The strongest men in the world
  28. 28.  World and Olympic Champions
  29. 29.  Our football…  Andryi Shevchenko – winner of the most prestigious award in soccer – the Golden Ball  EURO 2012 - The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship
  30. 30.  Olexandr Dovzenko, Ivan Mykolaychuk – a famous Ukrainian screenwriters, film producers and directors  Bogdan Stupka – the most famous Ukrainian actor  American actress - the 5th Element Milla Jovovich, 22th Girl 007 Olga Kurylenko, Mila Kunis,
  31. 31. Do you know what girls are considered one of the most beautiful all over the world? Exactly, Ukrainians! Miss Ukraine - Universe
  32. 32. Be a fan of Ukraine… Be proud to be Ukrainians… Ukraine is waiting for you!!!