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Motivations and Attitudes - Affective Taxonomy


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This is a simple guide based on Bloom, Krathwohl, and Masia's affective taxonomy to help us determine the level of engagement we have and determine how to shift the current engagement to a deeper level of intrinsic value and motivation.

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Motivations and Attitudes - Affective Taxonomy

  1. 1. MOTIVATIONS AND ATTITUDES RECEIVING ACKNOWLEDGE UNDERSTAND FOLLOWS -present and listening- -believes strongly- -prioritising in personal value system- -actively participates- RESPONDING VALUING ORGANISING INTERNALISING VALUE SETTING THE STAGE FOR AFFECTIVE TAXONOMY -influencing others- DISCUSS ASSIST CONFORM APPRECIATE INVITE SHARE RELATE RESOLVE PRIORITISE PERFORM DISPLAY Are peers connecting? Is autonomy present? Amplify understanding Amplify applying Amplify analysing Amplify evaluating Amplify creating Is value being added? Relating to peers? Perception of support? Personal agency to control? Internal Observations & Drivers External Observations & Drivers