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Effective Curriculum Design for Online Programs


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Education Management Services facilitated a workshop on developing and implementing excellent online education in terms of leadership, operations, and curriculum. My particular focus was the curriculum aspect of the workshop. This presentation is directed towards higher education academic leadership in terms of shaping their online programs.

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Effective Curriculum Design for Online Programs

  1. 1. Effective Curriculum Design for Online Programs Dr. Marian Willeke Vice President, Education Management Services
  2. 2. Saying goodbye to the old methods of learning …
  3. 3. The new “traditional” education • Demand for speed • Competency approaches • Scalable curriculum for adjunct faculty facilitation • Authentic assessment • Diverse media
  4. 4. The new “future” of education • Data analysis • Gamification • Personalisation • mLearning
  5. 5. Curriculum distinctives for online programs
  6. 6. Online curriculum: Needed features • Mixture of collaboration, introspection, and research • Embedded reading and watching relevant to that assignment • Clear connection between objective and assessment • Supporting sources and tools
  7. 7. Quality Online Curriculum ….presuming needed features have been applied…. • Standardised approach to the learning • Standardised presentation and expectations • Accessible across devices • Coaching approach with facilitation
  8. 8. Sellable Programs
  9. 9. Who is your audience? • Wanting career advancement • Needs a job • Out of school for many years • Afraid • Dealing with constant information overload with few filters
  10. 10. Develop Goal-Oriented Programs • Immediately applicable to career or desired career • A clear building block to career specialization • Content focused on skill competency, not academic career
  11. 11. Soft Skill Needs • Decision Making Skills • Critical Thinking Skills • Communication Skills
  12. 12. Systems thinking: No silver bullet • Intentional curriculum design • Training faculty • Recruiting • Advising • Financial aid
  13. 13. Takeaways and Planning Notes •Take a few minutes to consider the points that stood out to you most from this session. •Consider actions you want to take as a result of this information. @EducationMGT