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Developing Skills - Cognitive Taxonomy


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This is a simple guide based on Bloom's cognitive taxonomy to help us determine the level of head knowledge achieved or desired for the learner.

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Developing Skills - Cognitive Taxonomy

  1. 1. Knowledge Acquisition DEVELOPING SKILLS CREATING -adding to existing knowledge- -deconstruct pieces of a system- -perform a task- -explain in own words- -simple recall- -based on theory and experience- EVALUATING ANALYSING APPLYING REMEMBERING UNDERSTANDING BLOOM'S COGNITIVE TAXONOMY GENERATE MODIFY ORGANISE INTERPRET  JUSTIFY COMPARE CONTRAST DIAGRAM OUTLINE DEMONSTRATE PREPARE DISCOVER EXPLAIN  SUMMARISE  DESCRIBE DEFINE LABEL LIST Increasing cognitive demand that progresses from easy to hard. Learning Journey Guiding an experience that progresses from experiment to personal relevance. Decide your goal. Build a sequence. Break it down. Create learning goal. Reflect together. Perform activity for each.