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5 Steps for Creating Learning Habits!


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Rabbit Hole Learning is about helping organisations create learning habits that aren't just in workshops or assigned learning environments. We need to make learning part of the workforce DNA ... our every day behaviours!

Published in: Education
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5 Steps for Creating Learning Habits!

  1. 1. 1. IDENTIFY What is the problem that needs solved? 2. PLAN What are the habits that need changed in order to solve the problem? What is the single habit with the most potential change? What is a consistent time for everybody to share their experiment observations? How many achievable experiments should they perform in the next learning cycle? 3. CREATE QUESTIONS? @RABBITHOLELEARN What is a 5-7m learning experience that helps them connect to the need for that specific change? What behaviours will help establish that habit? What is an achievable experiment for them to explore those behaviours? 4. CONSISTENCY 5. VERIFY & REPEAT Is the habit becoming concrete behavior? Is there change to the original problem? Is that habit sufficiently established to begin a cycle with a new habit? STEPS TO HABITUAL LEARNING 5