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  • Pratt & Whitney Canada, a global aerospace leader, provides advanced aircraft engines and services for general aviation, regional airlines, business aviation and helicopters. Discovered thousands of pilots, operators and aircraft manufacturers discussing their legendary PT6 turboprop engine online But these conversations were happening in disparate and uncoordinated pockets across the social web P&WC approached, a recognized leader in digital marketing (not the rapper)Together, using proprietary methodology (IMR) and SF Marketing Cloud, they created the online community PT6 Nation This website integrates social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare, and continues to evolve as the social landscape evolves PT6 Nation has given people the opportunity to share the everyday impact PT6 engines has on their lives, connect with other airline operators, and get the latest on Pratt & Whitney enginesP&WC now has more than 22,000 likes on Facebook, and PT6 Nation has grown to more than 30,000 members -over 55,000 unique visitors to PT6 Nation in its first year
  • “At Ford, social media is bigger than advertising” – Matt Van Dyke, Director, -US marketing communications for Ford Motor:Ford uses the marketing cloud in a number of ways:Used Social Ads to promote the new “Escape Routes” television show on NBC by using social ad management which 1) drive fans to register to participate online in the “Escape Routes” show 2) Promote and drive viewership of the showOn their own properties, Ford: Created a massive online hub for content and community, Ford Social, where customers can read stories, find out insider information and new ideas, and share and chat with ford insiders and other Ford owners. Powered a badge campaign, allowing users to choose and share a social badge that best describes their relationship with Ford. Empowered local dealerships to easily create, update, and analyze social media content using the Marketing Cloud. These dealerships publish to multiple social networks and use social profiles to update social applications on their Facebook page. Ford also used our social reach tool to create a form on the ford Social page where fans could upload videos and stories to express their opinions on a Ford website and microsite, of the Ford Fusion reveal, which was launched on Facebook.
  • CAT is one of the most engaged large company B2B brands in social. They engage a tremendous amount of conversations on Facebook, Twitter, as well as key forums where dedicated owners and users of Cat’s products spend their time. This includes:Dealers who are interested in finding local leads for Cat productsCustomers who are considering purchasing / leasing themEvangelists who can share their love of Cat products with buyers and advocate their Cat experiences.Hosted blogs and forums for specific customer groups includingElectric power generationConstructionTradesMarine EnginesParts and service
  • Loreal is a great example of success in creating ROI for social. In face they enabled 5,000 partner salons throughout north America by providing them with easily customizable facebook pages. This includes:How to videos, online appointment booking services, information on various L’Oreal brands available at the salonCreated educational resources on social marketing to extend their reach with customers. The result has been an increase in $4K in product revenue per store, netting a $20MM increase across all of their partnersFurthermore, they created 21MM impressions and 2.2MM engagements across their partner salons.
  • Whether you’re a commercial service provider, a manufacturer selling to a wholesaler, or a wholesaler selling to a retailer, social media can help businesses selling to other businesses succeed. identify relevant conversations happening across social channels to conduct market research and better determine what B2B customers wantstrengthen relationships with clients/prospects through online engagement – long B2B sales cycle requires regular touch points to ensure your company is top of mind when it comes time to make a purchasing decisiongenerate more sales-ready leads through smart social ads and targeted social marketing campaigns regardless of how conservative your industry might be, social can help you soften your corporate image by incorporating entertaining and informative content, making your company more approachable and memorable competitive intelligence: what do people like about other companies in your space? How are your competitors engaging and marketing on social? What’s working/what’s not?B2B firms gain 230% more leads via social media 55% of B2Bsurvey respondents search for information on social media, and 75% of buyers are likely to use social media in the purchase process in the future. Sources:
  • Don’t get hung up on titles Bonin Bough Frank Eliason
  • Social Media London - B2B Content Marketing

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR B2B CONTENT MARKETING Marian Cramers Salesforce Marketing Cloud Senior Consultant @Marian Cramers
    2. 2. Marketers spend over 25% of their marketing budget on content marketing. (B2B Marketing Insider) 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. (Content Marketing Institute) 78% of consumers feel that organizations behind the content are interested in building good relationships. (TMG Custom Media)
    3. 3. #1 in Social Listening #1 in Social Publishing #1 in Social Advertising Owned/Earned Owned/Earned Paid
    4. 4. Pratt & Whitney gets a 10,000 foot view of their online community Discovered 1000s of pilots & aircraft manufacturers talking on the social web Created PT6 Nation to centralize and drive discussion More than 30,000 members and 55,000 unique visitors
    5. 5. Ford Builds A Network of Advocates Created 1st Social Car Launch with Ford Explorer Built Ford Social, a community for insider info & ideas Empowered dealerships to publish, analyze & update social content #2 company for global social mentions
    6. 6. Engage with power users and enthusiasts Specialized forums for expertise on product segments Realized positive ROI from social media efforts Caterpillar Tracks B2B Social Media ROI
    7. 7. Increased revenue by $4K in 5K partner salons totaling $20MM Created 21MM impressions and 2.2MM engagements Listening for conversations about salons, products & marketing L’Oreal Drives Growth With Social
    8. 8. How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Gets Blog Traffic
    9. 9. Social Media Marketing for B2B Listen to over 600 million social sources for point of need conversations, marketing opportunities and feedback on the products/services you offer Publish engaging and interactive social content that will win people over – and win their business – and extend that content to the greater web Connect with prospects and industry influencers on their preferred channels to build relationships, gain valuable insight, and encourage further brand adoption Turn best performing content into compelling social ads proven to reach the right audience and get more exposure for your B2B company Integrate with CRM technology to build and maintain comprehensive social B2B customer profiles and scale social across your entire organization Track the success of social content and campaigns in real time, and use this data to adapt marketing strategies and adjust your business offerings
    10. 10. Social Media is not disruptive for B2B
    11. 11. How are Companies Approaching Social Media?
    12. 12. Social Media is big...
    13. 13. ... but the need to scare companies into using social media only shows your lack of imagination
    14. 14. Social shouldn’t live in isolation
    15. 15. Insights Ecosystem Trends (predictive), Influence Sentiment (Chinese) Sentiment (Dutch) Demographics Trends (People, Places, Things) Leads, Service, Sentiment, Trends Sentiment (Emotion) Trends, Influence Leads, Service, Sentiment, Trends Link Multi-Language: Sentiment (9- langs incl Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian), Sentiment by Topics Sentiment (English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) Sentiment (Japanese), Trends Leads Sentiment (Japanese), Trends
    16. 16. 100 Unilever brands publish social content to over 1,000 social channels globally The Dove Sketches Command Centre supported the campaign to over 160 million views, 19 Lions at Cannes
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