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Do you see me?


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We analize the privacy policies of Tuenti, G+ and Facebook. “This poster was awarded with the 1rst prize for posters in Bobcatsss 2012 Amsterdam

Autors: Aina Giones, Grelda Ortiz and Eli Ramírez.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

Do you see me?

  1. 1. Do you see me? K Z More than 20 million Spanish people use social networks. How can they manage their privacy on Tuenti, Facebook and G+?Signup - Registered Database under Spanish Government (Agencia Española de T ue -Must give your name and -Need Google account net nti is a Protección de Datos = lastname, e-mail, date of -Name and surname, username w Spanish Data Protection wi th ork b Span o is Authority) birth and gender password (2 times), birth date, reg and i ught b h Soc istr n -Almost anyone with an e- gender, cell phone number, suc ati o vitatio y Tele ial - Need invitation, without it, c n n f mail account can register alternative mail, captcha, 25 ess a mod only onica you must give your real phone in m e ubication, personalitzation Cat Spa ong l. Bi g number (an Spanish one!). al o in, you ni a but Need your real name and last . n o t th u n d in er name, school, date of birth, state and e-mail. - The 3 social networks requires acceptance of privacy policy and terms of use - No anonymous profiles, ID verification. Privacy matters Check for changes! Read the privacy settings regularly. -Blocking does block you -Can choose who can see - On Tuenti you can search profiles and see their name, - You can prevent users from - In-Circle sharing a post or picture picture and sites they like of every Tuenti profile. Same info adding you - Blocking doesn’t block - Can create lists but not is shared on events you attend or may attend. - Can prevent users from you share within it tagging you on pictures -You can not prevent - Use info (Like, friends - Can prevent users from inviting someone adding you to -G+ and Facebook let you share contents within a and profile information) to you to events, pages and games a circle, and your limited group of people (Facebook through contact list - Can choose who can read or write on your wall taylor the ads. -Facial recognition activity will show up on their page Share and G+ through circles) software on pictures, your - Can prevent users from - No use of pseudonym -Limit your contacts and make use of privacy settings. friends can tag you accessing to your phone number without limits. or downloading your photos -Leak info to third parties - No contact organization - Can prevent to retrieve your profile on search engines -Can write an e-mail to -Facial recognition software recognizes people on pictures, Log off? Tuenti: Store data on deactivated account. and tell them not to use and let friends tag you, working on Delete data on cancelled accounts. Allow your data to taylor ads. it! companion sites to share info. Stop tracking - Block users - Making up relationships is no after logout. - Block pages and longer possible, needs acceptance pictures - Block users and games G+ and all Google products. During all this - Block all future events -Uncheck instant personalization time you used Google’s producted is invitations in privacy preference archived for the company. - Block games In case of death? - Uncheck profile discovery so On Facebook your family must answer some search engines won’t be able to questions before they can delete the account find you or make a mausuleum - Be careful when you share On Tuenti your family must write an e-mail to info, can not prevent to be on others circles Any tips? “The best way to protect your online privacy is to assume you have none, and modify your online behavior accordingly ”. Conclusions: Dennis O’Reilly (CNET Blog Network author) You decide what personal data you want to share. Only you can protect your personal data. Be careful when giving your personal data, share it only to trusted people or sites.