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Digital strategy

  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE: • My Target Audience is Men ages 17-30. I chose this specifically because Men are most active during this age and are likely to be most active over other ages and genders. They are also more likely to know and use Under Armour products.
  3. 3. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS • I know this campaign will be a success because we have several goals that we know we can accomplish and succeed in. • Have our campaigns target stickily Men aged 17-30 and do the flight and hiatus technique. • Become more active with social media. Under Armour will have a Twitter hashtag where if people use it will become in a running for a gift certificate during certain the time periods of spring (May) and winter (November-December) • Use AdWords to promote Under Armour Ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Along with other athletic sites to create competition and reach.
  4. 4. CONTINUED… • I want to accomplish a more aware market of Under Armour and increase sales at least 20%. Along with making it know that Under Armour is reliable, well known and higher class brand. This will be discussed more in “Big Idea”
  5. 5. BIG IDEA • The big idea of this Under Armour campaign is to raise awareness in our target audience and have this brand be their go to athletic gear every time. Since Under Armour reputation is well known and successful. With increasing the sales as discussed earlier consumers will know Under Armour has a wide range of merchandise for any athletic sport or casual wear at an affordable price.
  6. 6. TOOLS & TACTICS When you go for a run what brand shoes do you wear? What brand running shorts? Running shirt? Do you even know? What if you could name everything you wore with one well known name and be able to be proud of it. Well you can, it is called Under Armour. With the wide range of athletic wear for any type of shape or size this company is a favorite to many people. That is exactly what this campaign is going to continue to do
  7. 7. CONTINUED… • Using Instagram to showcase new athletic wear and people using it with a cool twist of different photo options. Having Facebook so people can post what they are wearing and what activity they are doing allow the social world to see. Vine to show a mini video of a workout and them wearing Under Armour. Social Media is huge so we must use it to its advantage.
  8. 8. CONTINUED….
  9. 9. BUDGET With research I found Under Armour spends roughly 200 million dollars on advertising and marketing. I picked a budget of 2 million. With a budget like this we are fortunate to do many different types of marketing. It will take about one week to come with a strategy, Planning Build, Implementation, Management and Adwords. • Adwords- $56,000- $60,000 • Strategy/ Planning Building/ Implementation/ Management- $1,000,000 • Total – $1,060,000
  10. 10. SUMMARY • Increase sales 20% • Target Men 17-30 • Use Social Media and Digital Marketing • Budget of $2 million • Use high end key words • Make it aware of low end key works- stay away from • Make a successful campaign and succeed in the digital strategy