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Presentation ofthe recycling project


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Presentation ofthe recycling project

  1. 1. REUSE AND RECYCLE!!!! RECYCLING PROJECT PRESENTATION CONDUCTED BY 5TH GRADE PUPILS OF THE 6TH PRIMARY SCHOOL IN KILKISCoordinators: Navrozidis Anastasios (teacher of English) Moumtzidoy Elpida (teacher of Physical Education)
  2. 2. These are the 3 Rs we analyzed!! REUSE REDUSE RECYCLE
  3. 3. Reuse: Recycle: use things again! Used things can become new again! Reduce:Reduce the amounts We learnt what we use they mean! from the very startto have less to throw
  4. 4. We found information about how to REUSE:• Reuse books and notebooks• Always use both sides of a piece of paper before you recycle it.• Use old paper to make paper masks.• Use refillable pens not disposable pens.• Use a glass bottle, refill it with water or juice and take it to school. Do not buy plastic bottles of one use only.• Encourage school to use rechargeable batteries and refillable print cartridges.• When organizing parties at school: use washable plates and cups and metal cuttlery, prefer not plastic or paper ones.
  5. 5. We found information about how to REDUCE:• Save energy by turning off the lights during the break.• Check if the package of the things you buy is environmentally friendly.• Do not buy too much food you don’t need to eat. You can reduce waste.• Do not start a new page for each piece of work, rule off previous work and continue on the same page.• Pupils should prefer going to school on foot rather than by car to reduce air and traffic pollution.
  6. 6. We found information about how to RECYCLE:• Work on waste: Schools can work together either within an area or between countries.• Compost bins: can be provided to schools by councils.• Recycling uses less energy than making things again.• Put the batteries, paper and glass into the appropriate recycling bins.• Pupils should attend seminars and get involved into recycling projects, activities regularly.
  7. 7. Pupils noted themselves how to reuse, reduce and recycle:• Reuse: Reuse oil when cooking, reuse glass bottles to keep rice, spaghetti, sugar, pepper and lentils.• Reduce: Use ecological light bulbs to save energy, go to school by bike or on foot to reduce air pollution.• Recycle: We recycle books and notebooks at the end of the school year.
  8. 8. We used these signs in posters Every ton of paper we recycle we can save 17 trees from being cut down to make new paper Making aluminium cans from old ones uses only 1/20 of the energy needed to make them from new materials Every can made from recycled aluminium saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours
  9. 9. A summary of the project!!!• Pupils at first were involved in a whole classroom discussion expressing their opinion about the theme of recycling. They also filled in a short questionnaire about the initiatives undertaken at their school so far and suggested ideas to empower the recycling process, too.• Introduction of the new terms Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Whole classroom discussion was followed about their validity at school and in pupils’ everyday life in general. They took notes and suggested their own ideas on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.• Pupils also visited the paper mill factory “Sonocco“ at the industrial area of Kilkis.• Pupils prepared posters about recycling, they also made masks, items with recycled paper and a collage with reused items (paper, buttons, plastic etc) they brought from home. Pupils prepared their own recycling bins and during the breaks a recycling team patrolled the schoolyard to remain clean.
  10. 10. The photos below show theactivities carried out by the pupils:
  11. 11. Pupils made paper masks for the carnival!
  12. 12. Pupils exchanged reused items!
  13. 13. Pupils made collages using recycling materials!
  14. 14. The class visited the paper mill “Sonocco”
  15. 15. Pupils become creative!!!
  16. 16. Pupils organized their recycling team and made their bin!
  17. 17. Pupils collected used electric appliances