Hidden innovation in the creative industries (NESTA research)


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Hidden innovation in the creative industries (NESTA research)

  1. 1. Process of production DeliveryCultural Culturalproduct concept User interface Technology
  2. 2. Creative firm Production & Product pre-production 6. Back-office/ 9. Content of back stage product 5. Internal production (cultural 11. Product format 1. General communications, processes, concept etc.) (’cultural product’,administration management & financial of HR & work design process performance management organization 10. Performance and features of product) production processes 2. Business 14. User interaction, including supply 7. Transactions & configuration of content model (purchase, lease etc.) 13. User interface 3. Value chain 12. Delivery with product location of product 8. Marketing and 4. Communications with customer 15. User capabilities & suppliers, collaborators, relationship media (e.g. supply chain partners etc. management consumer electronics) Communications User experience
  3. 3. 1. Type of innovation – innovation characteristics 4. Innovating agent – innovative organisation characteristics2. Process of 3. Context of innovation innovation– innovation – innovationmanagement systemcharacteristics characteristics