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Kings county pp2011

  1. 1. Kings County Human Services Agency Child Welfare Services (CWS) Maria Serna California State University Fresno
  2. 2. Kings County Human Services Agency LocationKings County Government Center1400 W. Lacey Blvd., Bldg., 8Hanford, CA 93230(559) 582-3241Toll Free: 1-800-289-9981Office Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PMClosed on Holidays
  3. 3. Kings County is located in the South Central San Joaquin Valley
  4. 4. Mission Statement• To protect the children and adults of Kings County who are at risk.• To promote safety and well being of the families of Kings County to achieve family permanence, stability and self reliance.• To provide temporary economic assistance for those in need.• To provide comprehensive employment and training services that promote personal responsibility, insure self-sufficiency, job retention and self-esteem.
  5. 5. Core Values• INTEGRITY- Be open and honest, trustworthy, ethical and fair.• DIGNITY- Treat all persons with respect.• EXCELLENCE- Provide quality, integrated, sustainable and innovative public services.• ACCOUNTABILITY- Take ownership, be fiscally responsible and result driven.• LEADERSHIP- Be responsible and a positive example for others.
  6. 6. Child Welfare’s Primary Goal• To prevent or remedy, abuse, or exploitation of children while preserving, rehabilitating, or reuniting.• Another major responsibility is to assure adequate care of children who are in “Out-of- Home” placement i.e. foster children.
  7. 7. Structure of the AgencyPeggy Montgomery -Deputy Director, Social ServicesRobert Isenberg -Program Manager, APS/IHSS/ CPSTina Garcia -Program Manager, CPSRobert Isenberg -Emergency ResponseRobert Carmona -Family ReunificationNancy Cecil -APS/IHSSKristi Herrera -Supervisor, ER, Ten DayCory Jasso -Supervisor, ER, Screening IntermediateShelly Verboon -Family Maintenance/LicensingClarissa Picazo -Family Preservation/ILPSal Gonzalez -CourtsSusan Turner -Family MaintenanceJulie Flores -Supervisor, PermanencyPlanning, Family Reunification
  8. 8. The Child Welfare Services Division…• Committed to expanding primary prevention and early intervention activities aimed at reducing the possibility of out-of-home placements for children and improving overall family functioning via early intervention activities. The Division is involved in the following: The Pediatric review Team (PERT), Multi-disciplinary Review Team, Family Preservation and Support Board, Child Abuse Prevention, School Social Work Collaborative, Strategic Planning, Foster Parent Training and Recruitment Program, California State University Fresno social Work Internship Program, Central California Social Work Academy, Family Unity Model, and Childrens
  9. 9. Social Justice Issues Addressed• Kings County Human Services Agency assists people who suffer hardship or have been able to participate fully in social and economic life of the community.• The agency works to meet the needs of the community as it grows and changes.• From protecting children and elders, to expanding health coverage, to providing resources to keep Kings County’s workforce strong.
  10. 10. Child Welfare Services (CWS) programs include:• Emergency Response (ER)• Family Maintenance (FM)• Family Reunification (FR)• Permanent Placement (PP)• Independent Living Program (ILP)• Foster Parent Recruitment and Training• Adoption Services• Family Preservation Support Board
  11. 11. Family Maintenance (FM)• The program I intern in is Family Maintenance.• Family Maintenance is a program that serves “at risk” families in their own homes.• The goal is to work alongside the family in identification of risk factors and development of a family/community plan to ensure child safety.
  12. 12. FAMILY MAINTENANCE SERVICES (FM):• Are designed to provide time-limited protective services to prevent or remedy neglect, abuse or exploitation for the purpose of preventing separation of the children from their families. Families can be ordered by the court to participate in services or do so voluntarily. Family Maintenance Services are limited to six months, but may be extended for two- three-month periods when it can be shown that the objectives of the service plan can be achieved within the extended time periods. For dependent children of the Juvenile Court, reviews are conducted by the Court at least every six months.
  13. 13. What Family Maintenance offers…• A range of service-funded activities that include:Case management, counseling, respite care, teaching and demonstrating homemakers, parenting training, and transportation.
  14. 14. Family Maintenance Referrals• Outside referrals for services include:Adult education, behavioral health services, domestic violence, drug treatment, employment training, group therapy (e.g. Parents Anonymous), housing services, and mental and medical services.• Family Maintenance can be provided through a voluntary agreement between the parents and CWS or under order by the Juvenile Court.
  15. 15. Significance of the Agency• Social Justice- Advocate for the child no matter what. Child from 0-3 are more vulnerable due to not being able to communicate verbally due to age. Children with disabilities, could have a serious condition that can’t allow them to communicate well, and can be easily abuse with parents and care takers. That is the reason why social workers from this agency advocate for children to make justice.• Kings County is one of the counties were Social workers are able to write warrants.
  16. 16. Significance of the Agency cont.• Social work values- The agency set high standards, they put their personal biases aside, they don’t allow their personal biases interfere with their job.• Always have the National Association of Social Workers code of Ethics in mind when making decisions.• Always assessing for risk and danger.• Every social worker in this agency does case management.
  17. 17. Significance of the Agency cont.• Human Rights- Social workers in this agency educate, show, advocate, discuss with client their rights to live, safe place, receive services.• Child safety• To live the American dream.
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