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Agency Analysis


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Agency Analysis

  1. 1. Tulare County Child Welfare Services Maria Rodriguez SWRK 180
  2. 2. Agency’s Organizational Structure Human & Health Services Agency Child Welfare Services CWS Deputy Director Licensing Unit Manager Licensing Supervisor Licensing SSW III-CWS
  3. 3. Licensing  Main social justice issues the agency addresses  Children rights  The right for them to live in a safe and healthy environment  Adequate food and water  The right to an education and health care  The rights to protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and discrimination.
  4. 4. Mission and Aims Tulare County Child Welfare Services is committed to serve the residents of their county by providing hope and encouragement through responsive services to everyone in need. Social workers meet their agency’s mission by providing a variety of services to their clients. Some examples are:  Family Maintenance  Family Reunification  Independent Living Program
  5. 5. Mission and Aims CWS provide the above services to their clients in order to support and strengthen families this way children live in a safe and permanent environment.
  6. 6. Community Context of the Agency Licensing is in charge of making sure foster parent homes are safe and secure for children to be in. They make sure foster parents are following County’s regulations of their home criteria. If regulations are not being followed foster parent license can be taken away and they are no longer allowed to take in children. Licensing gives the community a sense of security because we know that the homes where children are being placed are safe.
  7. 7. Population The population-at-risk whose needs the agency addresses are the Tulare County children that are in the system.  Kids that are in foster care, group homes, or legal guardianship.  These children end up in the system because they are taken away from their parents or legal guardians for different reasons Some Example are:  abuse  neglect  Unwanted
  8. 8. Agency’s practice Trained social workers go out to potential foster parent’s homes to inspect the homes to make it’s a safe place for the children Social workers have a standardize over all practice that clients need to meet in order to get licensed and eventually get children placed in their home.
  9. 9. Significance of agency in Social Values terms  Integrative  Worldview  Holistic and  Community based
  10. 10. Significance of agency in social justice terms Fair Bias Arraigned by judge