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Ed504 poll everywhere

  1. 1. Is the use of mobile devices allowed in your classroom?
  2. 2. Give a brief description of what you think Poll Everywhere is?
  3. 3. • Do you want to engage your students? • Do you want to incorporate technology in your classroom? • Do you want to receive instant feedback about student learning?
  4. 4. Why use Poll Everywhere? • Quick way to assess students’ prior knowledge and learning • Teachers AND Students receive instant feedback about their learning • Facilitates and inspires student learning and creativity • Uses tools students are familiar with and already possess • Low risk setting for students to participate
  5. 5. Basic Steps • Ask a Question – Multiple Choice – Free Response • Students Answers – Text message – E-mail – Website – Twitter • Show Results – Charts update live as students respond – Download results into powerpoint – Publish polls on blog or website • Generate Reports
  6. 6. Poll Everywhere Tutorial
  7. 7. Do you think you would use Poll Everywhere as a tool in your classroom? • Text keyword to 22333 • Tweet @poll and a keyword • Submit keyword to http://poll4.com • YES: 192033 • NO: 192606 • Maybe: 192607
  8. 8. Lesson Plan: Check-in / Check-out • Check-in: Begin with a question of the day – Should require students to remember content that was discussed in the previous days • Ex: How many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in the element Hg?
  9. 9. Lesson Plan: Check-in / Check-out • Check-out: Summary question at the end of the day – Should require students to synthesize what they have learned that day • Ex: If you remove an electron from Hg, does the element change? Explain your reasoning.
  10. 10. LP: Assessing Prior Knowledge • Every time you introduce a new unit, find out where your students are in their knowledge • Ask a question: What is Photosynthesis? – Give them four definition options – Have them answer the poll
  11. 11. LP: Assessing Prior Knowledge • Ask a second question: Why is Photosynthesis important? – Have students answer the poll – Then have students defend their answer to a partner – After 5 minutes or so, ask the question again – See if ideas have changed after the discussion
  12. 12. Classroom Uses • Question of the Day • Check Prior Knowledge • Temperature Checks – Sunny, Clear, Cloudy, Stormy, etc. • Exit Tickets – Quick assessment at end of period • Test Review Guide – Send out 5 questions/day the week before a test – Have students create their own poll
  13. 13. How do you envision being able to use Poll Everywhere in your content area? • Text keyword to 22333 • Tweet @poll and a keyword • Submit keyword to http://poll4.com • Enter keyword: 193059 and answer (free response)