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Digital storytelling with mobile phone


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Digital storytelling with mobile phone

  1. 1. How to make digital storytelling through mobile phones October 8th, 2013 Maria Ranieri Department of Education and Psychology,University of Florence
  2. 2. Table of Contents  Background - Creativity, Narrative, Mobile devices, storytelling  Definitions – Mobile storytelling  From theory to practice: design, development, implementation, dissemination  Examples  Some hints for effective storytelling
  3. 3. Storytelling through mobile devices. Key concepts
  4. 4. Background/01 - Creativity
  5. 5. Background/01 - Creativity
  6. 6. Background/01 - Creativity
  7. 7. Background/01 - Creativity  Creativity entails originality, novelty and value (Sternberg, 1999)  Creativity is not limited to individuals, but it lies in the interaction between them and the socio-cultural context (Gardner, 1995)  Creativity as transformative process of both culture and the self (Vygotsky, 1931/1978)
  8. 8. Background/02 - Narrative
  9. 9. Background/02 - Narrative  Narrative is a fundamental structure of human meaning making (Bruner 2002)  “Stories not only help us make sense of the actions of others, they serve to shape our own identities” (Bird 2007)  “There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories” —Ursula K. LeGuin
  10. 10. Background/03 – Mobile phones Multi- functional Portability, Always available Digital memory Cultural resource
  11. 11. Mobile storytelling. A definition Mobile storytelling, a subset of 'digital storytelling', conducted through mobile devices in combination with social network sites (Ranieri & Bruni, 2013). Digital storytelling was used in California in the late 1980s to connect communities through stories. Nowadays, it is adopted for educational purposes as a technique to produce multimedia narratives.
  12. 12. Storytelling through mobile devices. From theory to practice
  13. 13. Main steps •Design •Development •Implementation •Dissemination
  14. 14. Design – The process Generation of ideas through collaborative brainstorming Selection of ideas Connections between ideas “A good story has single theme which is well defined with a good plot”
  15. 15. Design – The content  Character - A person (or a group) who takes part in the action  Setting - Time and place in which the story happens  Plot - A series of events and character actions that relate to the central conflict or problem.  Conflict - A struggle between two people or things  Theme - The central idea
  16. 16. Development  Create a storyboard of the story  Acquiring multimedia contents (images, sound,video etc.)  Selecting multimedia contents
  17. 17. Source:
  18. 18. Implementation  Selection of the editor  Editing and implementation 2 3 4 5 6 Start a new project 1 Select content or develop content Modify contents (cut, copy, paste, move, delete, or resize content etc.) Save Publish Share
  19. 19. App for iOS iOS is the operating system developed and distributed by Apple for iPhone, iPad etc.  Story Kit (free) See features here:  Sonicpics (free light version, $2.99 full version) See features here:  Storyrobe ($0.99) See features here: =8  Splice – Video editor (free) See features here: free/id409838725?mt=8
  20. 20. App for Android Android is the Linux-based operating system  Animoto (free 30 second videos) See features here:  WeVideo (free) [also available for iOS] See features here:  Storyrobe ($0.99) [soon available for Android] See features here: mt=8 or any other app that you found/like/prefer useful to create digital stories
  21. 21. Dissemination
  22. 22. An example of procedure 1. Click on Plus to create a new project 2. Click on Title to add a title
  23. 23. App for iOS 3. Click on Add+ to add images from your photo library or to rake new pictures
  24. 24. App for iOS 4. Click on Edit to order (or delete) the selected images as you like
  25. 25. App for iOS 5. Click on "Record" to record the voiceover while commenting on your images
  26. 26. App for iOS 6. When you finish, save your creation!
  27. 27. App for iOS 7. The final product can be shared through Youtube!
  28. 28. An example Personal picture Home country University Mobile self-presentation Designed and developed within the workshop Mobile 2.0 to support visibility and job search, realised in the context of the project MyMobile-Education on the move, Grundtvig Programme 2010/2012. Further information available at:, and GRU06-04703 [European Shared Treasure].
  29. 29. Some hints for effective storytelling  Focus on one idea/theme  Develop a well defined plot  Give an idea of persons and setting  Take care of the rhythm  Remind that “more” doesn’t mean “better”, that is avoid to combine too many media elements  Have a look at some technical tips: tp/phone-video.htm
  30. 30. What’s your story?
  31. 31. Some references Ranieri, M. and Pachler, N. (forthcoming) ‘Inventing and re- inventing identity. Exploring the potential of mobile learning in adult education.’ Submitted to Prospects Ranieri, M. and Bruni, I. (forthcoming) ‘Empowering creativity in young people through mobile learning: an investigation of creative practices of mobile media uses in and out of school.’ Submitted to IJMBL Ranieri, M. and Bruni, I. (2013) ‘Mobile storytelling and informal education in a suburban area: a qualitative study on the potential of digital narratives for young second generation immigrants.’ LEARNING, MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY, 38(2), 217-235.
  32. 32. Thank you!  My online social presence researchgate: linkedIn: slideshare: diigo:!: twitter: facebook: