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Bedtime story for children to help them learn about sets

Published in: Engineering
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  1. 1. The Story of Sets By: Maria Hito
  2. 2. Just like her sister Nick was very curious of his dad work as a computer scientist. One day he listen his dad saying that he had to buy a set of new winter clothes for her little sister. Nick wonder what did the word set mean.
  3. 3. When his dad came back Nick ask him “Dad what is a set?” “A set is a collection of objects infinite or finite” his dad said “I don’t understand dad” Nick said “Well, think about the winter clothes I just bought you. The scarf, gloves, coat, and boots form part of an outwear collection. This can be considered as a set. Since you have limited winter clothes this will be a finite set” “So a set is like a list of things that are related to each other and it’s finite when the list of these elements end?” “You got the main idea of it”
  4. 4. { { , , , Set of Winter Clothes
  5. 5. “Can a set be empty dad?” “Yes, an empty set is a set that contains zero elements in it. Now that you now the meaning of sets let me give you an example of an empty set. The set of piano keys on a guitar” “But a guitar can’t have keys” Nick said “That is correct, so the set would have no elements”
  6. 6. “A set can also have a subset of elements where all the elements on the subset have to be the same as the set. A set of A is a subset of B if A is contained inside B” “I don’t think I understand” Nick said “Well imagine you have a set of numbers from 1 to 5 called B and your subset contains numbers 1,2,4 called A. The subset of numbers will have a smaller set of numbers than the set. So a subset can contains only a portion of element in set” “So a subset it’s only a part of a set?” “Correct!”
  7. 7. The End
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