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Oferta educativa esquema


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Oferta educativa esquema

  1. 1. INSTITUTO DE EDUCACIÓN SECUNDARIA “LA ROSALEDA” EDUCATIONAL OFFER SCHOOL YEAR 2013 – 2014 STUDIES Bacalaureate -Social Science -Nature and Health Science -Nature and Health Science -Technology Music/Dance ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS -Secondary Compulsory Education -Vocational Training First Cycle -2nd BUP -Music and dance require also first cycle Conservatory SCHEDULE ACCESS Two School Years -To Advanced Level Vocational Training Cycles -To University Higher Vocational Training -Telecommunication Systems Degree (2000H) -Travel Agency Degree (1400H) -Restaurateur/ Cateríng (2000H) -Urban Projects and Topographic Operations (2000H) -Secretarial Studies (1300H) -Sign Language Interpreter (2000H) -Advanced Expert in Animation of Physical and Sport Activities (2000H) -Cookery (2000H) Middle Vocational Training -New Baccalaureate -Second Level old -Vocational Training Programme (FP II) -Old pre-University Course (COU) -Other -1300 hours ( 1 school year and a term) -2000 hours (2 school years) -To University -Labour Market -Welding and metal works (2000H) -Electrotechnics equipment and installation (2000H) MIE -Electronic equipment (2000H) -Cookery (2000H) -Restaurant and Bar Service (BILINGUAL 1400h) -Made to Measure of fited furniture and carpentry (2000H) -Graphic Desing (2000H) -Printing (2000H) -Car electromechanics (2000H) -Commerce (1400H) -Mechanics (2000H) -Assembly and Maintenance of hot and cold air-conditioned equipment (200H) -Building finishing (2000H) -Secondary Compulsory Education -First level old Vocational Training Programme (FP II) -Old pre-University Course (COU) Other -1400H (1 school year and a term -2000 hours (2 school years) -To Baccalaureate -To Labour market
  2. 2. STUDIES Initial Vocational Training Program With no special educational needs - Metallic - Constructions -Carpentry -Cookery With special education needs - Carpentry -Gardens ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS SCHEDULE 16 years old minimum -1 school year with special needs extendable 1 or 2 more years ACCESS -Labour Market ADULT EDUCATION (EVENINGS) ESTUDIES Secondary Adult Educatoin First Level Second Level ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS -School Graduate -8º year basic school or similar -Test evaluation SCHEDULE -1 or 2 school years ACCESS -To Vocational Training (Technician) -To Baccalaureate Baccalaureate -Social Science -Nature and Health Science -Technology -Secondary Compulsory -2 school years Education -Vocational Training First Cycle -2º BUP -Other -To Advanced level Vocational training Cycles -To University -Secondary Compulsory 2000H (3 school years) Education -First Level old Vocational Training Programme (FP II) -Old pre-University course (COU) Other -To Baccalaureate -To Labour market Initial Vocational Education and Cycles Cooking (2000H) * Integration Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Avd.Luis Buñuel, 8 29011 Málaga Spain Telf.: 952640035/951 29 84 09 Fax: 952641266