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Guacaleda logo designs


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Students from HAYLE COMMUNITY SCHOOL introduced their presentation about Guacaleda logos on 9th March 2012.

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Guacaleda logo designs

  1. 1. Comenius RegioGuacaleda Ice CreamHayle CommunitySchool
  2. 2. The Task: Design a new logo to advertise Guacaleda Ice Cream in Cornwall
  3. 3. The designsDesign 1: Emily & Lowena We chose to put avocados in the bowl to represent the avocado flavour. We also put a Spanish flag coming out of the avocado because Malaga is in Spain.
  4. 4. The designsDesign 2: Joe and CalebI chose to use part ofyour original logo inmine, because Ithought it was clever.I have added aSpanish flag to mine,because Malaga is inSpain.Also I have aphotograph of theactual ice cream.
  5. 5. The designs Design 3 Jasmine & MeganWe have useda picture ofavocadosbecause that isthe mainingredient inthe ice creamand we haveput a Spanishflag in the logobecause theice cream isSpanish.
  6. 6. The designsDesign 4: KimI used avocado andwine because theyare two of theingredients used in themaking of the icecream. I also used theSpanish flag to showthat it was a icecream that originatedin Spain.
  7. 7. The designsDesign 5: SeanI have chosen this asmy logo becausethe colours of thewriting are the samecolours as theSpanish flag, I alsoput the Spanish flagon it becauseMalaga is in Spain.I put a picture of theice cream on it too.
  8. 8. The designsDesign 6: Will, Ben & DanIn our logo we used theSpanish flag as ourbackground, to show theorigin of the ice cream. Wealso included a picture ofsome avocados as we feltthat it was the prominentingredient in the ice cream.
  9. 9. The designsDesign 7: ZacI have designed thelogo with a glassbecause the icecream is served in aglass. There is aSpanish flag becauseMalaga is in Spain.The colours have beencarefully chosen, theyare the same coloursas the other logo.
  10. 10. Which logo is the mosteffective? Which logo do you think we should use to advertise Guacaleda in Cornwall? Why have you chosen this one? What improvements do you think can be made? Any questions?