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Destination Fridays - Springtime in Paris


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Program guide for the 2014 inaugural Destination Fridays program series -- Springtime in Paris event, April 4.

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Destination Fridays - Springtime in Paris

  1. 1. A very special thank you to: Jus’ Cynthia Marly Johnson Courtney A. Henderson Boogie Heads ARC Broward Chef Mika (Chef Shermika Lyons); Lead Chef Instructor at ARC Broward Culinary & Learning Institute Paola Moneymaker; Director of Learning Institute at ARC Broward Arielle Weekes; Student Chef and Graduate of ARC Broward Culinary & Learning Institute Mario Lacayo; Student Chef and Graduate of ARC Broward Culinary & Learning Institute Maurice Wehby; Current Student Chef at ARC Broward Culinary & Learning Institute Friends of the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center (AARLCC)—Janice Henry Friends of the Hallandale Beach Branch Library Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau   The prin ng of this document to promote the Des na on Fridays program series was sponsored by   the Friends of the AARLCC.    Broward County Board of County Commissioners Sue Gunzburger • Dale V.C. Holness • Kristin Jacobs • Martin David Kiar • Chip LaMarca • Stacy Ritter • Tim Ryan Barbara Sharief • Lois Wexler
  2. 2. Bon jour! Welcome to Des na on Fridays ‐ Paris!    Tonight’s Program Performance by Jus’ Cynthia                         7:00 to 7:45 p.m.    Cooking demonstra ons by ARC Broward                    Brusche a           7:30 p.m.                French Onion Soup  8:00 p.m.                Crème Brulee       8:30 p.m.      Performance by Marly Johnson                       8:00 to 9:00 p.m.    Available throughout tonight’s event:   Have fun with Boogie Heads ‐ make your own video    View landscape Parisian photography and hear an art discussion with  professor Courtney A. Henderson   Stop by and learn more about 3D  prin ng    During the raffle, win a $25 gi    cer ficate to one of these great  French restaurants:   Cook in Paris, Pembroke Pines   Le Comptoir French Cuisine,   Hollywood   Bistro 1902, Hollywood    Don’t forget to check out Crea on Sta on! Get a sneak peak at the Main Library.  For more   informa on, call 954‐357‐7537. Use your library to learn French   With your Broward County Library card, you can learn French  at your own pace, online through the library’s Online   Resources.  Try BBC Languages, Language Learning Library, or  Transparent Language Online.  Visit and click on the Catalogs & Online Resources and click on  Online Resources.   Check out great French cookbooks at your Broward County Library Use the library’s visual catalog or tradi onal   catalog to find great French cookbooks.  Search for  French pastry books,  find out how to make French  macarons like the ones pictured to the le , or check  out items from legendary chefs such as Julia Child.      You can also search for French   music on CDs and movies on   DVDs in the library’s catalogs.    Visit and   click on the Catalogs & Online Resources and click on Catalogs.      Scan this QR Code with your smartphone to  find French cookbooks in the library’s catalog.