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Microsoft Digital Advisory Services

To succeed in the Digital Era, organizations turn to Microsoft Digital Advisory Services. Digital Advisors like myself work with organizations to reimagine and transform customer
engagement, employee experiences, business models and operations, to empower organizations to reach their digital aspirations.

Welcome to learn more about our Advisory Services.

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Microsoft Digital Advisory Services

  1. 1. Digital Advisory Services
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • The Digital Era • Digital Business Discussion • Microsoft Digital Advisory Services Approach • 4 Digital Transformation Journeys
  3. 3. Intro Maria Fonsell Digital Advisor Suomi Finland Inari Germanpointers Wilderness Guide Hunting Kayaking Saimaa @fonsellCurrent Microsoft Previous Siili, Rastor, Digia Education University of Helsinki (MSc) Groups Klaukkala #ceeärämmä
  4. 4. OpportunityThreat The Digital Era has Arrived “….the majority of companies will not exist in a meaningful way 10 to 15 years from now.” 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 since 2000 are gone. $100 Trillion Opportunity for Society and Industry over next 10 years - World Economic Forum
  5. 5. Business Value from Ever-Accelerating Innovation Product Economy Product Features and Functionality 8-25 Yrs 8-25 Yrs Winding down8-25 Yrs8-25 Yrs Digital Era Continuous Business Model and Offer Innovation Experience Economy Value from Customer Experiences 1-3Yrs 1-3Yrs 1-3Yrs1-3Yrs 1-3Yrs 1-3Yrs Information Economy Automation based on I.T. 3-8 Yrs 3-8 Yrs 3-8 Yrs3-8 Yrs 3-8 Yrs 3-8 Yrs 3-8 Yrs
  6. 6. Affordable Transformative Technology Connecting Physical and Digital Financial Services Manufacturing Retail & CPG Healthcare Public Sector Media 3D Printers, $500 1% of 2007 Cost Smartphones Sensors .3% of 2007 Cost Solar Power .5% of 1984 Cost DNA Sequencing .01% of 2007 Cost Industrial Robots 3% of 2007 Cost Drones, $700 1% of 2007 cost Telecom Automotive Virtual Reality, $600 $600, 1% of 2007 cost
  7. 7. Digital Era Value Digital Companies grow fast and disrupt further $25b $50b $75b $100b $200b $300b $400b $500b YEARSINBUSINESS
  8. 8. Disruptor Mindset How could …disrupt my market, and win? Amazon Costco Cisco DHL Big Bank Google Kayak New Startup Texaco Uber WalMart Zillow
  9. 9. Which players are encroaching on your business? RETAILERS TECH COMPANIES STARTUPS TELCOS Source: EFMA-Infosys Feb 2015 Digital Banking Report FINANCIAL SERVICES
  10. 10. The Logistics Tread Radar SOCIAL & BUSINESS TRENDS TECHNOLOGY TRENDS HIGH HIGH Supergrid Logistic Logistics Marketplaces Anticipatory Logistics On-demand Delivery Omni channel Logistics Batch Size One Shareconomy Logistics Share Energy Logistics Grey Power Logistics De-stressing the Supply Chain Fair & responsible Logistics Convenience Logistics Multi-purpose Networks Tube Logistics Self-driving Vehicles 3D Printing Internet of Things Robotics & Automation Cloud Logistics Big Data Low-cost Sensor Technology Augmented Reality Bionic Enhancement Self-learning System Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Digital Identifiers Relevant in <5 years Relevant in >5 years LOW LOW HIGH: Creates new (potentially disruptive) ways of doing business LOW: Provides incremental Improvement opportunities What does your trend radar look like? Logistics Trend Radar Source: DHL Trend Research
  11. 11. How will you put your diverse assets to work? $25b $50b $75b $100b $200b $300b $400b $500b YEARSINBUSINESS buildings relationships global presence reputation scale perseverance plants ships planes culture hospitals trust
  12. 12. Factory Operations How will you monetize your capabilities? Supply Chain Research and Development My Co As A Service My Co As A Service My Co As A Service
  13. 13. #NETFLIX The Most Feared Force In Hollywood? #5billionMovieStudio How will you create new revenue streams? Streaming Recommendations Analytics $5b movie studio Home About TWEETS 16.4K FOLLOWING 687 FOLLOWERS 2.05M LIKES 6,477 LISTS 2 FOLLOW Tweets Tweets & replies Media Mail DVD Delivery
  14. 14. How will you create new revenue streams? We just spent the day purchasing a car. Purchasing, financing, and before we know it, servicing our new car! Posted Apr 2014 Like Comment Share 3 likes 20 comments We just grabbed a Reach Now car subscription vehicle to the recital. It was just what we needed! Posted 2 hrs ago 25 likes 15 comments Manufacturing Leasing Financing Car Subscription Like Comment Share Load more comments 5 hrs Like 15 mins Like Yesterday Like 10 hrs Like Load more comments
  15. 15. Disruptor Mindset How could I disrupt and win? Amazon Costco Cisco DHL Big Bank Google Kayak New Startup Texaco Uber WalMart Zillow
  16. 16. To succeed in the Digital Era, organizations turn to Microsoft Digital Advisory Services. These services help organizations as they reimagine and transform customer engagements, employee experiences, business models and operations. Digital Advisors bring their expertise, as well as Microsoft’s resources, experience and innovation, to empower organizations to reach their digital aspirations. Partnering with you, Digital Advisors drive a program of change to build the digital business. Digital Advisory Services
  17. 17. Build a digital innovation lab. Bring your Book of Dreams to life. Your Digital Dream Factory Recruit and form your digital transformation unit. Your Digital Dream Team Ideate, and document your digital transformation journey. Your Book of Dreams Your Digital Transformation Journey – Our Approach
  18. 18. Create your Digital Book of Dreams Value Scorecard What’s the value of the new outcomes? Trends and Insights What are the key trends and insights that are relevant to your organization? Solution Storyboard What solutions would address your scenarios? Digital Journey Map How do your customers engage with your organization? Scenario Narrative What are the pains, needs, and desired outcomes of your customers? Roadmap What are the phases and milestones to get there? Digital Vision How do you envision the future reality of your organization? Scenario Planning What three ideas will you try? Deliver Bring your Book of Dreams to life. Your Digital Dream Lab Dream Ideate, and document your digital transformation journey. Your Book of Dreams Design Build your desired state and roadmap. Form your Digital Dream Team
  19. 19. Economic Justification How will this drive revenue? Digital Transformation Unit What team will get us there? Recruit and Form your Digital Dream Team ACM Plan, and Roadmap How can we address implementation challenges through an adoption and change management plan, and roadmap? Prototype What will the future look like? Deliver Bring your Book of Dreams to life. Your Digital Dream Lab Dream Ideate, and document your digital transformation journey. Your Book of Dreams Design Build your desired state and roadmap. Form your Digital Dream Team
  20. 20. Build a Digital Dream Lab Rapid Prototyping Can we see it in action? Transformation Roadmap How will we move forward in a prioritized manner? Value Delivery and Management As we deliver, how will we monitor and control? Agile Storyboarding What are the project features’ sequence and interconnectedness? Value Engineering Are we making the right tradeoffs to deliver the lowest cost consistent with required performance, quality and reliability? Deliver Bring your Book of Dreams to life. Your Digital Dream Lab Dream Ideate, and document your digital transformation journey. Your Book of Dreams Design Build your desired state and roadmap. Form your Digital Dream Team
  21. 21. Creating a Program of Change for Digital Transformation Book of Dreams
  22. 22. How do you gain insight into customers' habits and preferences, enabling actionable customer segmentation, more informed interactions, and new opportunities for targeted product offerings and cross-selling? Can you design for segments of one – mass personalization at scale? Will you create apps that provide relevant personalized and seamless experiences, regardless of how and when the customer interacts with the organization? What if you could address your digital customers differently from your traditional customers?
  23. 23. Automotive Customer Experience Journey Banking Customer Experience Journey Insurance Customer Experience Journey Manufacturing Journey Map Retail Customer Experience Journey
  24. 24. Do you recruit and retain digital-savvy employees that use information to positively impact individual, team, and company performance? How do you sense, collect, organize, maintain, and process data so that employees can lead innovation, make informed decisions, and design business processes? What if you could create seamless employee experiences for HR, procurement, and other internal interaction workflows? Can you change the way people work, so that the digital transformation advantages can be realized?
  25. 25. Take actionOrganize work Journey Appointments Files Phone calls Organize work, schedule, priorities Refine campaigns, develop new products, shift investments Stay Informed Communicate Contribute Collaborate with other departments, manufacturers, retailers, and agencies Virtual Meeting Space Plan Tasks Tasks Time Phase 3: Apply analytics • Gain insights from product sentiment and market trends. • Support decision making, planning, product design, and customer connection. Phase 2: Mobile, agile product development productivity • Use data from in-market products, social networks, and analytics to uncover new opportunities and roadmap commitments. • Enable a leaner product development organization. • Address customer’s needs and wants into current and future designs. Phase 1: Connected people, teams, and products • Enable seamless idea sharing and collaborative development irrespective of location and time zone. • Enable productivity across functional teams, geographical boundaries, and supplier organizations. • Connect devices to IT systems as the first step. Value
  26. 26. Do you use data and software to improve risk and fraud management? Can you adjust pricing in real time? How do you enable near- instantaneous direct-to- consumer fulfillment by integrating consumer insights and trading partner data with marketing, finance and production information? What if you could use insights of end-to-end processes to develop continuous manufacturing suites with footprints less than half the size of conventional factories?
  27. 27. Manufacturing in the value chain Use any channel to connect with customer Automation suppliers and OEM manufacturing Journey Phase 3: Optimize and Enhance analytics and mobility capabilities • Continuously improve collaboration by imparting mobility and advanced analytics capabilities • Decentralize controls Phase 2: Integrate telemetry and telecommunication • Identify applicable analytics capabilities and tools • Enable machine learning and IOT integration • Integrate legacy and modern automation, telemetry and machine learning in unified reporting and dashboard services Phase 1: Establish Omni-channel communication with Customers, Service providers and equipment manufacturers • Enable mobility and access rights, with media content and communication solution • Embed IOT connectivity in target equipment • Promote culture of remote interaction and decentralised control Maintenance Crew Customer and telco interact using any channel Time Value
  28. 28. Would you like to use insights to create new marketplaces, broker deals, and advertise? What products would you sell if your company had the necessary capabilities? Can you sell insights, whether its raw information, analysis and insights, benchmarking data? What if you could use new insights to drive demand, create new service offerings improve customer satisfaction, drive lower cost models, improve the supply chain?
  29. 29. “The Zero Footprint project here at Zeiss was aimed for integrating new branches rather quickly. And thanks to the cloud services and the help of our German Digital Advisory Services, we had the chance to do it in less than two months.” -Matthias Feldmann, Head of Enterprise Workplace Zeiss Empower your employees “(Fans) want to know their clubs and their heroes through social networks. They want to know what happens in between games. Microsoft brings us knowledge, social listening, business intelligence, this allows us to focus on sending the information that the fan really desires.” -Javier Tebas Medrano, President LaLiga Engage your customers "Our solution will migrate, analyze, and store millions of patient records in the cloud ... and allows us to provide doctors at the individual layer the ability to analyze patients." -Tyler Downs VP of Development Care Otter Transform your products “JTC foresees new challenges with our growing portfolio of estates and buildings, as well as the management of increasingly complex buildings, higher customer expectations and the need to manage our developments’ sustainability.” -Yim Cheng Siew CIO JTC Optimize your operations“With Azure Machine Learning, we proved that we have the right tool to get us where we want to go in terms of predicting student success. It’s a tool our educators will be able to use to start tackling the problem of student disengagement.” -Shaun Taylor CIO Tacoma Public Schools Optimize your operations “These systems are helping us be more citizen-centric and making Auckland a more attractive place to live. They reduce citizen frustration, provide information to make choices, increase ridership, and let citizens know that the city is working on their behalf.” -Roger Jones, CIO Auckland Transport Engage your customers Optimize your operations “The data we are now able to gather helps our engineers find flaws in their designs, our quality people find flaws in our processes, and our warranty folks find better solutions to control our costs, which ultimately controls the costs to our customers. That is extremely powerful for us.” -Matt Pfaffenbach Director of Connectivity Daimler Trucks North America Empower your employees Transform your products “Indeed, this will give industrial-sized companies the means to create and animate the digital profile of their products, a real source of information for all stakeholders in the product life cycle.” -Christophe Devins Founder and CEO Adents Transform your products“We’ll be able to bring you services that make your life easier, and push the technology into the background and give you those things you really want, which isn’t a blaring screen, it’s really letting people know that you’re running late for a meeting,” -Zack Hicks President and CEO Toyota Connected Transform your products Optimize your operations “Eventually Maersk’s vessels and containers will be generating terabytes of data on activities in real time, and machines and people will be talking to each other, learning things about our operations and our customers that we can’t even imagine now.” -Ibrahim Gokcen CDO Maersk Transform your products Optimize your operations "We are using Microsoft’s connected vehicle technologies on Azure intelligent cloud to bring the digital lives of our customers into the cars they drive.“ -Guenter Butschek CEO & MD Tata Motors Transform your products In simplest terms, after observing another person performing an exercise, a patient can more quickly learn this same exercise during physical therapy. As we learned about the science, we wondered – how could we make mirror-neuron rehabilitation more scalable? Visit the Microsoft Blog to learn more about project KHARE Transform your products Engage your customers
  30. 30. “With Microsoft, it isn’t just about the infrastructure, it’s end-to-end and global. There are the skills, the capabilities, the service offering, the development environment, the security. It all just fit together.” -Nick Farrant, SVP Rolls-Royce Optimize your operations “With a good partner like Microsoft, we never need to think about the technology. We can tell our story and focus on our customer.” -Reuben Arnold SVP, Marketing and Customer Experience Virgin Atlantic Engage your customers Transform your products “By partnering with Microsoft, ABB will be able to offer best-in-class operations as well as innovative advanced services.” -Pekka Tiitinen, Discrete Automation and Motion Division President Transform your products “Microsoft was the only company, the only provider who could support the size and scope of the Court of Justice of Sao Paulo and the population of San Paulo without any stops in service.” -Rosely Padilha de Sousa, CIO, State Court of Justice, Sao Paulo Engage your customers Empower your employees “What Microsoft and our digital transformation enables is really making sure every single patient gets the best, most appropriate, safest care.” -David Feygin, VP of Health IT Innovation and Integration Transform your products “We transform our cities into real smart cities. With modern sensors and the right cloud, we can make multipurpose service stations out of simple street lamps.” -Uli Huener, Head of Innovation Management EnBW Transform your products “We needed to change a mission- critical application and Microsoft Services is enabling this digital transformation. We will have one source of truth for each audit. And that source of truth will be on the Azure environment.” -Antony Nettleton, Global Assurance Leader Grant Thornton Engage your customers Empower your employees “A car is becoming increasingly connected, intelligent and personal. Partnering with Microsoft allows us to accelerate the development of the associated key technologies needed to enable scenarios our customers want and build all-new ones they haven’t even imagined. We aim to become the provider of connected mobility for everyone with one single global platform.” -Ogi Redzic, Senior Vice President, Connected Vehicles and Mobility Services Renault-Nissan Alliance Transform your products “We wanted to go beyond the industry standard of preventative maintenance, to offer predictive and even pre-emptive maintenance, so we can guarantee a higher uptime percentage on our elevators.” -Andreas Schierenbeck CEO ThyssenKrupp Elevators Optimize your operations Engage your customers “Through digital innovation, our business has the fantastic opportunity to get closer to our consumers and provide an even better value proposition.” -Vittorio Cretella CIO MARS These digital assets are going to create a new engagement experience and make us smarter about how we engage with our customers.” -Anshu Budhraja CEO Amway India Engage your customers “We can create a one-to-one relationship with fans around the planet with the Microsoft solution, connecting this huge community of people and making the experience of being a supporter of Real Madrid much better” -José Ángel Sánchez Chief Executive Officer Real Madrid C.F. Engage your customers Empower your employees
  31. 31. Discussion 17% 18% 19% 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% How will we get to from new revenue sources by ? 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
  32. 32. Let’s Start Your Digital Transformation Journey Digital Dream Factory Digital Dream Team Book of Dreams
  33. 33. Digital Advisory Services 124 Countries 500 Digital Advisors Over 750+ Engagements
  34. 34. © 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
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To succeed in the Digital Era, organizations turn to Microsoft Digital Advisory Services. Digital Advisors like myself work with organizations to reimagine and transform customer engagement, employee experiences, business models and operations, to empower organizations to reach their digital aspirations. Welcome to learn more about our Advisory Services.


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