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O amor-chico-xavier-2


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No Mundo Tudo é AMOR!
In World all is LOVE!

Published in: Spiritual
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O amor-chico-xavier-2

  1. 1. LIFE Is the existential Love
  2. 2. Reason It is Love that weighs.
  3. 3. Study It is love that analyzes.
  4. 4. Science It Is love that investigates.
  5. 5. Philosophy Is the Love that thinks.
  6. 6. Religion   It is Love that seeks God.
  7. 7. Truth It is Love that is eternal.
  8. 8. Ideal It is Love that rises.
  9. 9. Faith It is Love that transcends.
  10. 10. Hope Is the love that dream.
  11. 11. Charity It is Love that helps.
  12. 12. Fraternity It is the love that expands.
  13. 13. Sacrifice Love is striving.
  14. 14. Resignation It is Love that purifies.
  15. 15. Sympathy   Love is smiling.
  16. 16. Work It is love that builds.
  17. 17. Indifference Love is hiding.
  18. 18. Desperation It is Love that misrule.
  19. 19. Passion It is Love that balance .
  20. 20. Jealousy It is Love that attic. .
  21. 21. Pride It is love that drives crazy .
  22. 22. Dirty Sensuality It is the love that is poisoned.
  23. 23. Finally, the HATE that you think is the antithesis of love is nothing but Love itself was very sick. Francisco Cândido Xavier
  24. 24. Have a great day, a great time, a great second. Everything is great in your life today and always, peace, joy, simplicity and the hope of perpetuating his soul for her entire life .. So .. Love yourself and all the Around them .. Remember the Universe is an echo of our actions and thoughts