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Prototype study of 'dish network'. Network connecting host and guest for a meal event. Hosts - members who would like to cook a meal, and guests - members looking for the experience of the home-cooked meal. Site is mainly targeted to tourists looking for a different and more authentic meal experience then what can be offered by restaurant.

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Dish prototype deck presentation

  1. 1. DISH Network Prototype By DISas November 2012
  2. 2. DISH concept descriptionDo you want to eat affordable and authentic local food when you travel? OR Do you want to make some money sharing your favourite local recipes with travellers? DISH helps travellers and locals meet up to share their local cuisine
  3. 3. How DISH Network Works Dish network pulls together Hosts willing to provide home-cooked meal andGuests wanting to experience Hosts home-cooking. Hosts and Guests register on the Dish Network as Members. Registration is Free and Easy.
  4. 4. How DISH Network Works Host members can schedule meals/events.
  5. 5. How DISH Network Works Guest members can search events by country/date/cousin and RSVPthe ones they want to attend. Members can also contact hosts with themeal requests. Guest members pay predetermined meal price going to the Host, with the site collecting booking fee and % of meal price.
  6. 6. How DISH Network WorksMembers can vote for their favorite events and hosts, post pictures and write blogs on their experience. Contents for the best meals, blog entries, pictures will be periodically conducted.
  7. 7. DISH PrototypeFor dish live network prototype please follow: of course, we will be glad to see you join the dish network to follow our progress from prototype to live!
  8. 8. Selected Face-To-Face Customer InterviewQuotes and Major Takeaways:
  9. 9. Customer Feedback on DISHI like it! I was a little confused about what to do. I didnot see where I would sign up as a guest for a meal. Iclicked on the Honduran meal, but there was no optionto make a reservation. Maybe there could be a monthlyfeature at some point, of a "lucky" host or a "mostpopular" host, or "voted best host", etc. I loved thephotos of the food. It looked fabulous!! I think it isattractive enough to interest people.Linda, California
  10. 10. Customer Feedback on DISHCool concept! Will definitely use the service and knowquite a few people who would like to be a host. Easy tofollow. Will be nice to incorporate some kind of anavigation tool to find the host. Also would want to seethe rating of the host by previous guests.Andrey, Moscow
  11. 11. Customer Feedback on DISHI would use the site for take away or delivery. It would begood to have house pictures, to see overall hygiene of thehouse. The site will be depending on people reviews, so Iwould like to find some recommendations from theowners website. Some host that has been tried by theowner of Dish for all.Mrs. Wafa, California
  12. 12. Customer Feedback on DISHI would use the site when I travel to find an interestingplace to dine. Need to make sure site has advancedsearch capabilities and also want to see previouscustomers reviews.Kevin, Florida
  13. 13. Customer Feedback on DISHI may use it. But I am not sure if it is safe to go tosomeone I dont know, unless it is a well known chef orperson. I recommend some celebrity chefs to be as a hostfor low budget meal, and the money will go to charity.Competition between top chiefs in town as a host to raisecredibility of the website in the beginning. Add credibilitydegree it is different from reviews, like Amazon.comwhen they guarantee the seller.Mrs. Sarah, New Mexico
  14. 14. Customer Feedback on DISHWould definitely use the service, but not host. Would like to try differentauthentic food, especially in countries where the average restaurant foodcan be poor. For example Egypt and much of the middle east unless you goto top notch restaurants. Would like to see a picture of the person andtheir home so I can assess level of hygiene and if I am comfortable with thetype of person before selecting to go with them (from a security point ofview). Business should provide hosts some guidelines around hygiene andinformation about what travellers might like (eg in certain countries, onlyoffer tourists bottled water and no salads unless washed with boiledwater). I would expect to pay the same or a bit less than a casualrestaurant in the country (amount would depend on the country)Adrianne, Sydney
  15. 15. Customer Feedback TakeawaysBased on 12 customers interviews below points were identifiedas main concerns for the project to be a success:-Need to address security and hygiene concerns. Can address some ofthose concerns by providing: neighborhood information, host and hostshouse pictures, possibly basic identity verification, and reviews fromprevious customers.-Need to have active customer community with reviews of the hosts,pictures, blogs, host of the month awards, events by well known chefs, etc .- Original dish network tag-line was: “Where dinner is always ready”.Identified that message is confusing for some tourists, as there arecountries where supper or lunch is the main meal tourists may beinterested in. Changed the tag line to: “Where meal is always ready”.
  16. 16. Customer Feedback Takeaways-It will be useful to provide functionality to allow Guests to request certainmeals from the Host.-Site usability is critical. For the final version of the site need to make suresite is easy to follow.
  17. 17. Customer Feedback Summary:Main markets that we were researching are tourists and foodies.In the interviews we were assessing: a) How interested the customeris in the idea and will it provide value for them, b) are they likely torepeatedly use the service, c) how useful and user-friendly they findthe prototype web site and what additional features they would liketo see.We found out that there is a lot of inter-lap in tourists and foodiescategories and there is significant initial interest in the proposal.Overall customers are interested and will be willing to pay for theservice close to what casual restaurant may be charging in the hostcountry. However critical factors outlined in the earlier slides needto be address prior to rolling out the project, the main sharedconcern being security and hygiene. On-going customer face-to-face dialog will be essential pre- and post-launch.
  18. 18. Thank you!Any further feedback is greatly appreciated.Best Regards,DISas Team