Relationships In A Digital World


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Relationships In A Digital World

  1. 1. In a Digital World Image:  Kris  Olin  via  Flickr   By:  Maria  Alauddin
  2. 2. In a remarkably short period of time, internet and mobile technology have become a part of everyday life all around the world. - Pew Global Image:  J  L  via  Flickr  
  3. 3. Digital technology usage has skyrocketed in the past decade Image:  mkhmarke<ng  via  Flickr  
  4. 4. With more than 2 BILLION internet users around the world… Sta<s<c  from:  The  Culturist   mage:  RachelSarai  via  Flickr  
  5. 5. …and 73% of online adults use social networking sites Sta<s<c:  Pew  Research  Internet  Project   Image:  mkhmarke<ng  via  Flickr  
  6. 6. It is easy to see that social media and technology is a big part of our daily lives. Human  beings  are  constantly  digitally  interac<ng  with   one  another.     Image:  Gary  Knight  via  Flickr  
  7. 7. However, is digital interaction helpful or a hindrance when it comes to romantic relationship? Image:  Delacour  via  WikiCommons  
  8. 8. “Digital interactions can help us feel physically close, even if they happen through a screen” - Jenna Worthman. The New York Times Image:  Syl  via  Flickr  
  9. 9. The digital world has created new expectations and implications for people in relationships. Image:  Syl  via  Flickr  
  10. 10. Couples are expected to become “Facebook official” and announce their relationship on social media Image:  Kris  Krug  via  Flickr  
  11. 11. Instagram collages on birthdays, liking their Facebook pictures, sending flirty texts and responding to Tweets have all become attributes of the “perfect” boyfriend or girlfriend. Image:  Kris  Krug  via  Flickr  
  12. 12. Those that displayed their significant other in their profile picture and were listed as “in a relationship” were more likely to stay together and less likely to have cheated - Allison McCann. Buzzfeed Image:  Syl  via  Flickr  
  13. 13. People feel more pressure from their friends and family to stay together when they have their partner in profile pictures and relationship status” Image:  Skedonk  via  Flickr  
  14. 14. Too much focus on our digital devices draws us away from our real social interactions Image:  Harris  Hui  via  Flickr  
  15. 15. The more active an individual was on Twitter, the more likely they were to report "Twitter-related" conflict with partners - James Vincent. “The Twitter Effect” Image:  mkhmarke<ng  via  Flickr  
  16. 16. ..  a   Break-ups are therefore made more difficult because of technology. Image:  Oriol  Salvador  via  Flickr  
  17. 17. The digital footprint of your romantic relationships follows you into the future… Image  Les  Hainesvia  Flickr  
  18. 18. ... and previous partners can contact you through various digital platforms Image:  Diangel234  via  Tumblr  
  19. 19. Even though technology brings us together, it also threatens to push us apart. - Alex Lickerman. Pscyhology Today Image:    
  20. 20. Sources - the-effect-technology-relationships - effect-why-using-social-media-too-much-can-lead-to- divorce-9300404.html breaking-up-too