Companion Planting and Your Eco Pesticides Guide - Moreton Bay, Australia


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Companion Planting and Your Eco Pesticides Guide - Moreton Bay, Australia

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Companion Planting and Your Eco Pesticides Guide - Moreton Bay, Australia

  1. 1. fact sheet ECO PESTICIDES ORGANIC garden PEST MANAGEMENT pest management tipOrganic gardening is a means of controlling unwanted pests naturally withoutthe use of dangerous pesticides. There are many ways to control unwanted gardenpests naturally that are cheap, easy and good for the earth.Organic pest and insect repellents are typically made up of essential oils and otheringredients that won’t leave a toxic residue in the soil, on the plant or be problematicfor other animals or birds. YOUR ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS ffencourage native birds into your garden ff oil with bird houses, ff water water baths and ff liquid soap native flowering ff chilli vegetation. They will eat many times their ff garlic own weight in insects. ff onion ff seaweed ffmolasses HOW TO GARDEN GREEN ff STOP using pesticides ff REATE C a natural garden full of diverse plants and herbs that act as natural repellents ff TTRACT A natural predators (beneficial bugs) which will deter unwanted pests ff OBSERVE your garden for signs of pests ff TREAT any affected areas with natural remedies.
  2. 2. COMPANION PLANTING Molasses Spray (deters caterpillars and chewing pests and has been usedCertain plants when grouped together as a possum repellent with some success)can control pests by providing shade and ff1 tablespoon molassesshelter, as well as a balance in nutrients ff1 litre warm waterrequired by neighbouring plants. ff1 teaspoon of liquid soapSome foods that taste great together also grow ffblend well.well together:ff lant p your tomatoes with basil, the aroma of the Spray regularly over the leaves of affected plants. basil plants will hide the scent of the tomatoes Seaweed Spray (reduces mildew)ff all t sweet corn shelters pumpkin from full sun ffplace seaweed in a bucket and wind, and the large leaves of the pumpkin protect the shallow roots of the corn. ffcover with water ffcover and leave for two weeks ff train s and dilute 1:1, plus combine 1 teaspoon NATURAL PESTICIDES of liquid soap per litre of water before spraying.White Oil (deters scale)ff1 cup cooking oil Chive Spray (reduces mildew on zucchini and squash plants)ff1 ½ cups water ff1 cup roughly chopped chivesff1 tsp liquid soap ff3 cups boiling waterff ilute d this mixture at a rate of 3 teaspoons to 500 millilitres of water. ffcover and leave for 24 hours ff train s and dilute 1:1, and then combineOnion Spray 1 teaspoon of liquid soap per litre of water(helps to control aphids, thrips, mites and scale) before spraying.ff our p approx 500 millilitres of boiling water over Note: remember to compost all the strained organic 1 kilogram chopped onions (including skins) remnants after making your natural pesticides.ff tand s covered for 24 hoursff train s and dilute with 20 litres of water or ORGANIC DETERRENTSff ombine c 50 millilitres of liquid, snails: surround your plants with coffee grounds, with 2 litres of water crushed egg shells, sawdust, rocks or salt. Use affadd 2 teaspoons of liquid soap and shake well. saucer of beer around the base to drown them,Spray plants every two weeks until clear remove them regularly and replenish beer.of pests. Respray plants as soon as possible scale: spray the underside of leaves and branchesif exposed to rainfall. with white oil. Citrus are very prone to scale. fruit fly: The best organic control method is exclusion,Chilli Spray using either waxed paper or cloth bags. These can(deters ants, aphids, caterpillars and other soft bodied insects) be purchased (refer to suppliers online). You can WASTE09-1610-13ff20+ hot chillies make cloth bags with drawstring ties that will fit overff1 litre of boiling water each individual fruit as it starts growing. These canff lend b chillies with some of the boiling water. be washed and reused each fruiting season. Add the rest of the water along with 1 teaspoon of liquid soap until combinedffstrain the liquid. References: McFarlane, Annette; 2007; Organic VegetableSpray directly on the plants when required – no need Gardening’, published by ABC Books. Readers Digest; 1997;to dilute. Multiple applications may be required. Back to Basics; Readers Digest (Australia) Pty Limited Interested in learning more? Why not refer to the natural cleaning guide to find out how you can clean your home with fewer chemicals.For more information on home recycling visitcouncil’s website at using a waterless printing process that reduces toxins entering our waterways and minimises water use.Printed on Cyclus Print Matt. 100% recycled paper made entirely from 100% de-inked post-consumer waste fibre.ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and ISO 9001/ISO 14001.