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Bedouia from the Mountains


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Bedouia from the Mountains

  1. 1. ‘Bedouia’ From the Mountains By Maria Botros COMM 222
  2. 2. ‘Bedouia’, a term used for people born and raised in the desert, from themountains is the way Uma Mencia refers to herself to depict the contrast betweenher life now and what it used to be. She lives alone in Dubai, UAE yet her heartstill longs for home. Photo by: Maria Botros
  3. 3. As she pointed on the map the distance between home, Spain, and the UAE, sheexplained how she is leading two completely different lives. In Dubai she is thedesert-loving horse racer; however, once home she is a Spanish mountain climber Photo by: Maria Botros
  4. 4. As a horse rider, travelling around the world is evident which allowed language tobecome a passion for Uma. As Spanish, French and Basque come naturally and arespoken fluently, she is currently working on mastering the Arabic language to add to herlist. Photo by: Maria Botros
  5. 5. Although she faced a culture shock at first, she still managed to incorporate aspects of theSpanish culture in her daily life whether in the form of music playing in her apartment inthe background or keeping her Flamenco shoes handy. Photo by: Maria Botros
  6. 6. Despite the fact that riding absorbs most of her time, education occupies the rest of it.Uma clearly expresses that she does not allow horse-riding to interfere with herintellectual life and gives both equal importance. Photo by: Maria Botros
  7. 7. Her mornings start with training in the Meydan stable in order for the horse andherself to be physically fit for competitions while her afternoons are reserved forclasses and studying. Photo by: Maria Botros
  8. 8. Once she has set foot outside the doors of the tower she lives in, she automaticallyleaves the busy city life behind and embraces the serene and cool desert mornings. Photo by: Maria Botros
  9. 9. Her perfect morning starts with feeding Kimbell, her personal horse flown out ofSpain to be with her in Dubai, then a quiet walk with her around the desert dunesand ending it with riding around the track for endurance. Photo by: Maria Botros
  10. 10. She passionately describes how interesting it is that every morning as she takes outKimbell for a walk, she is constantly reminded of the rush of the city as she sees thetowers faintly in the horizon. Photo by: Maria Botros
  11. 11. Uma explains that she takes advantage of the time she spends with Kimbell forcontemplation. She concludes that Kimbell, her race horse, is the reason she lives inDubai and continues to bring her great opportunities to circulate the world. Photo by: Maria Botros