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Handmade Wellbeing workshop experiences in Finland


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Experiences from the craft workshops for older people in care settings, gained during the Handmade Wellbeing project in Finland.

Published in: Education
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Handmade Wellbeing workshop experiences in Finland

  1. 1. WORKSHOP EXPERIENCES IN FINLAND Mari Salovaara, Sirpa Kokko University of Helsinki
  2. 2. CRAFT TEACHER EDUCATION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI Subject teacher education  secondary school (primary also possible) & upper levels of teaching  5 years, 300 study points/ECTS The degree comprises  Communication and language studies (20 ECTS  Main subject studies in Craft Science (100 ECTS)  Research methods & Bachelor's and Master's thesis (60 ECTS)  Pedagogical studies for teachers (60 ECTS) including Teaching practice (20-23 ECTS)  Minor subject studies on a chosen field (60 ECTS)
  3. 3. PEDAGOGICAL STUDIES (60 ECTS) Part of the required qualification of Finnish teachers The students learn various aspects of education and pedagogy; the focus is on comprehensive school Themes: curriculum development, interaction, evaluation and assessment of learning, learning theories, didactics of craft education, psychology, school as institution, legislation of education, societal and cultural changes and phenomena etc. Teaching practice is part of the pedagogical studies (20-23 ECTS) In craft teacher education:  Basic teaching practice (comprehensive school, 2. year of studies)  Applied teaching practice (many possibilities, 4. year of studies)  Advanced teaching practice (comprehensive school & adult education, 4.-5. year of studies)
  4. 4. STUDENTS AS WORKSHOP INSTRUCTORS 14 craft student teachers Part of applied / advanced teaching practice  Master-level (4th or 5th study year)  All courses in education completed 2 students had previous experience of teaching adults 2 had previous experience of working with older people All the students had some experience in teaching crafts
  5. 5. CARE CENTRE OF THE TEACHING PRACTICE Comprehensive service centre in urban area in Southern Finland Long-term & short term housing services  18 departments  Appr. 400 residents Day activities centre  Retired people living at home Service centre  Retired or unemployed people living at home  Guidance and activities Departments we worked in  3 workshops in day activity centre  1 workshop in residential department  1 workshop in craft-making group  1 workshop in service centre
  7. 7. FELTING
  12. 12. CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING TECHNIQUES SOMETHING NEW!! & something familiar  Not useful products Sensory impairments & reduction in fine motor skills were considered Making small pieces = finishing something each time Overall aims: to feel good about yourself & be a member of group
  13. 13. NOTIONS OF OLDER MAKERS Carefulness, underestimating their work, skills & capability  BUT all expectations were exceeded every time  Give time, encourage, “push” Joy and pride of one’s work, enjoyment  Doing something they didn’t think they would Making really activates & is longed for Designing & creativity is important  But support is needed; design constraints  Little things count Learning happened; embodied memory Significance of the moment
  14. 14. NOTIONS OF INTERACTION Communication is the same as with anyone  But it is good to know about memory disorders and sensory impairment Good connection is the most important  Equality & reciprocity The role of the instructor?  Participants are much older & wiser  Not a teacher  Equality & reciprocity Importance of social  Making crafts can facilitate this  You can be together without speech
  15. 15. ABOUT AUTONOMY Not everyone is interested and participation must be voluntary  But they should see what’s going on before deciding  Different levels of participation Would it be sometimes ok to push a little, to step outside the comfort zone?
  16. 16. PHD STUDY IN THE MAKING About craft pedagogy for older people in care settings 3 data sets = 3 articles  Student teachers’ experiences of instructing crafts in care centre  International, collaborative reflections on instructing crafts in care centre  Observations of the craft process of the older participants in craft workshops First article in 2017 (hopefully)