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Fie2014 guenaga etal


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Published in: Engineering
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Fie2014 guenaga etal

  1. 1. Ensuring tthhee iinntteeggrriittyy aanndd iinntteerrooppeerraabbiilliittyy ooff eedduuccaattiioonnaall uussaaggee aanndd ssoocciiaall ddaattaa tthhrroouugghh CCaalliippeerr ffffrrrraaaammmmeeeewwwwoooorrrrkkkk ttttoooo ssssuuuuppppppppoooorrrrtttt ccccoooommmmppppeeeetttteeeennnnccccyyyy aasssseessssmmeenntt A. Rayon, Mariluz Guenaga and A. Núñez
  2. 2. CCoonntteexxtt 1 • HHiigghheerr EEdduuccaattiioonn 2 • TTeecchhnnoollooggyy-rriicchh eennvviirroonnmmeennttss 3 • CCoommppeetteennccyy-bbaasseedd lleeaarrnniinngg
  3. 3. Assessment ooff ccoommppeetteenncciieess Subjective Difficult to scale Hard to find latent skills ICT in education Challenge Usage and social data Great promise to improve learning and assessment Learning Analytics Enriched Rubrics
  4. 4. Challenge: ddaattaa iinntteerrooppeerraabbiilliittyy Models and Methods The scope of LA interoperability Data for Analytical It may be useful to define interoperability in levels: • Domain-specific concepts •High-level concepts •Format Results Analysis Q: how can we get data out of the operational system Data takes many forms: • Attributes and actions • Resources and context • Reference data From: “Learning Analytics Interoperability – The Big Picture in Brief”. Adam Cooper, Cetis, University of Bolton, UK. March 2014. @laceproject
  5. 5. OOuurr pprrooppoossaall:: SSCCAALLAA upport ompetency ssessment through approach Extensible web-platform Integrates usage and social data to provide enriched rruubbrriiccss ◦ Uses IMS Caliper Measurement Framework Oriented to non-expert users: teachers and students
  6. 6. Learning data Context data UDLM: University of Deusto Learning Model University Faculty Curriculum Subject Learning outcomes Method Competency Indicator Rubric … Intelligent data SCALA data integration SCALA Model SCALA Process SCALA DB
  7. 7. Learning data Context data University Faculty Curriculum Subject Learning outcomes Method Competency Indicator Rubric … Intelligent data SCALA data integration SCALA Model SCALA Process
  8. 8. University of Deusto’s University Faculty Learning Model Teacher Student Learning Event Action Activity Context Learning Context SSCCAALLAA MMooddeell Curriculum Teaching method Subject Syllabus Workload Generic competencies Learning outcomes Indicator Assessment Learning Activities Activity metrics Foundational metrics Engagement Performance Quiz Reading Lecture … IMS Metric Profile
  9. 9. SSCCAALLAA DDaattaa IInntteeggrraattiioonn Service bus ◦ Data from the source to SCALA-DB ◦ Extensible data adapters SSCCAALLAA pprroocceessss ◦ Extract-Transform-Load ◦ We use Kettle, Pentaho’s Data Integration Module ◦ In parallel for each data adapter
  10. 10. EExxppeerriimmeennttaattiioonn Context ◦ 2013-14 ◦ Engineering Faculty ◦ Entrepreneurship subject ◦ Teamwork competency Learning tools ◦ Moodle, Google Docs, MediaWiki, Youtube, Twitter, Google Forms Result: SCALA integrates heterogeneus data into normalized and exchangeable data interoperable
  11. 11. CCoonncclluussiioonnss Data interoperability is a key aspect of LA Involves benefits: efficiency, adaptability, durability of data, innovation, aggregation, sshhaarriinngg…… We are ready for exploitation!
  12. 12. SSppaanniisshh NNeettwwoorrkk OOff LLeeaarrnniinngg AAnnaallyyttiiccss Founded in 2013 Network of researchers and developers interested on the field CCrreeaattiinngg ssyynneerrggiieess aanndd pprroommoottiinngg rreellaatteedd initiatives New members are welcome! @snolaresearch
  13. 13. TThhaannkk yyoouu!! Mariluz Guenaga @mlguenaga
  14. 14. IIMMSS CCaalliippeerr vvss TTiinn CCaann AAPPII Balance between completely open mechanisms and rigid schema Is more encompassing: ◦ Takes a learning environment view ◦ Includes LTI as a important Widely used ◦ More experience Only defines the statement pattern It does not especify verbs ◦ Advantage: open to a wide range component ◦ Incorporates existing standards (LIS, QTI…) Both are interoperable ◦ Caliper xAPI ◦ xAPI mapping Caliper of users ◦ Disadv: adopters need to define these missing parts