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Training staff for RDM support- Case Helsinki University Library


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Presentation 2 Jylu 2014 on "Libraries and Research Data Management – What Works?" at LIBER 43rd Annual Conference, Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructures Steering Committee Workshop.

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Training staff for RDM support- Case Helsinki University Library

  2. 2. • The University of Helsinki (UH) • 40,000 students and staff members • Helsinki University Library • 4 campus libraries and some branch libraries • 220 staff members • Meilahti Campus Library Terkko • Medical library • 25 staff members FIGURES
  3. 3. • The library coordinates the meetings of research data management (RDM) support services: • IT center, university archive, National Library and research administration (ethics, legal matters) • The research data policy of Helsinki University is under construction. The library is involved in this work. • The library has an active role in national research data management projects. BACKGROUND
  4. 4. IN HOUSE TRAINING FOR LIBRARYSTAFF Study year 2012-2013
  5. 5. • Coordinator Mari Elisa Kuusniemi (information specialist) • Participants: • 15 library staff members • from every campus library • various expertises • IL teachers, information specialists, librarians PARTICIPANTS IN IN-HOUSE TRAINING
  6. 6. 10 workshops, 3 h/session Topics: • Learning goals for the training • Data documentation and metadata • Research data archives • Data management plans • LIBER: Ten recommendations for libraries to get started with research data management • etc. WORKSHOPS
  7. 7. • Researchers telling about their research data • Data models and metadata • Usage of data and ethics • Data archive providers • Expert of persistent identification from National Library. • Expert of national health statistics and registries EXPERT VISITORS IN WORKSHOPS
  8. 8. • Find job advertisements for ”Data Librarian”. • What skills you have already? • What skills you need to get? • Find Data Management support websites by other libraries. • Which are the main topics? • Pick up an interesting RDM issue and teach it to others. • Give a short presentation about a research data archive in your subject field. ASSIGNMENTS BETWEEN WORKSHOPS
  9. 9. • First, a literature review about RDM in a specific field. • Then, a survey or an interview study about the existing and needed RDM support services: •Researchers •ICT services •Other libraries • Reporting the results to the participants of the training RESEARCH PROJECT
  10. 10. HOWDIDWE GETTHE PARTICIPANTSINVOLVED? • An expectancy and objectives survey in the beginning • We decided our learning goals together • Workshops as interactive as possible • We taught each other • Survey at the middle of course: ”How has it been? Any improvement suggestions?” • Etc
  11. 11. A plan for research data management support and training services: •Strategy for organizing RDM services •Communication and web services •Training and information services •Technical services RESULTS
  12. 12. •The library has a RDM working group. •The library gives the basic education of RDM to the doctoral schools (since spring 2014). •Support email address for RDM and DMP services ( •A webpage project is nearly ready. RESULTS INACTION
  13. 13. •Learning by doing works great. •Do not start by pondering the role of the library, start with the facts! ÞYou will find out that the role of the library is actually very clear for the participants in the end. •Taking the skills to the practice is not an easy task. Þ Support needed LESSONS LEARNED
  14. 14. Data Librarian Thank you! Mari Elisa Kuusniemi Science Information Specialist