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Resume Power Point Presentation


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Multi Media presentation of body of work produced by Marguerite Byers from 9-02 to 12-09

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Resume Power Point Presentation

  1. 1. Resume of Marguerite Byers<br />International Marketing and Public Relations<br />
  2. 2. Marguerite Byers5604 Spiritus Place, El Paso, TX 79932(915)<br /> Marketing Manager, responsible for leading international marketing efforts for the revitalization of Bassett Place Mall, El Paso, TX<br />
  3. 3. Summary of Qualifications<br />Extensive international marketing knowledge coupled with creativity for multi-media advertising campaigns ; <br />solid history of increased traffic and sales success for a regional shopping center for which I solely-manage the <br />marketing department. In charge of Advertising, Media Relations, Public Relations, Community Relations, Special <br />Events, and Tourism for the property. <br />The creative mind that has not only invigorated, but expanded programs to regain the popularity:<br />Safety Town (a 44 year-old mall curriculum for children aged 5 and 6) - added new partnerships by the<br />addition of US Border Patrol, EPISD Police; and joined by Parks and Wildlife for 2010, all changes that<br />Recharged Safety Town for the newest generation!<br />Maintain media-relations to develop new events annually that empower the image of the property<br />as well as to benefit mutual success with media partners and to improve Bassett’s exposure<br />from collaborating with winning/local media:<br />Television - KTSM for Madden 10 and Ultimate Football Guide (to stimulate Ft Bliss and male<br />Demographics, aiding in exposure for our food court tenants as well as sports and department<br />stores)<br />Radio – Regent Broadcast, The Britney Spears Family Circus (to maintain and reward the support of 18-24<br />and 25-30 female demographic), John Tesh & Dora and Diego Meet and Greet to gain success in family<br />Sector of customer base.<br />Spanish Radio – EXA radio advertising and events to gain dominance in the higher-end demographics of the Spanish speaking US and Juarez, Mexico markets with greater spending potential.<br />Keep a pulse on the El Paso market and maintain relevance by uniting with market savvy tenants, such as Premiere Cinema and local professional/ academic clubs like El Paso’s Ad Federation, National Honor Society and DECA at all school districts.<br />
  4. 4. Marketing a Regional Mall with attention to building traffic, branding the property and community relations<br />ADVERTISING <br />When I was hired, property’s existing advertising campaign did not reflect the center’s multi-cultural mix of retailers. Individual elements of the campaign were not consistent in design, giving the overall message a very disjointed feel. <br />Took charge to learn and analyze the mission of the property owners; then conducted an advertising agency review and interview process, subsequently hiring an agency from Juarez , Mexico to assist in design and conducting quarterly surveys to best understand which media would most affect the El Paso/Ft Bliss/Juarez market and to:<br /><ul><li>Aid in graphic design of advertising collateral across all mediums
  5. 5. Gain a better understanding of Mexican National shopper
  6. 6. Help reach the El Paso/Juarez/Ft Bliss Market in a cost-effective manner </li></ul>Developed an advertising campaign that reflects the personality of the property based on its tenancy and customer base; and incorporate many of the exclusive retailers by name into the print, television, radio, and in-mall collateral through consistent images and ad messages. <br /><ul><li> In 2004 when mall was sold, developed branding for name change of 40+ year old property; including writing and producing “The Place to Be” jingle, for television and radio commercials. . . .
  7. 7. I wrote a second Hip-Hop jingle, to better reach the younger demographic when Premiere Cinemas opened in 2007 . . .</li></ul> Established a consistent look, message, and appeal in all advertising medium- print, electronic, and outdoor - as well as for in-mall posters, signs, advertisements. Had web page designed to more accurately reflect the image of the mall via<br />Developed and created brochures for in-mall distribution; as well as for (Local) Specialty leasing and (National) Permanent leasing for the properties representative from Jones Lang LaSalle. <br /> Results:The new campaign utilized regional models and message to reflect the multi-cultural quality and mix of merchants at the center. The radio and television commercials were produced first. Images from the commercial were incorporated into the print, bus and outdoor campaigns to ensure all advertising mediums reflected a consistent image. <br />The television commercials consist of five <basic> versions ~Winter Clearance, Spring, (Easter, Mother’s Day), Summer (Safety Town, Summer, Back-to-School) Fourth Quarter (Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas) each is edited seasonally to include a number of exclusive or new retailers. Editing the commercial an average of eight times a year gives the property the flexibility to incorporate new stores as they open, without the need to produce an entirely new commercial each time.<br /> Double click to hear audio<br />
  8. 8. Staycation Central ~ Print Campaign(Summers 2008 & 2009)<br />2008 Corresponding 60 second Radio Commercial<br />2009 Corresponding 30 second Radio Commercial<br />
  9. 9. Television Commercials<br />Double-click any photo to view TV & web commercials<br />
  10. 10. Community Events<br />Click to view PSA <br /> Safety Town ~ Bassett & El Paso Police ~ Safety Class for El Paso’s Children since 1966!<br />
  11. 11. Active Aging Collaborative<br />Bassett Place hosted Rio Grande Council of Government’s Active Aging Collaborative for Two Annual Events:<br /> Turn Back Time<br />And Harvest Hop!<br />
  12. 12. Community Relations<br /> Bassett Place For Kids<br />Click to view Spanish TV Ad<br />
  13. 13. National Pride<br />
  14. 14. International Flair<br />
  15. 15. History of Work Experience Etc.<br />Work Experience:<br /><ul><li>C.E. Bassett I, LP. a division of Staubach Retail; Marketing Manager, Bassett Place Mall 2002 – present
  16. 16. IB Systems, Inc; Director of Marketing and Sales, AEC Café website and GIS Café Electronic Journals, 2000 – 2002
  17. 17. Market Quest; Sales Management and Marketing Director, GovTech Trade show and Conference and Federal Computer Week Magazine, 1998 – 2000
  18. 18. Penton Media; Director of Sales, Conferences and Tradeshows for IMET and AEC Systems international tradeshows, 1995 – 1998
  19. 19. High Mountain Press; Associate Publisher, Ad Director, Tradeshow Director, MicroStation Manager and Pro-E The Magazine, business to business trade journals, 1993 – 1995
  20. 20. The Denver Post; Associate Publisher, Event Director, El Semanario, a bilingual supplement to The Denver Post , 1992 – 1993
  21. 21. Gannett Company, Inc.; Sales and Marketing, The Santa Fe New Mexican; Retail Ad Sales, The El Paso Times , 1987 – 1992
  22. 22. Ross and Associates; Account Executive, PR Specialist, Media Buyer, Market Analyst, full service ad agency , 1981 – 1987
  23. 23. Julio Iglesias; Public Relations, North American Tour, public relations firm of Rogers and Cowan, 1984</li></ul>Organizations:<br /><ul><li>The Salvation Army, El Paso Division; two-terms as Chair, and board member of the year for The Salvations Army of El Paso Advisory Board , 2003– 2009
  24. 24. Rio Grande Area Agency on Aging, Active Aging Collaborative Committee, 2004 - 2008
  25. 25. American Cancer Society, El Paso, TX; Chair, Polo with a Purpose Committee, 1999– 2004
  26. 26. Orange County Museum, Newport Beach, CA; volunteer, special events committee, 1998
  27. 27. Habitat for Humanity, Westchester, PA; volunteer, 1996 – 1997
  28. 28. Saint Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe, NM; Hospital Foundation, Events committee – Kid Safe, Flu Shot Program, Golf Tournament, 1990 - 1995</li></ul>References:<br /><ul><li>Martha Briseno, Store Manager, Gordon’s, Bassett Place Mall – 915-779-5891
  29. 29. Dave Burge, City Hall Reporter, The El Paso Times – 915-546-6126
  30. 30. Brad Dubow, General Manager, Regent Broadcasting, Inc. – 915-544-9550
  31. 31. Sydney Goltz, Account Executive, Cox Television Network, KFOX-TV, El Paso – 915-203-5410
  32. 32. Heidi Rout, Account Executive, KTSM-Television, El Paso – 915-588-3747</li></li></ul><li>Results forBASSETT PLACE MALL . . .<br /><ul><li>Prolific year-round ad campaigns have utilized a diverse assortment of models and messages to reflect the multi-cultural quality and mix of merchants at regional shopping center. The television and radio commercials were written, created and produced first. Images from the commercials were incorporated into all aspects of the ad campaign to ensure all advertising mediums reflect a consistent image.
  33. 33. Sales have consistently increased for current tenants from 10% to as much as 29% annually (06 – 07 calendar year) During economic recession (08-09), some tenants still experienced increase in sales of up to 10%.
  34. 34. Traffic has increased; 2007 saw a 17% increase in traffic at Bassett Place. Even in 2009 traffic continues to increase as much as 15% over 2008 monthly traffic, while YTD, traffic is at an 10% increase over same Jan. – Nov. 2008.
  35. 35. Assisted several different General Managers, mall’s asset management and staff of Bassett Place and leasing professionals from Jones Lange LaSalle; by developing leasing materials to provide tools with the most current view of the El Paso/Ft Bliss/Juarez market and afforded prospective tenants the information needed to lease space at the mall and build tenancy to a larger capacity.
  36. 36. Mall is currently leased at 98% capacity; upon my arrival to the property, it was only leased at 55%</li></li></ul><li>Back to School commercials 2009B-A-S-S-E-T-T<br />Click boxes to see ’09 Back to School Commercials<br />Back2School 2. Tax Free Weekend (written in collaboration with KTSM, News Channel 9)<br />
  37. 37. Best of TV commercials 2008Olympic Dreams . . .<br />Click photos to see ‘08 Olympics TV Commercials<br />