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Job search meeting


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Rights and duties

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Job search meeting

  1. 1. Job search Rights and duties
  2. 2. Right to unemployment benefits Employees and self-employed individuals aged 18-70 Being domiciled in Iceland, and being in the country Actively seeking employment Being fit for work If your capacity for work is reduced, hand in a medical certificate
  3. 3. Unemployment benefits Basic unemployment benefits (100% right) 202.054 kr. Income related 318.532 kr. max. With each child under the age of 18 8.082 kr. One period of benefits are 2 1/2 years (30 months). Unemployment benefits are paid the first working day of each month and the pay-period is from the first day to the last day of the month. unið að staðfesta atvinnuleit á milli 20. og 25. hvers mánaðar Remember to confirm job search between 20. og 25. each month.
  4. 4. Confirmation of job search
  5. 5. You must notify (tell) about all changes in your personal circumstances that might effect your job search and right to unemployment benefits Contact information (phone number, e-mail, address Job (part time or full time) Other income Studies Trips abroad Illness Reduced capacity for work / incapacity If you are in doubt contact Vinnumálastofnun (VMST)! If you fail to notify it can lead to loss of entitlement or penalties Notification obligation
  6. 6. Penalties Penalty/waiting period = no payment! 2 months waiting period / 3 months / refusal Main reasons: rejecting a job or a jobinterview extra income is not declared going abroad without telling not coming to interview, meetings, courses etc. Remember to still confirm online 20-25 of every month.
  7. 7. All work pays off Remember to notify VMST of all work! Part time / incidental work Incidental work Contractural work – de-register Part-time job– hand in a payslip
  8. 8. Income under 59.047 kr. does not effect benefits Notify all income Example: 80.047 - 59.047 = 21.000 21.000 / 2 = 10.500 deduction Notify ALL income, payments and support through “Mínar síður”
  9. 9. Studies Study on benefits has to be approved by VMST Study contract Up to 10 ECTS credit in university Up to 6 credits in upper secondary schools, must be evening school or distance learning Study grant 50% of the fee for the course, maximum 70.000 kr. per year. Icelandic courses level 1-3 paid in full Must apply before the course starts Courses at VMST - Ask counsellors
  10. 10. Job search The first 3 months are very important Only 33% of all avaliable jobs are advertised Set your self goals in your job search Use ALL methods, both traditional and untraditional
  11. 11. Newspapers and internet Our website Send your CV to companies you find interesting Show up and create your own job interview Be registered at job agencies Use your network Labour unions Social media How to find work?
  12. 12. How to find work – VMST resources Individual counselling: Help and information about job seeking Job training: You find an interesting workplace., 3 to 6 months contract. Minimum wage or higher. Develop your own business idea: Work on your business idea for up to 6 months. Job seeking abroad: U2 and U1 within Europe.
  13. 13. EURES, The European Job Mobility Portal
  14. 14. CV The most important tool in the job search Has the purpose of getting you an job interview Has to look good Preferably not more than 1 page Necessary to revise regularly Link it to “Mínar síður” at VMST
  15. 15. Ferilskrá Nafn: Antonio Banderas Heimilisfang: Sellandsstígur 28, 101 Reykjavík Sími: 832 0000 Netfang : Starfsreynsla 2008-2010, smiður, Ístak. 2007-2008, verkamaður, Myllan 2006-2007, aðhlynning, Elliheimiðið Grund Menntun 2003-2006, stúdentspróf, Escuela Americana í Chile Námskeið 2010, tölvur fyrir lengra komna, Tölvu- og verkfræðaþjónustan 2010, íslenska fyrir útlendinga 2. stig, Retor 2009, íslenska fyrir útlendinga 1. stig Betri árangur Tungumálakunnátta Íslenska, tala mjög vel Enska, tala mjög vel Spænska, móðurmál Önnur reynsla 2010 Rauði kross Íslands, sjálfboðavinna 2005-2009, æfði fótbolta Meðmælendur Jón Jónsson Verkstjóri hjá Ístak 888 5555
  16. 16. Connecting CV to your registration
  17. 17. What work do you want? Mínar síður – Atvinnuumsókn – Óskir um störf More wishes = more offers
  18. 18. Good luck in your job search! Overview: •Counselling •Job search •EURES •CV •Job wishes •Aims •Hold your head high! •All information on Thanks for coming