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Job search101.key


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Job search101.key

  1. 1. Job Search 101Résumés, Cover Letters& Linkedin Summaries
  2. 2. Objectives•Understand the key elementsof a successful résumé, coverletter and Linkedin profile•Learn strategies for planningand drafting these items
  3. 3. Job Search 101Résumés
  4. 4. Résumé-writing is hard...•Objective or no objective?•One page or two?•No work experience?But we can make it easier.
  5. 5. Gold Standards forRésumés• Uses a simple format& standard fonts• Flows logically• Outlines work history• Highlights results• Showcases relevantexperience• Uses appropriatejargon & key words• Includes correctcontact information
  6. 6. TheTransition-Action-DetailsTMStrategy
  7. 7. Transition Action Details1.Put positiontitles & dates inthis column2.Put overviewsof your dutiesin this column3.Put evidence,explanations &examplesin this columnDownload a blank organizer here:
  8. 8. •Microsoft Certified Professional•Johnston Scholar•Valedictorian, East Bladen HighEvidence
  9. 9. •Certified ScrumMaster: Coach andprocess owner of 8-person softwaredevelopment team•Proficient in QuickBooks, thebookkeeping and tax preparationsoftwareExplanations
  10. 10. •Started recycling program thatreduced waste stream by 34%•Recovered $850 in past-due bills•Built database to capture salesactivityExamples
  11. 11. How to put it all together•Work left to right across the rows,making each row a section•Use a narrative style (sentences &paragraphs) or bullet points•Expand on the information in theorganizer as needed
  12. 12. Transition Action Details1.AssistantManager, H&M,20122.Helped withtraining,scheduling andsales at 2nd-highest grossingstore in NC3.15 employees$200performancebonusDownload the packet:
  13. 13. Questions?
  14. 14. Job Search 101Cover Letters& Linkedin Summaries
  15. 15. Cover Letters Gold Standards• Includes name ofposition applied for(and job number ifrequired)• Uses key words/jargon from jobdescription• Has an authoritativebut friendly voice• Establishes yourcredentials• Provides a keyexample, explanationor evidence of resultsyou’ve achieved• Showcases what youbring beyond basicrequirements• States clearly why youwant the job• Includes correctcontact information
  16. 16. TheContent-Purpose-AudienceTMStrategy
  17. 17. Content-Purpose-Audience StrategyTMContent-Purpose-Audience StrategyTMContentContentContentContentMain Idea Key DetailsPurposePurposeThink DoAudienceAudiencePeople QuestionsDownload a blank organizer here:
  18. 18. Content: The Main Idea• The most important thing youwant your prospectiveemployer to know.• If you could only say onething, what would that be?
  19. 19. Content: Key DetailsThe evidence, examples andexplanations that supportyour Main Idea or answerQuestions.
  20. 20. ContentContentMain Idea Key DetailsHelping other peoplebe effective isimportant to me.•Doing similar job nowpart-time (explain)•Upbeat personality/natural problem-solver(example)•Clear communicator•Used to performingunder pressure•Use holistic methodsin own life (examples)Download a blank organizer here:
  21. 21. AudienceWho are you trying topersuade or inform and whatquestions or objections willthey have?
  22. 22. AudienceAudiencePeople Questions•HR staff•Hiring manager•What direct oranalogous experiencedo you have?•Why should we hireyou over otherqualified candidates?
  23. 23. Purpose: Your Call To Action• What do you want yourprospective employer to thinkor feel about you?• What do you want them todo?
  24. 24. PurposePurposeThink/Feel Do•I have the professionalexperience and personalinterest to excel in thisposition.•I am a good fit for thisjob and company.•Give me an interview•Seriously consider mefor the position•Recommend/refer meto others, ifappropriate
  25. 25. How to put it all together
  26. 26. Ways to structure your cover letter• Main Idea-Key Details-Do• Think-Key Details-Do• Key Detail-Main Idea-KeyDetails-Think-Do• Question-Key Details-Think-Do
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28. Gold Standards forLinkedin Summaries• Sounds like you (noteveryone else)• Sets the stage forwork history• Indicates youroverarchingaspirations• Uses key words• Showcases what youhave to offer and howyou like to work• Provides insights intoyour personality andvalues
  29. 29. Follow the same stepsto createLinkedin Summaries
  30. 30. Content-Purpose-Audience StrategyTMContent-Purpose-Audience StrategyTMContentContentContentContentMain Idea Key DetailsPurposePurposeThink DoAudienceAudiencePeople QuestionsDownload a blank organizer here:
  31. 31. Now you try.Let’s write!
  32. 32. Questions?
  33. 33. Margot Carmichael Lester