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Poor little daniel script


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Poor little daniel script

  1. 1. ScriptScene 1Daniel in detention(Daniel and George sitting in a classroom)Daniel and his friend George have been put in detention by their teacher.George has his feet up and is playing with his phone in the back row of theclassroom whilst Daniel sits quietly in the row in front of him. Daniel is in theforeground and George is in the background. As the detention goes on Danielbegins to find it hard to stay awake and slowly falls asleep, his eyes shut slowlyand his head begins to sink until it’s resting on the table. When Daniels head isfully on the table and it is clear he has fallen asleep the camera will zoom intoDaniel taking George out of the picture. Whilst this is happening the screenfades into Daniels dream.(Detention fades into dream)Scene 2Daniel’s DreamDaniel enters a dream about his favourite sport basketball. He dreams that he isan NBA star playing in his local park. He dreams that he can do all the bestskills and that he can’t miss a shot, but in comparison to real life this is veryfarfetched. During this scene there is a montage with different camera anglesand shot lengths. Some shots of Daniel looking into the camera dribbling andsome shots of Daniel shooting into the basket. There are also close up shots ofthe ball going through the net and an over the shoulder shot showing Danielsjump shot almost from his point of view. At the end of this scene you hear thevoice of Daniels teacher calling his nameTeacher: Dan(Dream fades back into detention)Scene 3Daniel in detention part 2(Daniel and George sitting in a classroom)Daniel is still dreaming about his NBA stardom when he is woken up by histeacher. The teacher asks George to leave the classroom. Which leaves the
  2. 2. teacher and Daniel alone. Daniel, still sleeping is unaware that George has leftthe classroom and that his detention is over. So his teacher wakes him bycalling his name repeatedly. On the third call of his name Daniel wakes up.Teacher: You can go now.(George leaves classroom)Teacher: Dan(Daniel doesn’t respond)Teacher: Dan!!(Daniel wakes up from his sleep in a confused manner)